What is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

With the up-gradation of technology, electronic items which are being in use gets depleted. Over time either one needs to throw that, upgrade, or either get it modified to make the best use of it.

With time the usage of a personal computer is not being preferred, instead of everyone looks for a laptop.  For making computers in use, Digital TV Tuner Device Registration application is used so that it could be converted into television.  

What is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration?

With this Digital TV Tuner Device application, your computer could be converted into television. This device could send as well as receive the digital signal, which allows it to display the digital cable channels on the computer. It is based on the process ehPrivJob.exe. With this, the computer can do dual function, television as well as of computer.

But it does not let the PC work well, and the performance of a PC gradually reduces a lot. 

Do I need to remove the Digital TV tuner device registration app?

This is being used for viewing with recording the digital channels on a cable, which is premium. Every time it runs, there is a need to open the Windows Media Center.

So, whether one should remove it or not depends on the choice of a person. If channels of TV are watched on the PC through a feature of TV tuning, then it is not preferred to remove it. 

If a person is not using the PC for any TV tuning purpose, then this software takes a lot of space into the system. This makes the system too slow to work on it. So, it is a better option to remove this and get the PC free from any error.

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How do I remove a Digital TV tuner device registration app?

It is best to end the process if a problem is being faced due to it. There are various ways through which one can remove the process. It depends on an individual and which of the method would resolve the problem:

Method 1: Using resource manager and ending the process

Step 1: Open Windows Task Manager. Or through a shortcut in the keyboard can be accessible through Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Step 2: By Clicking on the performance tab, select the Open resource monitor tab that’s present in the window.

In this, find the process ehprivjob.exe, which must be lying under the processes tab.

Step 3: To make it stop, the process should be selected and then click on an option end process.

Step 4: Now click on the OK button and close the Windows Task Manager. After completing the process, we need to restart the computer. This will make the new setting effective. 

Method 2: Disable Window Media Center

For fixing the Digital TV tuner feature of a window could be turned off from the control panel by following these steps:

Step 1: From the computer, find the control panel and open it. 

Step 2: From the window of a control panel, choose the option of Program and features

Step 3: Click on the feature option “Turn Windows features on or off.”

Step 4: Now, select the features Media option, and by choosing the expand option, a list could be developed.  From the option uncheck the Window Media Center.

Step 5: Press the OK button and re-start the system so that the settings became effective. 

Method 3: Uninstall Digital TV Tuner 

 If the issues are not able to be fixed from any one of these, then it’s better to uninstall by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the control panel on your PC.

Step 2: Choose the option of Programs and features.

Step 3: From the installed programs, choose Digital TV Tuner.  Choose to uninstall it and follow those steps which are guided to make the software uninstalled.  As the process gets completed, the computer needs to be restarted. After restarting, the software will get wholly erased from the system. 

An overview of the matter

Any error could arise on the Digital TV Tuner Registration application, which could not even be thought of. These issues could arise anytime while working on the computer, such as while playing games on it, watching something, or doing anything on it.

The speed of a computer also reduces a lot, which makes it difficult for a person to work. If a user wants to work on the computer, then by choosing any of the methods to resolve the problem and get a computer free from these errors. 

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