Different Telegram Apps and Clients for Android

More and more people are getting interested in Telegram clients. They are considered to be a reliable way of trying out premium features without paying for them. Yes, the official Telegram app offers its users the opportunity to enhance their experience by purchasing a premium version. However, some users are not sure if it’s actually worth it. Telegram clients are created by third-party developers based on the Telegram API. That’s why these apps are absolutely safe and reliable. The ones that can be dangerous to use get deleted really soon. Telegram clients are packed with curious and, sometimes, even unexpected features. We’ve decided to collect different Telegram Apps and Clients for Android on this list to make the choice easier for you. If you want to try them out and find out the way the clients work, try Nicegram app for Android. We will also discuss its functions further in this article.

Now, let’s finally proceed with the best Telegram Apps.


Nicegram is a messenger app that gives users the opportunity to read chats that aren’t available on the official version of Telegram. What is more, you’ll be able to create your own secret chats to assure absolute security and data confidentiality. One of its main features is the option to choose between dark and light interface modes, which makes it more comfortable to use at any time of day. The app also has advanced privacy settings, font customization, and other functions. You can tailor the app to your preferences.

In addition, Nicegram supports features such as quick responses, hiding online status, and others, further enhancing the convenience and functionality of Telegram. However, a potential disadvantage of Nicegram may be the fact that not all official updates from Telegram are available in the app, which could lead to some restrictions on functionality.

Telegram Plus

Telegram Plus is a Telegram-based messenger that provides users with the opportunity to enjoy additional features and improvements compared to the official Telegram app. This is one of the first and the most reliable Telegram clients on the market.

One of the main advantages of Telegram Plus is the ability to pin an unlimited number of chats and categorize them, which makes message management more convenient and efficient. In addition, Telegram Plus offers advanced privacy settings, more options for personalizing the interface, as well as additional features such as hiding your activity status and quick responses. However, one of the disadvantages of Telegram Plus may be that not all official Telegram updates are available in this application, which may lead to some limitations regarding the use of new functions and features.

Telegram Business

Telegram Business is a specialized version of the popular messaging app Telegram designed for businesses and entrepreneurs to use. It offers several unique features and tools that make communicating with customers more effective and convenient.

One of the main advantages of Telegram Business is its ability to create and customize bots to automatically respond to frequently asked questions, accept orders, send notifications, and more. This helps businesses significantly reduce the time of processing customer inquiries and improve the overall quality of their services. Another significant feature of Telegram Business is its channel functionality, which allows users to create both public and private channels to disseminate information about their company’s products, services, or promotions.

This can be an effective way to attract potential customers and stay in touch with current ones. Another useful feature of Telegram Business is the ability to conduct surveys and polls, which allow businesses to quickly gather feedback from their customers and analyze their opinions in order to improve their products or services. Security also plays an essential role in Telegram Business, as the platform ensures the confidentiality of all conversations and data encryption, making it a reliable tool for businesses to communicate with their customers and partners.

In general, Telegram Business provides a wide range of features and tools that enable businesses to effectively interact with their customers, manage communications, and improve the overall level of service they provide.


Mobogram is a Telegram messenger client application designed for mobile devices. It offers a user-friendly interface and a number of additional features that make using Telegram even more convenient. One of the main advantages of Mobogram is the ability to customize the application interface, which allows users to change themes, colors, fonts and other parameters according to their preferences. This makes using the app more personalized and comfortable. Another advantage of Mobogram is the ability to hide your online status, which provides greater privacy and anonymity for users. The application also allows you to create hidden chats with a password for additional protection of correspondence.

The main advantage of the app is the opportunity to download media files without compression, which allows you to preserve the quality of images and videos when transferring through the application. This is especially useful for photographers, designers, and other users who need to maintain high-quality content.

However, Mobogram has some disadvantages. For example, due to the fact that this is a third-party application, it may not support all official Telegram functions or be delayed in updates.

In general, Mobogram can be useful to users who value the personalization of the interface, privacy, and high quality of the transferred files.

Choosing a good third-party Telegram app will help you gain additional features and improve the overall usability of the messenger. You should choose your perfect client or an app very carefully. Try to make your choice according to your preferences and needs. Even a small feature can improve your professional or personal life and save you a lot of time as well.