How To: Convert WAV to MP3 In Windows 10 (Guide)

There is no lack of specific file formats in the field of digital audio in which music is produced and exchanged. Basically, there are different forms of digital audio coded that rely on specific methods of compression.

On a simple level, a compression approach decreases audio quality such that a single piece of music’s file has low and manageable size. In compression, WAV files and MP3 files are on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Although WAV files are usually very wide, because of its small memory footprint MP3 is considered one of the easiest to transfer. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to convert WAV to MP3 by using windows media player,

What Is a WAV File?

WAV File

The wave is an audio file format and a direct audio application that Microsoft and IBM suggest.

Such files are uncompressed and lossless that can take up enough storage of 10 MB at every single minute.

File formats using the type of resource sharing media use containers to store audio in bits.

This is a growing form of saving audio and video files – like AVI – with Windows, but it can also be used with any details.

However, it may be necessary for you to turn it into more accessible formats like MP3 if you are not an audio user and are worried about storage space.

What Is an MP3?


MP3 is an audio file that is also known as a lossless format in a computer device. Because of its advanced algorithm, it is a great source of a space saver.

By converting the WAV file to MP3 the computer will take less space as compared to WAV file. It allows you to access the original data without the fear of losing it in the process of compression. 

The best part of MP3 is that it will enable you to have high-quality music files with exceptional sound qualities.

Conversion of WAV TO MP3


However, more and more users are switching away from WAV to use FLAC, because it uses the compression of tiny files for the same degree of consistency. 

Moreover, they are primarily used by the business of music, as they use FLAC ( Free Lossless Audio Codec).

If you have any of your WAV audio files, they would possibly consume a lot of disk space.

In addition to this, you can also get rid of such media by converting them into a smaller and a compact file such as MP3

By Using the VLC Media Player

  • Open VLC then on media and select convert/safe

If you already have a file loaded into VLC, the device doesn’t immediately load it into the converter. You need to load the file again using the same browser On the right, press the “Add” key.

  • After navigating that file click open
  • Select convert/safe and open the next window
  • Pick “MP3” from the “Profile” tab below and then press “Browse” to select the directory to which the file is to be transferred.
  • After changing the file extension to mp3 select save
  • To monitor the encryption that happens during the conversion a little more, select the wrench button.
  • This provides an extra window that presents several more sophisticated solutions. For the modification of objects such as bitrate, channels and specimen specificities, the tab “Audio Codec” is what you seek!
  • Lastly, select the start option to begin the complete process of conversion

Using Zamzar

Using Zamzar

There are several websites out there where you can move your data to Zamzar free of charge.

Up to 10 files will be transferred at a time, so they do not hold a file on their servers for 24 hours.

  • Click on zamzar’s website and choose a file that you want to convert or to add them to the web, drag and drop them into the browser window.
  • From the menu of the drop-down menu select the option of MP3 as the output file
  • Lastly, enter a valid email where you can receive a link for your converted files and select Convert

After the transfer has been finished you should get an email ready for download with your file (which doesn’t take too long, unless you migrate very big files).

WAV documents are an essential source to save the storage of your device. By converting WAV components to MP3  makes your computer run more efficiently as the more storage any file uses the more it makes your computer run slowly.

Conversion to WAV is an easy lossless format without you being worried about losing any data or information. The two shrieks in Screens are simple. For use during marking in the WAV text.

The fundamental substance of a WAV record is not compacted even though package packages such as MP3 or remote beat source code (PCM) are necessary to store.

Basically, MP3 does not require large space to store in your device where WAV files need extra space. And the best part is that the sound quality in MP3 is way better than WAV and more improved.

You are assured that your device may not consume unnecessary storage by converting it to MP3. After converting your WAV file to Mp3 make sure you have the finest quality headsets or headphone so that you can enjoy the sound quality more portably.

Moreover, you can also find out if it needs some modification in recording or grasp the variation in any substitute of a file. It also relates to the listening skills of everybody as it is a bit different from one another.

In addition to this if the sound quality consists of some harmful raises then it may harm your ears. So make sure you use a good quality headphone or speaker.


Having said that, the analysis for the conversion of WAV to MP3 came to an end. We hope that this article was beneficial to you.

We have tried our best to bring the best possible solutions that will help you in the conversion of such files. If you have any suggestions or queries you can contact us, your feedback is much valued.

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