How to Convert PDF Into Google Doc? (Guide)

If you are thinking of converting any specific format like PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG into google docs that can surely happen.

We have arranged this article for this purpose only and to help you convert any document file format into google doc format. That can be fully editable as well.

Some Basic Guidelines!

The fact that you can easily convert your PDF or image file into google docs but there are some things that you have to keep in check while converting the file into google docs.

  • The text in your PDF should be minimum to 10 pixels
  • The document should be oriented right side up if the orientation is left or right then you should change or rotate it before converting
  • The conversion will work best if your file has common fonts like Ariel and Times New Roman
  • Images should be sharp because if they are blurry you might get a bad result 
  • The maximum size of any image or PDF should be 2 MB

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The more complicated the PDF or image be the more complications you will get after converting so try to make sure all the above things should be accurate.

The fonts won’t be an issue so you should not be focussing on the font.

How to Convert PDF Into Google Doc? (Steps to follow!)

Convert PDF Into Google Doc

So let’s learn how to convert a PDF file into Google doc file. This example will help you in converting the file as we will learn step by step to how to convert.

For this, you will need a Google Mail account so if you do not have one try to make one first so you can access Google Drive.

  1. First, open google drive in your browser
  2. Then, upload the PDF file into your browser from your PC screen. You can do it by simply drag and drop the file on the drive
  3. You will see the uploading progress in a short bar at the bottom of the browser
  4. After the file has been upload, right-click on the file and select open with and after that click on google docs
  5. Once the file opens in the google doc, it is the confirmation that your file has been converted and now you can easily edit your text

After that, you will see that the extension on the google doc is still.

Pdf it means that the original file is saved in your drive which you are editing but the editing file will have a different icon to ensure you the difference between original and copy.


As you have learned to convert the PDF file in the google doc format. Now you can easily edit your file as well as you can edit other extensions also with the help of the same method that is mentioned above.

If you have any queries regarding this article make sure to leave a comment in our comment section and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.