How to Connect your AirPods Without the Case?

Can you connect Airpods without the case? Apple released the Apple Airpods to gather a huge fanbase. Many consumers loved the product, while some had otherwise to say. Removing the headphone jack and selling the Airpods separately was a no-no for many people. But we are here today to tell you whether or not you can Connect your Airpods Without the case. We shall see the possible ways to do that if that can happen. So let us know how you can connect your Airpods without the case. So let’s get started!

Can you Connect AirPods without a Case?

It has been confirmed by Apple’s officials themselves that: the AirPod case is merely for charging and does not render any individual service whatsoever. They are there to charge the AirPods. Many users believe that sometimes AirPods tend to have weak connectivity, and they think it’s because of their cases, which is not the truth. If you face such issues, you must disconnect your AirPods and connect them again. 

If the problem persists, then you can take your AirPods to the official Apple store and get them checked. It would be best to remember that Bluetooth technology might not always be correct, and you may face issues from time to time. The older generation of AirPods has better and more reliable AirPods than the new generation.

If you face consistent issues with your AirPods and their connectivity, you must get them checked soon. If there is any issue other than connectivity, get that checked too.

So, the only duty of the case is to charge the AirPods. They are the power bank for the AirPods not to face battery failure. It helps you not to lose connectivity midway through your entertainment.

Latest AirPods Pro Features

The latest generation of AirPods Pro is available easily on Amazon, and you can get them for a smooth experience. It uses the latest Bluetooth technology to maintain connectivity even over large distances. The audio quality has improved drastically, and the user shouldn’t worry about disconnection as they are pretty reliable to use. There have been visible improvements in the battery life too. So you can easily continue enjoying the entertainment.

How to Connect AirPods without Case?

Using and connecting AirPods without the case is straightforward. You need to follow some steps, and you are good to go! To connect the AirPods without a case, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the iPhone Home Screen.
  • Open the AirPods case but do not detach them from the case. Place it next to the iPhone or try to hold it near it.
  • You will see an Animation setup appearing on your screen. Along with that, there is also an option of “Connect.”
  • Many users also own the AirPods Pro, an updated version of the standard AirPods. If you have those, you can just set up ‘Hey Siri!’ on your device, which is a straightforward procedure.
  • Once you are done, click on the prompt option ‘Done.’
  • If you already have an account on iCloud, your AirPods will automatically be set up with any devices that support it.

Now, as soon as you take out your AirPods, they will turn on and connect to your device immediately. They are all ready for you to use straight away. When you put on your AirPods, you will resume listening to the same music you left a while ago.

As soon as you remove them, the music will pause. But, if you put them back in 15 minutes, the audio would resume.

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The AirPods are designed to give the users a complete audio experience. Many might not be aware of the fact, but AirPods are just meant for charging and don’t fulfill any other purpose whatsoever. So, the case has nothing else to do except charge the AirPods. I hope you found the article and the steps mentioned easy to follow. Leave your valuable suggestions and comments in the box given below!