How to Prevent Your Windows Computer From Waking Up Randomly [Short Guide]

Is your computer opens automatically at a random time? Is there some problem with your computer?

It is frustrating when your computer starts in the middle of the night or in a random time by its self.

Although it is some inside problem with the computer, still disturbing your sleeping time can be frustrating as hell.

This is not just you or only your computer is not troubling you but there are many other as well facing this problem.

If you want a solution to this problem, we are here to help you.

This article is based on how you can prevent your computer from starting in a random time.

So, without further due, let’s get started with this article.

Check for Woke Devices in the Command Prompt

How to Prevent a Computer from Waking Up from External Devices

If you want to check why your computer is turning on randomly, the best way to do it is by command prompt, you can check by putting some commands that are related to computer sleep.

  1. First, you should open the command prompt by just pressing Windows key + X on your keyboard
  2. After you command prompt is open, enter this command powercfg –last wake
  3. When you will enter this command, it will show you the last device that woke your computer from sleeping 

If the answer of the command is Wake History Count – 0, then it means that the system does not have any record of how it woke up the last time.

This problem or this answer comes when you just reboot your system. 

After you are done with the previous command, you should try this command for your problem’s solution. 

Powercfg –Device Query Wake_Armed

How to prevent PC from waking up on Windows 10 • Pureinfotech

This command will show you all the devices that can your system up from sleep. If there are a keyboard and mouse written, then it is totally normal. 

If you want to remove every device that wakes your computer up from sleep, then you should enter the following command.

Powercfg -Devicedisablewake [DEVICE NAME]

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As you can see there is a text in the bracket, you should replace that by your device name before pressing enter on your keyboard to execute the command.

There are many ways to this thing and some are user-friendly that you will learn below.

Review More Sleep Info in Event Viewer

Win 10 Pro - Laptop wakes from sleep immediately after closing ...

If you want to look for more information on the sleep problem of you Windows, you should refer to the event viewer. 

You can search for it in the start menu for easy access, once you have open the window of event viewer, you should select Windows Logs > System from the left sidebar.

After you have chosen the options front he left sidebar then choose Filter current log from the right sidebar. 

When you are inside the filter window, click inside the event sources box that will be shown in the window and after that, select power troubleshooter. 

If you want to set a time frame, you can use the log drop-down option that is on top of the window and then hit OK. 

After you press enter, a window will show up that will show you all the devices that your system woke from.

Just select one to get access to more information and what is the main problem that happened and how and when it happened.

After that, check the wake source inside the box to see what really happened or what is the cause of this interruption.

If they say unknown, then it is not the solution that you are looking for.

But if there is any specific cause mentioned then you will probably know what you have to do. 

Use the Device Manager to Disable the Wakeups

As you have learned all the things in the previous heading for finding the problem that is causing the sleep interruptions of your system, but now, you can prevent this problem from happening, by simply disabling it from the Device Manager.

To open Device Manager, first, open the start menu and then search for Device Manager.

The window will show you all the devices that are working for your system but not all these devices are the problem for waking up your system.

You just have to check the devices that are revealed by the above two options that have shown the problem. 

Although you will be checking in the Keyboard, mouse, and other pointing devices section.

The most common culprits of this case are the Human Interaction devices, so you better check them as well.

Expand all the list that you have to check and if you want to go in the properties of the devices then double click on the device.

You will have to check all the devices individually and thoroughly for the problem. 

Although the devices do not show their model names, so if you are seeing more than one devices, it means that you have connected more than one model of the same device. 

When you enter a properties window of any device, you will see a power management tab at the top.

When you see it select it and then uncheck the box where it is written ‘ allow this device to wake the computer’ and after that click on OK. 

This will prevent your devices to interrupt the sleeping time of your system and will stop waking the system up in the future as well.

You should repeat this for every device that you see as a culprit for waking up your system randomly, the most important device that can easily wake your system up in just a little shake is the mouse.

So, you should uncheck the box of the mouse and prevent this from happening the next time.

If you disable every device that can make your computer from waking up from the long sleep then you can use the power button to wake your computer up.

The thing is, it’s all up to you, whether you want to disable them or you want to keep them as an option of waking up your system.

If you want to troubleshoot some stuff then it is better to keep them disabled.

Stop Network Wake Ups

How to Stop Network Activity from Waking Your Windows PC

While you are disabling devices in your Device Manager, you should be aware of another device that might be a culprit for your system awaking cause, the device is a network device that can another reason your computer is waking up.

As the technology is growing vast, the devices have come up with some solutions that can help you turn off the computer from anywhere in the world, this option is called Wake-up on LAN.

As this option is very much beneficial for you in some cases but is some it can be worse as well if it gets malfunction and causes your system wakeup at random times of the day.

If you do not like this feature or if the feature has no use for you then try disabling it, it might solve your problem. 

If you want to disable it then go to Device Manager, you will see there a network adapter option, click on it and go to connection adapters.

This feature is mostly used for wired connections, so look for ethernet connection. 

When you are in the properties, switch to the power management tab.

Depending on the version of your windows and your adapter, you will see a checkbox where it will be written ‘allow this device to wake the computer box’, just uncheck this option and you are good to go.

As in many other systems, there will be some other type of checkboxes, so you should uncheck all of them under the heading of Wake on LAN.

This might solve your random wake up the problem of the system.


As this solution will help you prevent your computer to get wakeup.

We hope this article work for you and solve your problem. If there are any questions then just ask in the comment section.

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