Bluestacks VS Nox Player: Which is Best Android Emulator?

When it comes to choosing an Android emulator, the best names one can think of are Bluestacks and Nox players. No doubt that both of these are developed in a very amazing manner to fulfill all your needs from an Android emulator. If you are also confused and can’t pick one among these names, here is a brief Bluestacks vs Nox Player comparison which will surely get you through the doubts and confusions. The guide ahead will help you pick the one which will be good for your emulator needs.

Bluestacks VS Nox Player: Depth Comparision

We all sometimes require running an Android app on our PC. There can be numerous reasons for doing so. Samoa’s simple reasons are testing of the apps playing Android games on PC and some more. So, to proceed with this we will need an Android emulator which will help us run all our favorite Android apps and games on our PC. These applications create an environment very similar to that of Android which helps in running the apps.

When you Google about the best available Android emulators you’re surely going to be stuck with two options which are Bluestacks and Nox Player. These are two of the most popular and amazing Android emulators available. And hence it can be difficult to choose the best one among these names. So, to help you out here is a brief in-depth comparison of Bluestacks VS Nox Player. Now, scroll ahead and read out the full article to figure out the best one.

1. Overview of Bluestacks

Today you do not necessarily need an Android device to run an Android application. A very good application developed in 2011 which can do this task for you on your PC is Bluestacks. This application is capable of running off of your Android utility applications on your PC for example, PUBG, WhatsApp, Google docs, Subway surfer, WhatsApp, and many more.

The application is supported both on windows as well as Mac OS. You can download Blue stacks from the official website by clicking here. You won’t find any difficulty in searching for your apps as it has the Android Play Store inbuilt within. The application is very smooth and easy to use.

2. Overview of Nox Player

Nox player is the second yet amazing Android emulator available on the internet. With this emulator, you get many of the applications pre-installed. It is maintained by a text startup from China and has a nice user interface.

This one has a slight difference in the user interface of Windows and Mac. The best thing is that Knox player comes with a rooted version of Android which helps you to have unlimited access to the operating system.

Features Compared!

Why talking about Bluestacks VS Nox Player, let me tell you that but have a similar list of features. The list of features of these particular apps is as followed:

1. Bluestacks

The application has many unique and interesting features. Some of which areas:

  • Multiple User Profiles – On Bluestacks you can create many device profiles for multiple users of the application.
  • Customizable controls – The controls of the application are highly customizable to provide you with the best gaming experience.
  • Recording support – you can record the gameplay I was something else on your screen to showcase it to others.
  • Gaming mode – The application has a dedicated gaming mode that allows you to do the mapping comfortably and play games without any hustle.
  • Disc cleanup available – With this application, you get a disc cleaner option that clears all the junk files stored within the application to increase storage and boost the performance of the app.
  • Smart controls – It is packed with many smart controls which allows you to have smooth gameplay. You can lock the cursor while playing shooting games.

2. Nox Player

You get a lot more diverse set of features with Nox Player. The key features are:

  • Macro recording – You can easily record all your operations and gameplay with this application.
  • Multi-instance support – it allows you to run multiple instances simultaneously without any difficulty.
  • Based on virtualization technology – The Nox player enhances the performance automatically to provide the best experience to the user.
  • Keyboard controls and mapping – You can activate smart keyword controls easily which makes the mapping a very simple process. With Knox player, you are just one click away from activating keyboard mapping.

So, this was a descriptive list of the key features presented by both of the applications. After this section, you can figure out that Bluestacks has an edge over the Nox player. Taking this Nox Player versus Bluestacks discussion ahead scroll below for further comparisons.

System Requirement and Compatibility

Now let’s take this Bluestacks versus Nox player to the next level of comparison. We are aware of the fact that both of these applications are available for windows as well as Mac users. Also, both of them do not support the Linux operating system. Now let’s try deep into the compatibility and system requirements of both these applications.

1. Bluestacks System Compatibility

  • CPU: Multi-core Intel/AMD to run smoothly.
  • RAM: 2 GB or more.
  • Storage: 4GB of Hard drive space is essential.
  • OS: Windows XP, VISTA 7, 8/8.1 or 10/Mac OS X 10.13 or above
  • Other Requirements: Latest driver versions and Service Pack 2 or higher.

2. Nox Player System Compatibility

  • CPU: Multi-core Intel/AMD to run smoothly.
  • RAM: 1.5 GB or more.
  • Storage: 3GB of Hard drive space is essential.
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10, and Mac OS X 10.8 or above.
  • Other Requirements: Supports OpenGL 2.0 or above.

After this section, we can conclude that both these applications are comparable and can run smoothly on almost any PC equipped with Windows or Mac OS.

Important Factors: Bluestacks VS Nox Player

There are plenty more important factors to judge the best Android emulator. So, follow me as I explore these factors and track the one with the most satisfactory results.

1. Gaming

The Android emulators are widely used for playing Android games on PC. So for gaming Blue stacks is equipped with more balanced settings with the right proportions of powered graphics and processing. You can easily play any game without wearing about frame settings.

Well on the other hand Nox player is no less than Bluestacks. Here also you can play Indian off your favorite Android game on your PC. This app can also easily handle games with high FPS.

2. User interface

While choosing any utility application we seek to have a friendly user interface for the ease of its operation. Both the apps listed for comparison provide a user-friendly and customizable user interface. The Nox player has a UI, very similar to that of an Android device. If UI is the priority for comparing these applications, then I would surely prefer the Nox player.

3. Performance

Now let’s drop down to performance levels. According to benchmarks scores, Bluestacks takes a lead for performing better than Nox player in high-end systems. On the other hand, Nox has its own advantages. Since it is a lighter application, it runs smoothly on computers with average hardware. The best thing to mention is that Nox Player loads faster as it has no ads in it.

4. Security

Security of our data must be a priority while choosing the Android emulators. Even a minor case of a data breach can lead to a major loss. Bluestacks is owned and governed by a use company that follows the US data security and privacy laws to protect your data and personal information you provide. Whereas Nox Player is owned by a Chinese company so some users might drop it down due to privacy and security concerns.

Final Thoughts

I hope till reaching this section you must have decided the one which you are going to use. Although it was a close comparison between Blue stacks and Knox player for being the best one in the market, we can clearly figure out that Bluestacks has lifted the cup.

After doing this Bluestacks versus Nox Player I firmly believe that blue stacks are the most suitable and perfect emulator you have been searching for. This does not all mean that knocks player is a bad choice. I would still recommend you to use both of them and make your own decision for the best Android emulator.

Do provide us with your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this page with your near and dear ones who are also confused between these names.