10 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows Review (Free and Paid)

For your Windows, we have the best screen recording software recommendations for you.

Some of these suggestions are free and a few of them are paid. Now to record a screen, it is no longer a real messy challenge for you.

By using this software, you can seamlessly do the recording of your PC screen. These tools are not complicated and difficult to use.

Moreover, they manage to capture and high and premium-quality footage of your screen.

10 Best Screen Recording Software Reviews!

So, let us have a look at the details regarding the best screen recording software and see how they record your entire screen precisely and accurately.

1- OBS Studio Screen Recording Software:

OBS Studio screen recording software

This best screen recording software is abbreviated as open broadcaster software. Most importantly, this one is free of cost screen video recorder.

It fully allows you and gives you choices regarding which part of the screen you want to record and capture.

You can even record the whole screen by using this software. With the help of its customizable hotkeys, you can easily control the recording part.

Moreover, upon utilizing its audio mixer, you can create videos of high-quality sound nature.

This same software is packed with highly professional live-streaming properties. If you are using a sub-standard screen recorder, then try this version now.

It is in the FLV format that your screen is going to be recorded no matter you are streaming live on Twitch or on YouTube gaming.

2- Apowersoft Unlimited:

Next, we have this Apowersoft Unlimited software for our readers.

You might be wondering why to use this best screen recording software, here you can know the real reason. This software is packed and injected with a suite of applications.

In addition, it has the potential to record the screen footage of your mobile phone, microphone, and PC audio.

You are allowed to experience multiple numbers of recording modes. Besides, you can either record the full screen or the custom area of it.

It fully and completely supports Windows and Mac versions. Lastly, this is paid software and it can cost you 59.95 dollars yearly.

That is not a high cost and surely you can afford to buy this software.

If you plan to use this Apowersoft unlimited tool, then write down to us your views.

3- Screencast-O-Matic Screen Recording Software:

Screencast-O-Matic screen recording software

This screen recording software works on an online basis and format. It is available in the form of a video editor tool too.

If you feel like going for screen recordings or webcam recordings, then freely use this best screen recording software.

The only drawback of this screen recorder is that it does not allow the user to do this recording in high-definition format.

However, you can record your screen in the rest of the standard definition modes as well.

This is ideal while you are using zoom or drawing something. Beyond that, it is injected with other additional and great features.

You can avail this software for editing any of your computer audios

4- AceThinker:


Want to know the best part of this screen recording tool, here you can well explore this fact!

This is marked as the best screen recording software and comes in the form of a web-based laptop screen recorder.

This respective tool is immensely easy to set up and trouble-free to use.

For recording a specific portion of your screen or wants to capture the whole screen footage, this is a desirable tool for you.

You are permitted to convert any of your recordings all into popular and famous video formats.

Like, if you recorded something in standard definition, then this tool can convert that recording in MP4 or MOV format.

The best part is that you can conveniently upload these recordings right to Google Drive and Dropbox zone of yours.

There are a free version and Pro version present in this software.

If you plan to use the Pro version, then you are given permission and access to use lots of other additional features.

In this pro version of AceThinker screen recording software, you can create and make scheduled tasks for any of your screen recordings.

5- ScreenFlow Software For Screen Recording:

If you have not tried out this screen recording tool, then do give it a try now. This is called ScreenFlow software.

This comes in the category of Mac screen recorder and possessed with a range of features and excellent capabilities.

Furthermore, it permits you to record your MAC all and completely at retina resolution. Moreover, you can record group video components.

This recommended and best screen recording software has the tendency to add any kind of background audio right to your recorded footage.

Its catchy part is that it is installed with lots of styles, options, and templates.

With the help of its templates, you can easily arrange and configure annotations groups in an advanced mode.

If you are planning to use the Super Pak version of this tool, then you are given access to around and about 500,.000 unique images that you can use in your recordings.

6- Screencastify:


This is reliable to use a screen recording application that works with the help and assistance of Google Chrome.

Besides, it is highly satisfying to use as it is a great option if you are a beginner-level video creator.

For the sake of capturing your webcam screen or tab screen, this is suggested and the best screen recording software for all of you.

It comprises and consists of annotation tools like we have this highlighting tool and mouse spotlight as well as a drawing pen tool available for you in this software.

It auto-save your whole recording right in Google Drive and gives you the choice to upload your screen recording on the YouTube platform.

7- Bandicam Software:

Bandicam software

This is robust-looking software that you can utilize for screen recording tasks. Most noteworthy, this best screen recording software makes use of a high compression ratio.

This feature is going to give you a high and superb recording quality of your windows screen.

Furthermore, this software captures and fully records the screen in 4K high-definition mode and you can record around and about 120 frames in just per second range.

On the other hand, if you want to capture any screenshots in formats like PNG and JPEG, then this same screen recording software can be used by you.

It can record your Excel spreadsheets, all kinds of web browser content, etc.

8- Filmora Scrn Screen Recording Software:

Filmora Scrn Screen recording software

For tasks like capturing gameplay footage or taking screenshots of your webcam screen and computer screen, you can use this respective software.

By using annotation tools, you can bring a more user-friendly experience for your audience by adding text and different colors and shapes in your screen recordings.

If you are planning to use this best screen recording software, then you will be surprised to know that it is packed with a video editing tool as well.

With the help of this sub-feature, you can refine the quality of your screen video recording in the best way.

9- Camtasia Tool For Screen Recording:


Next, we have a Camtasia tool for you! This tool is simplest to use and allows you to record professional-quality screen footages of your PC windows.

It is both in the audio and video format that you can do this job. In addition, this best screen recording software is compatible with desktop PC systems and iOS devices too.

It has got a built-in video editing tool and that is the shining and promising part of it.

Besides, you are allowed to insert and incorporate zoom in and zoom out features into your recorded screen footages.

Lastly, this software makes it easy for you to import any of the PowerPoint pages in it.

10- ShareX:


Moving to the last part of this discussion, we have a ShareX tool for you. This is an ideal tool for capturing and recording screen footage videos.

Upon recording the screen, this best screen recording software is not going to place any kind of watermark on your recording.

Moreover, it does not show any of the duration limits. You can share the recorded files if you feel like doing so and that is the competitive advantage and USP of this software.

Once you are done with making recordings, you are free to upload and share those respective recordings on platforms like YouTube.

This is free of cost tool and serves a large number of purposes. Even more, this tool is accompanied by a built-in photo editor tool.

With the use of this photo editor, you can customize and edit any of your still photos and images.

Hence, this is one of the brilliant and best screen recording software options that you can avail of for screen recording. 

It can even record reveal text with the help of OCR!


Hence, these are the top ten and best screen recording software versions. Pick any of them and meet this challenge or recording screen footage with ease and speed.

Moreover, more of the best screen recording software is coming into the market. And the reviews about them are coming sooner on this platform.

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