10 Best Portable Record Players: Top 10 List 2021

Is it being difficult for you to choose the best portable record speaker from wide ranges in the market? Don’t worry that’s what we are here for.

Vinyl record speakers are really fun and cool to use. They are made up of perfect built and entertain us with the perfect sound quality.

They are really portable and have a compact system so they are always by our side. Moreover, they are really less expensive to use and are of great value for their price.

To help you choose the best record speaker for you, we have reviewed some of the best record speakers from a wide variety of ranges in the market. So, without wasting any time let’s get started.

10. Crosley Executive Suitcase

Crosley Executive Suitcase

This company has been producing record players since 1992 when Compact discs were in trend. Although compact discs’ popularity has declined in a wide space, these record players were able to live on forever.

Moreover, this player features an optional battery system so it is now convenient for us to enjoy outdoor music as well. 

Also, the pitch is adjustable as well so you are going to hear fully customized music. However, the speakers are unable to produce a loud sound so yes, limited people are going to enjoy the music.


  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Beautiful case.
  • Pitch Control
  • Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Mediocre Speakers.

9. Victrola Bluetooth

Victrola Bluetooth

This one is really fun. Victrola Bluetooth record player is uncomplicated and portable as well so this would be the best record player if you are looking to carry them along.

This record player features a compact size making it portable and handy for most fans. Also, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, attracting teenagers to it.

You may find the speakers mediocre but they are a perfect choice for casual listening to music. It is an absolute classic choice that gives the user an old-school look.

Victrola provides us with the best premium experience of listening to music. Also, it features many different connection options so we can play music connecting it to any device we have.


  • Competitive Price.
  • Bluetooth compatible.
  • RCA interface.
  • Compact and Portable.


  • No USB compatibility.

8. Voksun


This player features a mid-century design that appeals to both old-school and classics enthusiasts. Also, it has metal feet which prevents vibration and it is Bluetooth compatible as well.

It has wide speakers which provide some exceptional sound so you are never going to miss any instrumental music pitch.

Also, it offers a headphone listening jack and RCA output so we have more listening choices.

Also, it can play all kinds of music so you can play a whole of your vinyl music collection.

It is quite portable and handy as well and it offers us options for private listening using headphones as well.

It is capable of turning all types of audio therefore, we can also play music from devices such as smartphones and more.


  • Surprisingly Powerful Speakers.
  • Appealing Design.
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Portable


  • No Handle.

7. Ion Audio Ford Mustang LP 4-in-1

Ion Audio Ford Mustang LP 4-in-1

This company prides itself to provide its customers with a perfect checklist of the best record players. It provides us with the best functions ever.

Although it doesn’t offer us any sort of handle, it is still portable and handy because of its lightweight built. Also, you can record music and turn AM / FM radio into an MP3 format.

They feature a diamond-tipped stylus which is a great addition to the clear visual sound without tearing the music quality of your records.

This is an ideal choice for classic car lovers. It comes with a case design which is similar to the 1960’s Ford’s design. The red and silver built refer and reminds us of the headlights and grille of the classic car.


  • Durable design
  • Diamond-tipped stylus.
  • Based upon Ford 1960.
  • Amazing Speakers.


  • No Bluetooth Compatibility.

6. Numark PT01 USB

Numark PT01 USB

This is the best portable record player on our list. This company has used it powerful technological features to provide us with the best record player experience of all time.

Believe me, you are never going to regret investing in this. Also, every DJ equipment is incomplete without this record player.

It provides us with the best speakers which feature rich and dynamic sound quality. Also, it features different connectivity op[tions so we can even enjoy our music collection privately.

A dust cover is also included in the package so it is really easy to maintain and clean. Another plus point, it also has a built-in handle so we can easily carry it along with us as well.


  • Rich sound-producing speakers.
  • Resilient case
  • Battery Compartment.
  • Metal Case


  • No Bluetooth connectivity.

5. LP Phonograph Wireless

LP Phonograph Wireless

This would be a perfect gift for any loved one this Christmas. Or even you can treat yourself with some kindness by buying this.

This is a superior record player which produces rich and premium quality of sound and music. Therefore, it can help us heal from any sort of sorrow or pain and is a perfect way of mind freshness.

Also, we can play modern music over it as well along with classic traditional vinyl music.

It is wireless adding to its features, so we can even use it by putting it in our bags and we don’t have to carry it all along in our hands.

It also features listening to different sizes and speeds of recordings, therefore we can play all of our collections without facing any sort of problem.

It creates a warm atmosphere and would be perfect for family gatherings and to relax. The shock prevention feature provides us with full protection and improves sound quality.


  • Modish design
  • Rich Sound Quality.
  • Resists vibration.
  • Wireless.


  • None.

4. Wockoder


This suitcase design record player is an ideal option if you are hunting for the best music experience along with home decoration.

It features wireless compatibility which is a real plus point for most of the fans and you get rid of tangling cables. Furthermore, it features rpm records RCA output as well so you have multiple methods of listening to music through it.

Also, you can even use your USB to listen to all of your collections in this record player. The design is also a great option for gifting it to family and friends and enjoy happy moments all together.

Also, it delivers us built-in two dynamic stereo speakers for the perfect music listening experience and more.


  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Suitcase Design.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • RCA Output.


  • None.

3. Byron Statics

Byron Statics

This Byron Statics is a portable speaker and it is as lightweight as a small laptop PC. It comes with a suitcase design and comes with an elegant look.

Also, we see a cover on the top of the player which keeps it protected so we don’t need to worry about the dust.

Furthermore, it is very easy to set and use which might be a great plus point for any rookie. It is capable of playing audio records of 33, 45, and 78 RPM speeds.

Just move the turntable to the desired position and it will begin its job by providing the best sound quality experience. Also, it provides us with stereo speakers thus, we can play classic records and music from our phones.

Also, it has a built-in safety device to prevent any kind of short-circuits and therefore you don’t need to worry about these electronic issues.


  • Portable
  • Wireless.
  • Built-in protection system
  • Stylish look.



2. PopSky


This vintage charming record player is composed of the latest and modern technology of players. It offers us an old fashioned suitcase design which furthermore, comes with a wooding housing making it compact to use.

Also, it has a 3-speed belt turntable to play different kinds of audio records so we can experience the best music experience in our life.

Despite this, they land us with 2 full-range stereo speakers to ensure the best music listening experience for us. Also, there are 3 elastic plugs to reduce vibration as much as possible.

It is made up of a robust and lightweight record player so it is quite handy and portable for us to use. Also, it is Bluetooth compatible as well so we can play modern music using our phones as well.


  • Portable
  • Wireless
  • Retro Design
  • 3-Speed Turntable.


  • None.

1. Wrcibo


This is our number 1 as Scribo has never failed in providing its customers with the best quality. Therefore, its products are the top-rated ones out there. 

This record player comes in a traditional style with a solid and hardwood appearance. Furthermore, to complete its housing, we see a dust cover at the top so it is dust resistant and is a great way to keep it all clean and safe.

Also, it offers us a three-speed turntable which is capable of running audios of different types. Also, it has a 3.5 mm headphones AUX jack so we can easily play music on our smartphones and other compatible devices.

Also, it has RCA outputs so we can easily have a connection to HIFI music systems. Furthermore, it is a great value for money and it is quite budget-friendly relative to other options in the market.

It has built-in stereo speakers which accommodate us with rich quality music.


  • Hard and Tough Compact
  • Dust Cover
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Traditional style.


  • None.

💸 How to Choose the Best Portable Record Players?

Portable Record Players

So whether you’re in the market for a first record player, or you’re looking to upgrade from something that just isn’t doing it for you anymore, read on for our complete guide to buying a turntable.

Your music system is always incomplete without a record player in it.

Therefore to make it the star of your system you should consider some important features while buying one for yourself from the wide variety of ranges in the market.

In our guide, we have labeled all the items you need to consider while buying a record player, keeping the budget in your mind. It might be quite difficult to choose from so many variables present in the market. So without wasting any more time let’s get started.


This is something you are going to consider obviously while buying a record player for yourself. No doubt at first, you need to list down your requirements before going for any record player. 

Therefore, we have mentioned some of the important features which might help you in deciding what are the most essential things you need in a record player.


Now, this is something you might not consider if you are new to record players. Actually, this tells us how many speeds can it spin at.

Most of the turn-tables can feature speeds of 33 and 45 rpm. 78 rpm is something really rare these days in record players considering our budgets.

However, you don’t need to worry about this. Hardly any artists are to release any 78 rpm discs in these modern times. But if you are obsessed with classic music, then you might find this thing affecting your decisions.


Well, it is quite common and obvious that you don’t want any hindrance while playing and enjoying your music collections in a go.

Therefore, you might be keen to avoid such kind of manual things required to change the speeds relative to diverse music in your collection.

So you might go for the players which feature automatic changing of speeds as required. So you might see this as one of the important features meanwhile looking for the best record player.

Direct-Drive / Belt-Driven:

Well, it might be none of your concern if you are looking for a record player for your own personal use and it might be an essential thing to consider for engineers rather than us.

Only, this thing might affect your decisions when you are looking for a record player to DJ on it. 

In this similar case, you might definitely look for a record player featuring a belt-driven turntable to manually change the speed to provide the best quality of music to others. 

Otherwise, you might definitely go for a direct-driven record player.


More detailed feature refers to what kind of music you are going to listen over and what are going to be the sources to that.

Therefore, you might go for a Bluetooth compatible record player so you can easily carry it on the go without facing any trouble tangling in the cables and wires.

Furthermore, you might look for players that are easily compatible with smartphones and other devices and feature a headphone AUX jack so we can easily use it to play modern music using our smartphones, etc.

The Cartridge:

It directly translates into varying frequencies in the music. There are two types of cartridges; magnet cartridge and moving coil.

This is something you might not really worry about as most of the record players already have built-in cartridges which suggest to us the volume and pitches of the audio we are listening to.


You might not be keen and interested to set up a whole of the parts separately and would wish to have a record player which is relatively easier to install.

Most of the record players already feature plug and play. However, it was just a reminder to keep this thing in mind while getting your hands on the best record player.


This is something really common in buying any sort of product from a wide variety of market.

Most of us had to change our decisions because of the price tags attached to the products we are willing to buy.

Therefore, we shall have a nice look at all the different record players and the features that they are offering. 

So keep your budget in mind before buying the best record player. Just a reminder it is!

📚 Conclusion!

The best record players are the different traditional ways to play music and have lived forever since they were first invented in the late 90s.

Now, many of these devices come with different modern technology and features which are quite convincing for us to buy for ourselves.

Thanks to the smart technology and a lot of other additions in these new record players. After reading this you would be able to narrow down your choices and pick up the best record player for yourself.

We hope you like our guide and now are known to what is a good record player. Thanks for reading it till the end. Have a nice day!

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