Best Gaming Tablets for an Unforgettable Play in 2021

The idea of gaming being restricted to extreme power PCs or top-of-the-line consoles is dead now. Hard-core gamers of the 21st century now prefer gaming on the go, whether they are commuting locally, traveling internationally, or simply curling up on their couch. That being said, lightning-fast mouse clicks and Bluetooth controllers are old-school now.

With the introduction of the new and advanced tablets geared up with powerful processors, large screens, and fantastic battery life, a whole new dimension has been unlocked for the gaming community.

The Best Gaming Tablets of the Year 2021

Whether it’s an online slot game to play or a high-end downloadable game, it won’t be easy to run on all the tablets that are available on the market. A tablet that is capable of running all types of games smoothly should be rich in factors like performance, graphics, storage, display, etc.

So, if you’re one of the gaming enthusiasts looking for the best gaming tablets, fret not, as we have scoured the market and have chosen some of the best tablets that can serve as the best pieces of tech for gaming purposes.

Apple iPad Pro – The Best Apple Gaming Tablet

Having a powerful A12 Bionic processor, the latest generation of Apple iPad Pro is nothing but a technological marvel. It is, without any doubt, the best gaming tablet that can be found on the market. Its powerful chip coupled up with an 8-core graphics processor provides the gamers with unrivaled raw processing power making the tablet highly capable of running visually intensive games.

Along with powerful performance, the iPad Pro also features an incredible 12.9-inch Liquid Retina screen display that combines with the advanced True-Tone technology and a 120-Hz refresh rate to give off highly sharp visuals and crisp displays.

Additionally, the tablet comes with 256 GB of built-in storage and allows you the freedom to download not just massive games but also tons of movies and videos without running out on the storage.

The iPad Pro also features a USB-C port that allows you to connect a PlayStation or Xbox controller for a console-style gaming experience. Moreover, the tablet also packs five studio-quality microphones and four speakers that provide a great sound system. To top that off, the iPad Pro gives a battery life of approximately 10 hours, providing you with an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus – The Best Android Gaming Tablet

There is no doubt in admitting that Samsung has been pretty successful in carving out its name within the crowded world of tablets. Driven by the ultra-fast and speedy octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor, this tablet is perfectly capable of handling power-intensive games and multitasking quite efficiently. It packs enough power to even run Fortnite at 90 FPS without any significant lag issues.

The 12.4-inch AMOLED display paired with a super smooth 120 Hz refresh rate combines to give you crisp and razor-sharp graphics. Moreover, the quad speakers having Dolby Atmos surround sound along with massive battery life, an immersive screen, and Bluetooth connectivity for connecting PlayStation and Xbox controllers offer an unparalleled gaming experience for gaming enthusiasts.

When it comes to the weight of this tablet, even with all the features that it offers, it is not that bulky. Although it features a narrower screen as compared to the iPad Pro, the weight has been kept down, allowing the S7 Plus to be quite portable. Moreover, the additional compatibility of the Samsung S Pen that is offered out of the box takes the whole game to the next level!

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – The Best Premium Gaming Tablet

If you’re on a hunt for any device that features the power of a laptop but also offers the versatility of a tablet to go, then the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is your go-to option. Individuals who wish to have a high-end gaming experience should definitely put this tablet on their list.

Talking about the specs of the tablet, it comes with the 10th Generation Intel processors along with 8 GB Ram and a 128 GB SSD storage that ensures smooth and super-fast loading speeds. These specs provide the Surface Pro 7 with enough power to run high-end and full-blown PC games without compromising much on performance.

In addition to that, the Surface Pro 7 offers the flexibility of attaching a mouse and keyboard with it, which takes the whole gaming and the working experience to a whole new dimension. And not just that, since you would also be able to connect controllers to the tablet, the gaming experience would just be great for all the gamers out there.

Final Verdict

Gaming on tablets is becoming the new norm now, which is why many manufacturers are investing advanced technology and intelligence in making tablets that accommodate the needs of the gaming community. With quite a number of competitive options to choose from, it is no doubt very challenging to choose the perfect one for yourself. However, if you weigh your options wisely, you will surely be able to make the right decision in this regard.