Benefits of Using Promotional Outdoor Products for Business

The trend of promotional outdoor products is showing linear growth after the covid-19 pandemic. It is expected to soar more soon. If you are a business owner or planning to start your own business soon, this guide might be beneficial to you. By reading this article, you can learn the real benefits of promotional products and utilize them to grow your business and boost revenue. Before diving into the main topic, let’s start with the introduction and background of promotional outdoor products.

What are Promotional Outdoor Products?

Promotional outdoor products are branded items with a logo, slogan, or any clipart that reflects the brand or business. They are also called promotional merchandise, promotional gear, gifts, or swag items. They are very powerful customized items distributed by the business entity to their customers, audience, and employees in giveaways for marketing, sales, and advertising purpose. The majority of the time, promotional products are everyday objects that are given away for free or at a very cheap cost. For example, Customized pens, t-shirts, wedding koozies, tote bags, tumblers, pop sockets, etc.

History of Promotional Products

It is believed that the first promotional product was introduced in the United States in the late 17th century. The product was commemorative buttons, and it was used to celebrate the inauguration of George Washington as president of the United States. Later on, most politicians followed this trend. However, it was used to promote the brand in the late 80s by Jasper Meek through tote bags. Later on, most companies and businesses started using different products, such as keychains, bottle openers, towels, hand bands, etc., for branding. The market for promotional products had a boom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Future predictions indicate that this trend will persist.

Benefits of Promotional Outdoor Products

The promotional product can be any goods we use in our everyday life. When it comes to outdoor advertising, people usually think of big billboards, illuminated signs, or banners. But several promotional outdoor products can be used for advertising. Let’s see some of the benefits of promotional products over others.

1. Wider Reach

Nowadays, outdoor channels are in high demand because they reach a wider number of people. When you use outdoor promotional products such as custom t-shirts, umbrellas, bags, flags, banners, etc., there is a high chance it will be seen by most people. When people see it, they will be curious to know more about the brand, as pictures and images can subconsciously affect their brains. Also, there is no geographical limit to these products. While the billboard and banners are put in one place, these products are mobile. When travelers or hikers use these products, the advertising can even reach a global audience.

2. Long Life and Staying Power

Promotional outdoor products have a longer lifespan than other advertising items. However, it depends on the type of item. Even if their lifespan is finished, they will pass to the second as well as a third person. This helps to stretch brand recognition continuously.

Promotional goods live alongside consumers most of the time. They are mostly used in the kitchen, office, work field, and bedroom. Therefore they stay as long as consumers keep them. Wearables promotional merchandise such as t-shirts, watches, and sunglasses are more popular nowadays.

3. Brand Impression

When the promotional product is seen by more individuals, the more impressive it brings. Outwear such as bags, t-shirts, hats, etc., brings more impression as compared to other items. Other than wearable pens also bring the most impressive.

4. Customer Preference and Industry Pairing

Promotional products are preferred by most customers, especially when received as a gift. The gift has its own significance and emotional connection. They are the way to express yourself to your loved ones. Gifting their favorite product with promotional text makes it precious as well as beneficial.

Also, the promotional products perfectly fit any sector, whether it is education, finance, health, construction, or household. Therefore, it helps to target the relevant customers.

5. Cost Effective

Comparing this marketing strategy to traditional and digital marketing, it is more affordable. You don’t have to separate a budget for a marketing campaign. They have a greater return and high exposure to your business. Promotional outdoor products act as a goldmine advertising tool for your business without being annoying and pushy. Thus they help in brand recognition and generate leads at a minimum budget. They also help to boost sales and revenue.

Most Powerful Promotional Outdoor Products

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, promotional products are really effective for branding. Especially when the product is practical, engraved, durable, noticeable, and given as a gift. Some of the most powerful promotional merchandise you can use to advertise your business in 2022 are:

Tote Bag – Tote bags are the most powerful as well as productive promotional items. You can customize them to promote your brand.

Pens and Diaries – Pens and diaries are used by almost every group of people and all sectors. Therefore it gives a strong impression at a low cost.

Tumblers and Cups – Whether you stay at home or go out to any cafeteria or cottage, you might see cups and tumblers used for drinking beverages. Whenever the customer drinks, they will see the imprint, and it will have an impact on their mind regarding your business.

T-shirts – You can give a printed t-shirt to your loved ones as a gift or donate to a volunteering campaign. This will expose your brand to the public.

Balloons – Balloons can be seen used in every function or program. Customizing balloons with your company’s logo or name will expose them to every guest attending the function.

Water Bottles – When you are a child, officer, or traveler, you need water bottles. Use the custom water bottles with the company’s logo or name for long-term advertising and promoting your brand.


Knowing the real power and benefits of promotional outdoor products will help you to operate your marketing campaign at minimum cost and save the budget. We have given a brief description of most of the benefits you can take from the promotional merchandise. Hope this will help you in choosing the best promotional product that suits your business to promote it.