Apple Silicon: What’s NEW? 2021 Guide

You might be wondering what’s new in this Apple Silicon, here we are going to tell you.

There is this surprise for you!

This new and latest Mac running Apple Silicone processor is going to be launched and introduced in 2021.

Furthermore, it is in the next two years that you are going to expecting and hoping the entire launching of this line.

Moreover, Apple continues to handover its support to Intel Macs for the next of the few of the years, however, their whole focus will be on ARM silicon Mac processors in the future time.

Let us jump on to more of the details:

All about Apple Silicon Mac:

Apple Silicon Mac

Most noteworthy, you may have seen that Apple has always made use of powerful kinds of chipsets for its iPad and also for their iPhone models.

But in this case, no such component will be used.

In these Apple Silicon Mac models, there comes a presence of a specific sort of system-on-a-chip architecture.

So far, no specs and dimensions are offered. In addition, it is in the late time of 2021s that these models are going to be launched.

It is in the fourth quarter of 2021 that the first model of Apple Silicon may get launched and introduced in the form of a 1.3.3 inch MacBook Pro.

Besides, multiple numbers of MacBook models are expected to release in this year of 2021.

The Overall Transition Made by Apple Silicon:

Overall Transition Made by Apple Silicon

Upon getting this Apple Silicon kit, you can make apps that run on the Silicon processor and also on macOS.

Besides, you can attend virtual sessions as well as be able to use multiple applications.

It is this Universal 2 application that comes in the universal binary app. It works on Silicon-based Macs and too on Intel Macs.

Most importantly, Adobe and Microsoft have already started to work on this latest chipset.

Rosetta 2 is a PowerPC app and it can run and operate on Intel Macs and Apple Silicon Macs.

This is a powerful app that runs a few of the games that are building and made for Intel. Virtualization software will be able to run on Silicon Macs at the same time.

Benchmarks Set by Apple Silicon:

It is seen that Apple Silicon Macs are likely to give and offer active cooling solutions as well as connected power supplies so that the user can be allowed and permitted to use the processors effectively.

Now, you know why and how Apple is all lining up to move its Mac lineup.

This company is currently and presently making plans to have its own-designed processors known with Apple Silicon term.

It is for the third time that Apple has taken this initiative. Furthermore, Apple’s previous lines of processors were Motorola, PowerPC, and also Intel.

Likewise, you have seen and noticed chips in iPhone and iPad models, the same kind of chip design is used and incorporated in these Apple Silicon Macs.

In addition, these chips are further fused and accompanied by other sets of technologies like graphics processor and neural processor.

It is all in one package that you are going to get these features.

What’s New in Apple Silicon?

New in Apple Silicon

This company has made use of ARM64 architecture and no traces and hints of Intel x86/64 are seen.

You are going to see a lot more improvements and changes in this in-house silicon design.

The jury is still in this confusion zone whether this new advancement will meet the power performance standards or not!

Apple has made this move to launch Apple Silicon Mac because of a large number of reasons.

It is said by the CEO of Apple that they decided to take this initiative just to make their products bolder and better.

According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple has taken a bold change and making efforts to stand by this initiative.

Experts are of this belief that Mac has always made a big name in the zone of personal computing and this industry is always ready to embrace and opt these big and bold changes.

It is expected that Apple Silicon is going to make this Mac industry stronger and more capable.

Furthermore, it guarantees to show and deliver industry-leading performance as well as powerful features.

When the Idea of Apple Silicon will become a Reality?

This whole transition may take two years or longer than that. This announcement was made in June 2021.

It is also declared by the CEO of Apple that constant and consistent support to Intel-based Macs will be given.

No doubt, this whole transition that Apple is making and leading itself to AppleSilicon is marked and identified as the biggest leap in the history of Mac.

What Kind of Macs You are Going to Get and See?

It is shortly that amazing advancements will be witnessed by you.

Moreover, it is announced by the Apple Silicon Chief that with the launching of iPad Pro, you are going to see how well and perfectly this whole architecture scales up.

Developers continue to test and verify this processor on Mac Minis but you need to keep in mind that this new chipset and processor will have a new and different name.

It is assumed and predicted that the very first Mac model that is based and launched on Apple Silicon chips, it will hopefully come in the form of MacBook Air Class.

There is a probability that Apple continues to offer both of the Intel and Silicon options to the users. But this may create and arise a lot of confusion.

We have already seen a failure in this area in the form of Microsoft launching line of Windows RT.

With the use of these Apple Silicon Macs, you can install and download apps right outside the zone of the Mac App Store as well likewise you use to do with Intel Macs.

Now, these Macs and iPad Pro models are coming quite and extremely closer to each other. And the only difference lies in them is the ability and tendency to install your very own apps.

Benefits Coming from this Transition:


Here is the deal for you! You can check out the list of benefits that are offered by this Apple Silicon transition.

As we all know that these A-series chips work in the form of mobile processors. In the same way, your next and future Mac model will work and operate in a way likewise iPads do!

Besides, there is a chance that future Mac models are going to have an E-Sim feature so that you are free to add up and integrate a cellular plan in them.

Beyond, there is this possibility that 5G will be introduced in 2021 in these models.

It is guaranteed that these models offer industry-leading and best of all performance on per watt basis.

Furthermore, it claims to offer higher performance GPUs as compared to Intel base level graphics performance.

Regarding the advantages offered by Apple Silicon in terms of cost and flexibility and also power consumption, they are quite clear.

Apple has embraced Arm this time and guarantees to offer and give the most consistent and powerful hardware performance.

The overall and common architecture will remain the same all across the models and versions of iOS and macOS and also iPadOS. This decision was taken for the sake of strategic necessity,

The presence of common architecture is going to make it easier and convenient for the developers to write and also optimize the software in any manner.

They want to and that can be trouble-freely applied to the entire Apple ecosystem.

Pitfalls of Apple Silicon:

Through this Apple Silicon transition, one may experience and see some of the potential pitfalls.

Like, this Qualcomm processor is producing and making these Snapdragon chips for years and years. These chips are based and manufactured on Arm designs.

On the other hand, the performance level offered by this new and latest generation Snapdragon 8cx platform is somewhat confusing.

The developers are still and not yet sure whether these Macs can run and operate Windows on them or not.

It is all because of Microsoft’s experience that these pitfalls are coming across and witnessed by Apple.

Moreover, the practical reality of these Apple Silicon Macs is only going to be seen once they are launched.


Now, let us all see and watch where this move of Apple Silicon Mac is going to lead and take itself!

Wait for the launching of models and then we are going to share a detailed review about them.

Furthermore, if you are using Intel Macs and plan to use Apple Silicon Mac as well, then feel free to share your experience with us.

More details on this upcoming revolution and transition are coming sooner, so keep tuned and always in touch with us.

If you have more questions on this move and specific transition, then freely ask from us.

We guarantee you that Apple will not stop over and most likely to make more and more transitions in the coming up future time.

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