Apex Legends Mobile Characters Guide. Can I Play Apex Legends Mobile on PC?


Apex Legends Mobile is a newly released action game developed by Electronic Arts. It has top Legendary characters, and you can make multiplayer squads in this game. It is a strategic Battle Royale game, and there are innovative combats in this game. It has the best map and interesting gameplay. It is available for both Android and iOS Smartphones gamers. Players can also play Apex Legends Mobile on PC with the help of Android emulators.


Characters Guide

Apex Legends Mobile is a new action game in the gaming industry, and in few months, this game earned good fame. The game has action-based gameplay and has a unique battling system. It is launched for action game lovers, and the players warmly welcomed this game. The game has its mechanics and has a clear map. Apex Legends Mobile is launched with several characters and has a unique system for characters selection. Apex Legends Mobile characters are unique from other role-playing and action games. So the players need a detailed explanation of Apex Legends Mobile Characters. In this article, the players will get a complete guide for Apex Legends Mobile characters. In this way, all the players can choose the best characters to become a winner. So this guide has great importance for Apex Legends Mobile players. The characters of the game are following.


The bloodhound is a top character for those players who want to track their enemies. This character helps you to track your enemies, and also the players can also find the exact enemies’ location by this character. It will also help you to kill the enemies. It has three main abilities. The passive ability is known as a tracker. It will find enemy left clues and find them. It also has the tactical ability, and this skill helps the players to find the location of enemies. The Hunter ability of these characters is known as Ultimate ability. And through this ability, you can enhance your sense and kill enemies faster.

Apex Legends Mobile Characters Guide


It is a high damage dealer character in the Apex Legends Mobile game. And basically, this character is a tank for your team. It is a greater support character. It can block the enemy fire and protect its team in a particular way. It has many abilities to support and protect the team. It’s a passive skill named Gun Shield. This ability is best for players because it can form a Shield and block the incoming fire from the enemy side. Dome of Protection is its tactical ability, and it can block the fire for 18 seconds. It also has healing items, and they perform healing 25% faster within the dome. Defense Bombardment is its ultimate skill.


The lifeline is a famous support character and best for your team. It can protect your team passively, and you do not worry about the health of your team members in the presence of this character in your team. It has strong supporting skills. Combat Revive is its skill to deploy D.O.C and revive the team members. It deploys a Shield and defends your team. The D.O.C Heal Drone is its tactical ability, and it will automatically heal your team. The ultimate ability of this character helps you to utilize high-quality defense gear.

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Wraith is not a good option for beginners, and it requires some special skills to be used. So we do not recommend the beginners use this character. It is the best character for you when you pass the advanced levels and learn some skills in this game. The Voices from the Void is the unique ability of this character which able the players to listen to the dangerous voices. Into Void is its tactical skill, and it will help you quickly shift to a safer area to avoid danger. The ultimate skill of the game is known as the Dimensional skill of this character and links 2 locations.


Banglore is an attack and defense character in this game, allowing the players to play two roles by one character. You can use it to get bloodhound results and smoke. The players can mark an area with smoke and then use bloodhounds. It will help you to easily down your enemies. The Double Time, Smoke Launcher, and Rolling thunder are skills of this character.

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The octane is the simple mode character in the game, and the players can use this character without any skills. It will help the players run faster and, through swift mend skills, restore their health. The Stim and Launchpad are the best skills of this character.


It is also the best defense character in the game. It has powerful passive and tactical skills to protect your team. Spark of Genius, Perimeter Security, and Interception Pylon are the most famous defense skills of Wattson.

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It is a tank character like Gibraltar. But Gibraltar is best than this character. But you can also use this character as support. Its skills are named Box Vision, Box Gast Trap, and Nox Gas Grenade.

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How to download Apex Legends Mobile on PC?

We know that most people like action, and they use their Smartphones devices to play these games. But many gamers do not like Smartphone gaming in the world due to massive disadvantages. These players can play games on PC to avoid Smartphone gaming. If you are one of them, simply install an Android emulator on your PC and enjoy your favorite games. The best Android emulator for PC gaming is LDPlayer.

Is LDPlayer safe?

You may be thinking about the safety of the LDPlayer. So we confirm that LDPlayer is a safe and secure Android emulator which do not disturb your privacy and device. It is designed for safe PC gaming purposes, and you can use it without any hesitation. It is more featured than other emulators.


How to download LDPlayer?

1. Go to the official website of LDPlayer and click on emulator.

2. Then tap on the given download button.

3. Wait for downloading for few seconds.

4. Install LDPlayer on PC and play your favorite games easily by using LDPlayer.

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