6 Foods That Kill Testosterone — And 3 Best Ways to Replace Them

You are what you eat, and if you eat foods that kill Testosterone – get ready for a bumpy ride in life on low T levels.

No energy, bad sex, pain and fatigue, anxiety, constant stress — you know any of these guys? If you do, the chances that you have too many foods that kill Testosterone in your diet are pretty high.

Here’s how you can identify these bastards – and how to replace them with the most effective foods instead.

How Testosterone is Produced

You need to understand the process to see how foods that kill Testosterone actually do it, right?

In a short and simple manner, Testosterone is produced in male testicles. More specifically, in the Leydig cells.

These cells don’t operate on their own. They listen to the Hypothalamus commands. When it says «More!» — they produce more. To «say» something, the Hypothalamus (it’s a part of the brain) needs to produce a hormone called «Gonadotropin-releasing Hormone, or GnRH. It travels to the Pituitary gland, which – in response – produces Leuthenizing hormone (LH). It goes to your blood, reaches the testicles, and connects to specific receptors. That’s when the Leydig cells get the command and give you more T.

It’s neither short nor simple, yes, but now you get the idea: Testosterone production is one complicated process with several extremely vulnerable stages. That’s why foods that kill Testosterone can have a great adverse impact.

Foods That Kill Testosterone List

In some ways, foods that kill Testosterone are similar: specific substances can be found in whole TYPES of foods, not in just one exact fruit or vegetable. Here are the foods that kill Testosterone that you should immediately eliminate from your diet:

Junk Food

It doesn’t matter whether the term stands for Street Hot Dogs, Shawarma, McDonald’s burgers, or KFC. All of them sell junk food, and all of them are damn bad for your Testosterone. Two specific factors put the cheapest fast food on the list of foods that kill Testosterone:

  1. Trans fats;
  2. Frying process;
  3. Sugar.

Trans fats can lower your Testosterone about 15% down from the normal level, and frying (especially in cheap, overused oil) can put your whole body through intense stress. In a study on fatty acids, you can see that young men are just as exposed to the adverse effects as adult men.


You need some Pepsi or Coke with your burgers, right? Too bad it’s a one-two strike for your Testosterone levels. Sugar is the absolute champion when it comes to foods that kill Testosterone, and unfortunately, it’s pretty much everywhere now. Of course, white sugar is plain bad for you (including your Testosterone levels), but you – most likely – already know it. Surprisingly, some «healthy» options can contain foods that kill Testosterone as well:

  • Morning muesli;
  • Beverages and cold coffee;
  • Yogurt and protein bars.

Sugar is everywhere, and avoiding it is just as crucial as it is hard.


Not actually one of the “foods” that kill Testosterone, but definitely a thing to avoid at all costs. This study on Alcohol and Testosterone clearly shows how just a few weeks of daily alcohol intake can strip you from almost 7% of Testosterone. Imagine what can years and years of «occasional beer on Fridays» do to it. In addition, alcohol can literally:

  • Make you fat;
  • Give you chronic liver issues;
  • Put you on the brink of a heart attack.

We won’t even mention that it’s one of the world’s most popular and deadly addictions. Moderation is the key, but if you want to get the best Testosterone levels – you should consider alcohol one of the foods that kill Testosterone and get rid of it completely.

More Specific Foods That Kill Testosterone

Now, it would be dumb to say «cheeseburgers kill more of your Testosterone, and Chckenburgers kill less». However, in SOME cases, specific foods from overall healthy and beneficial deserve a highlight. Here are the foods that kill your Testosterone, even though some of their versions are actually beneficial:

Cow Milk

We’re talking about factory-grade, mass-produced, cheap cow milk from a supermarket, not ALL cow milk. The danger here is not the milk itself, but the way it is produced:

  1. Cows in big factories are fed so many hormones that some substances make it to the milk.
  2. Large factories tend to optimize their processes and get milk from pregnant cows – that’s when they produce the most of it. Pregnant cows’ milk is rich in Estrogen – female sex hormone, the opposite of Testosterone.

Consuming cheap cow milk in large quantities can give you an overall decrease in Testosterone.


Nuts, in general, are good for you, but Almonds – specifically in big doses – can lower your Testosterone so much that other benefits just turn irrelevant.

Unfortunately, along with all the positive effects, almonds increase SHBG production. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin lowers the Free Testosterone level and deactivates T molecules, which just can’t be good for you.


Something as small as flaxseed can bring your Testosterone big problems. Flaxseed doesn’t actually LOWER your testosterone levels. It just connects to some of the T molecules and commands your body to get rid of them.

Thanks to rare substances from flaxseed, called lignans, the effect can manifest rapidly if you eat too many of them.

Best Way to Replace Foods That Kill Testosterone

Dietary changes are always hard, but this time – you don’t need to get rid of the foods that kill Testosterone and leave the empty space. You can fill it with some easy, cheap, and actually beneficial foods that will do the opposite – INCREASE your Testosterone:

  • Instead of alcohol, make a habit of drinking fresh juice. A glass of pomegranates juice will cost you just as much as a Long Island cocktail, but pomegranates can lead to an overall 24% increase in T levels;
  • Instead of junk food, get a habit of eating more spinach – it can give you a notable increase in muscle mass just in a couple of months;
  • Instead of sugar, add more ginger to your diet – it will give you an extra 17% of Testosterone, thanks to outstanding anti-oxidation capabilities.

Face it, you CAN survive without tequila and French fries, and you definitely can force yourself to eat more spinach, even if you hate the taste.

If you think of this whole thing as a game, foods that kill Testosterone will deal damage, and your Testosterone bar will get more and more thin and red every year. Ginger and citrus juice, in this case, are healing packs. There are just no excuses to avoid them.