5 Possible Ways QR Codes Could Have Been Used In Netflix’s Squid Games

The green light has been officially lit for Squid Games Season 2. Netflix confirmed the news on Sunday, June 12th, through a short trailer posted on YouTube and Twitter.

The 10-second teaser featured the robot doll Yeong-Hee and her iconic “Red Light, Green Light” catchphrase, which initially appeared in the hit show’s premiere episode.

In the Squid Games world, the games used advanced technology to ensure the VIPs’ satisfaction. But what could have happened if the host of the games had used a free QR code generator in the gameplay?

Other Korean Netflix shows such as Start-Up and Law School have featured QR code usage in some of their episodes.

These did not appear in the first season of Squid Games, but if they did, here are five possible QR code uses that could have been included in the story.

P.S. There are spoilers below, so if you haven’t watched the first season, you can stop here or continue reading at your own risk.

QR codes in Squid Games

1. Business cards

The premiere episode wowed viewers as the ‘Goblin’ star Gong Yoo made a cameo. He played a businessman who approached a frustrated Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-jae) at the train station.

They played a game of ddakji, a Korean game where each player throws a card to the ground to flip the other player’s card. Gi-Hun lost his first attempt but ended up winning a decent sum of money.

The businessman then revealed Gi-Hun’s personal details, including his total debt. He then handed a small brown business card to a stunned Gi-Hun.

A vCard QR code could have been placed on the business card. After a prospective player scans the QR code, a phone number will appear on their smartphone screen.

They can then instantly call the number to confirm their participation.

2. QR codes on players’ identification numbers

Each player wore a green tracksuit with a white shirt underneath. The player’s designated number is printed on the shirt and on the left chest of the tracksuit.

The organizers of the games could have used a QR Code generator supporting batch creation to create a unique QR code for each player. The QR code can then go with the player’s number.

In the “Red Light, Green Light” game, Yeong-Hee could have scanned the QR code of the players who moved to automatically record the identity of the eliminated player.

3. Link to VIP live stream

In the seventh episode, VIPs arrived at the island facility where the game was held to get front-row seats to the spectacle.

But the game could’ve also been broadcasted virtually for busy VIPs who cannot go onsite. A URL QR code could store the link to the exclusive live stream.

To guarantee that only VIPs will access the broadcast, the host could use a dynamic URL QR code so that he can add a password to the code and edit the URL anytime.

4. Player background report

The fifth game in the show resembled hopscotch but with a deadly twist.

Players had to cross a two-lane bridge made of glass platforms: an ordinary glass tile on one side and a tempered glass tile on the other.

Nearing the end of the game, one player amazed the VIPs and the other three remaining players behind him when he said he could tell which glass tile was safe to jump on.

The Masked Leader then pulled up the player’s report on a huge tablet-like screen and told them that the player used to work at a glass manufacturing company.

To quickly find player reports, he could have just used a PDF QR code and created one for each player. One scan will give him quick access to a player’s background report, all on one file.

5. QR code for placing test

The VIPs boasted to each other about their huge test and cried in disappointment every time a player they play and fell off the glass tile bridge.

A QR code could’ve worked as a gateway to a landing page where the VIPs can select a player and indicate the amount.

Squid Game Season 2 is coming!

Since QR codes are among the leading technology today, they can indeed work in the timeline of Squid Game since it’s set in the modern, albeit dystopian world.

As fans eagerly wait for the next season, some keep their hopes up that QR code technology will debut within the show’s story.

Do you have other ideas on how a QR code could’ve worked in the Squid Game world? Share it with us in the comments!