5 Games that have Made Online Casinos a Million Dollar Industry

Online casino games and the gambling industry have come a long way in terms of progress and modification. The biggest change that the online casino industry underwent is the incorporation of video games and mobile phone games after their modification as casino games. It did not happen overnight!

When game developers realized the scope and progress of the casino industry, they took an initiative to modify their popular games for casino gaming and gambling. The credit goes to the digitization of the casino industry which actually resulted in grabbing the interest of players from all around the world and also established a big audience base. All of this compelled the game developers to introduce and modify games for online casino gaming and gambling.

Initially, it was the massive audience base that became the reason for the modification and incorporation of already popular video games and smartphone games in the online casino industry. But, some games marked the history and became the reason that the digital casino industry underwent an extensive enhancement in its audience base.

These games did not only change the reality of the growing million-dollar casino industry but also became an incredible addition to the gleaming fate of the industry! A massive number of new, trustable online casinos like Platin Casino Live started to spring up as a result of increasing popularity.

Here are the 5 most popular games that made a positive impact on the growth of the digital casino industry:

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is an ultimate blockbuster film that gained extensive popularity and surely every movie enthusiast has watched this film. This action adventure-based film was released in 2008 and it made a business of more than 1 billion Dollars from all over the world. Besides, the movie also acquired an IMDb rating of 9/10.

Owing to the popularity that movie gained, an online casino game based on this movie was released and it made the movie fans go crazy about it! A casino slot game was specifically designed on the theme of The Dark Knight movie; it was designed in an incredible way that the players can feel the utmost essence of their favorite character from the movie.

Jurassic Park

There might not be any person who has not watched The Jurassic Park movie series! The movie series has a fan base from nearly all age groups. Every part of the series is filled with utmost thrill and adventure but as the movie series showed progress towards more adventurous journeys, fans found it more entertaining. Besides, every part of the series made a huge profit of more than a billion dollars, and thus, it became an outstanding franchise of all time. The last part of the series was released in 2018 and it is known as “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” but another sequel “Jurassic World: Dominion” is ready to make its entry in 2022!

A fascinating slot game is designed on the theme of Jurassic Park. This version has totally replicated the theme of the first-ever original movie released in 1993. The dinosaur characters are surely a crazy addiction. The 5 reel and 243 pay-line slot games are quite fun to play and win!

The Hangover

Unlike other movies, The Hangover is a Comedy film that made a huge breakthrough in the industry with a box office collection of more than 47 crore dollars. The movie is a comedy thriller that features a trio of friends; the movie gets real fun when one of the friends gets missing. Viewers get constant bouts of non-stop laughter by the virtue of comedy scenes and hilarious conversations among the characters.

The casino game is designed considering the movie plot, the sparkling lights of Las Vegas take the players straight into the movie scenario. The setting is so real that it makes the players picture every scene in their heads. The interesting aspect of the game is its host Mr. Chow who conducts the entire slot game and takes the players through various rounds.

The Godfather

The crime drama film God Father was released in 1972, which proved to be an actual thriller! The movie is based on the best-selling novel written by Mario Puzo and is considered the best gangster movie of history. Besides, the movie acquired a rating of 9.2 over IMDb and numerous awards. The movie possesses all the elements of strong performance and a genuine plot.

The movie bagged numerous awards and the slot game based on this theme provides numerous opportunities to the players to win big rewards. The slot game is an utmost gangsta paradise!

Man of Steel

This movie is based on DC Comics, Man of Steel. Released in 2013, the action-adventure film features everyone’s favorite hero Superman. The movie is watched and loved by all the superhero fans. This one’s the best legitimate fictional superhero fictional heroes. It acquired an IMDb rating of 7 alongside earning 660 million dollars.

Playtech has presented an absolute setup of slot games based on the theme. The players can enjoy seeing and playing their favorite characters, Clark Kent, Superman, Lois Lane, and obviously the big and, General Zod. This one’s a 5 reels slot that offers up to 50 pay lines and a maximum bet of 2500 per spin.

When popular video games and games based on popular movies were introduced into the digital casino industry, the number of players, as well as the interest of players, enhanced, leading to the incredible growth of the casino industry, making it worth millions of Dollars!

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