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Now all of the things are connected to the internet. You will find yourself in the updated position if you do not use the internet. The Internet keeps you connected with the world and you should use it always. There are many types of internet and it will be good if you remain connected to the internet always. This is why you should use smart devices like smartphones and tablet PC. Because in those devices, you can use a Wi-Fi internet connection. You will get a free Wi-Fi internet connection in many places. You need to use a router if want to use Wi-Fi internet on your all smart devices. Now every Router has its own IP Address so that users can access it and customize its settings. is the most common IP Address for Routers like Linksys, Dlink, TP-Link, and ASUS. Admin Login

When you buy a router, then you should choose a router from the brand. You should choose the router from brands because of the device’s quality and performance. Brand routers give the best performance and you will get the best customer care support from the manufacturing website. However, all of the routers come with a manual where you will get instructions for the users to configure the device and setup settings. All of the administrators should read all papers and manual before getting started with router configuration and router setup settings. You should know everything about your router if you want to complete all the tasks properly. Admin Login (Default Gateway Page)

You can easily access the Router with www. or and IP address. But you have to Enter default username and Password.

Every Router has a default username and password.

  • Default username: admin
  • Password: admin/pass/password

First of all, connect the Router with your computer with an RJ45 cable and then open a Browser.

Once the browser launched, Enter Default IP Address and enter.

Enter the username and password.

Then go to Wireless Settings and then Change Password, change Default IP Address.

If you are a new user of the router, then you should read the router manually. Experts users know well about the device configuration but if they read the papers and manual, then they will be more advanced. The device configuration is a connection with the router with a computer with an Ethernet cable. Some routers give wireless adapter for making a connection with the computer with the router. This is why you should read the router manual to know more detail. The configuration of the router is not very difficult but you should prepare yourself for the router settings.

Internal settings of your router are an important thing and this is necessary if you make the device running as a Wi-Fi converter. The router will be activated for the Wi-Fi if you set up internal settings. So, you should follow the router manual if you log in to the router and set up all things to follow the instructions. Now collect the default IP address and for proceeding the login request, you need to collect the default username and password. If you type the correct IP address, then you get the login form but if you make any mistake in the IP address, then you cannot see the login form.

You cannot use the IP address, username, and password in a single line and you have to follow steps if you get the login form. Many users make a mistake in the IP address and type it as 192.168.o.1 and some users type the wrong IP address 192.168.o.1 admin password. As a username, “admin” is used and password “password” is used. But you cannot use all of those things together. As in the IP address, a letter is used, so it has become false. The IP address should use the incorrect form if you want to login to the router.

You have to use a correct IP address in the browser address bar and you should fix the wrong IP address 192.168.o.1. To know the correct IP address of the router, you can use the “ipconfig” command on the CMD page. You can know the correct IP address and all other login detail. You can flip the device to get all things. All router manufacturers use the IP address as default. You can use the IP address for login and other purposes. You need to use this IP address in the browser address field for login and it is the first step.

After using the correct IP address on the browser address, click on the go button. A form will appear where you have to use admin and password as username and password. On the form, you will get a login button that you need to click on proceed for the next step. In the next step, you will be logged in the router. Now you are ready to set up internal settings. You read the router manual and you are fully prepared for the setup internet connection. You have to set up everything with the Wizard tool or with the manual. You have to use the Wizard tool for some case and you should set up security manually.

Set up the internet with the wizard tool is very easy and the tool lets you access that place where you need to go. When you complete one step, then click on the Next button for accessing the next step. On the step, you will fill-up the form and proceed to the next step. However, at the final step, you will get the save button that you need to click and save all of the settings in the router. From the router access panel, you can change the username, password, IP address and set up Wi-Fi security.

So, you already know that IP address 192.168.o.1 cannot be used and you cannot use the username and password on the same line. If you do so, you will face the problem. You need to study more if you want to solve various types of problems of the router. After reading the router manually, then read this article. Visit the manufacturing website to know about the device performances.

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