How to Fix 0x800488FC Xbox One Sign-in Error

Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles by Microsoft. It is the biggest Rival of Sony PlayStation. Sometimes Xbox is going through some serious issues.

Technical issues can also arise that cause issues. The latest of those involves 0x800488FC Xbox One Sign-in Error. So many Xbox users have reported this issue when they got a certain error message known as 0x800488FC.

This will stop you from the sign in to your Xbox Account. Now the good is news is that the Xbox Team will help you with this issue.

When you try to sign in into Xbox Account, you will face 0x800488FC error code. Unless you are having issues with your online connection, Xbox Live sign-in issues may be brought on by service outages on Microsoft’s side.

Fix 0x800488FC Xbox One Sign-in Error

To repair Xbox One Xbox Live sign-in issues, perform a complete reboot of your system, also referred to as a power cycle, cold restart or hard reset. To do so, hold the power button for 10 seconds while the machine is on. The machine will turn off.

What causes the Xbox Sign-in Error?

Everyone is thinking about What must be the reason behind this 0x800488FC Xbox One Sign-in Error? Here are some possible reasons.

1. Wrong Login ID: Check that the Login ID that you are using is correct. Sometimes due to incorrect Login ID, you will face 0x800488FC Xbox One Sign-in Error.

2. Wrong Password: Just like Login ID, make sure that the password is correct.

3. Synchronization Failure: Check your Internet Connection and make sure that it is working fine.

4: Old Firmware and Server Issues: Due to old Firmware and sever issues, you will face this problem.

Diagnosis of 0x800488FC Xbox One Sign-in

As we mentioned earlier, due to a poor network connection or bad server load, you will face this error code. To fix the issue, follow these steps.

Fix 1. Disconnect all the connection

Remove all your Xbox and then restart your device. Now connect all the plugs and connections. Try to login to your Account and see if you are facing the issue or not.

Fix 2. Try to Login with Authentic ID and Password

Fix 3. Update Xbox Controller Firmware

Step 1: Connect the controller to the Xbox with a USB cable.

Step 2: Connect with Xbox Live > Menu > Settings > Device & Accessories > controller.

Step 4: Select Update to download the new firmware. Now wait for some time and once updated, try again.

Step 5: Controller Updated message appears on the screen. Now press B and go back.

Fix 4. Restart the Router to fix 0x800488FC

Step 1: Unplug the Router or any other connected networking device and unplug other cables.

Step 2: Wait for at least 30 seconds and then connect all the cables.

Step 3: Wait for at least 2 minutes and they try to login to your account.

We have mentioned all working solutions for 0x800488FC Xbox One Sign-in error. Hope the error is now fixed.

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