0.dat Windows Process – What is it and How to fix it? (Guide)

You all know how to operate a computer and which file is more important and which is not. Similarly, there is a file in your computer which is a .dat file meaning a data file named 0.dat.

This file is located in your program file’s folder as we will further on disclose its location to you but for now, let us study what this file actually does to your computer.

It is a hypothesis of some people that this file works like a virus in the computer and some say that it works to protect the operating system from other viruses. 

If you have seen the file format of this 0.dat so you can determine various things like this file is an executable file and many executable files can harm your computer in some cases.

With that said, in this article, you can learn about the file and decide whether the file is a virus for your operating system or whether the file belongs to the operating system.

What is 0.dat?


Now let us talk about file 0.dat. Where this came from? Is it some kind of virus? What work this file usually do? These questions come to every body’s mind who have encountered with this file.

So from any further wait let just discuss this file and what this file does in your system. This original 0.dat file is a software component which was created by _Abbr Product_ and which works under the supervision of _Abbr Company_.

So now we can call this file an _Abbr file_ but generally, this file is called _Abbr_. If you want to know much more about this file and want to know where this file genuinely came from so scroll down and head towards our next heading.

0.dat File Information

0.dat File

NVIDIA is a company which is known for making gaming components for computers. As this 0.dat file genuinely belongs to NVIDIA company.

The file comes with an update of the NVIDIA software and helps it to start games that compatible with the NVIDIA version of the graphic card.

As we can say the file is not vital to windows or any other operating system and that’s why it causes fewer problems in your operating system as well.

The folder where this file is located is following,  C:\ User’s\ Username\ App Data\ Local\ NVIDIA\ NvBackend\ DAO\ 25690003\. The size of this file in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 is 13, 179, 660.

0.dat file does not have any information about its developers when you open it they even did not mention any kind of description on it that what this file does genuinely.

Although, the file is not visible to everyone which means it is a hidden file which just comes visible when you will change settings of the hidden files by going into your properties settings.

The file is also Verisign signed file which means your operating system has confirmed that this file is safe to use. Furthermore, the file is digitally signed too which means that the company who owns this file confirmed of its security as well.

Just like we said before the file does not belong to the Windows system.

0.dat best thing is that it can record all the inputs that your keyboard and mouse make on your system as well as it can monitor application and see which application is doing what plus the file can upgrade itself while you are playing a game.

However, the danger of its technical security ration is just 59% which the file is qualified for Window use but you have to be careful too for not using this file more than its limit.

We would like to share another important news with you that will be beneficial for you in case if you are interested to know more about 0.dat. Sometimes a malware camouflages through your system and named itself 0.dat.

The malware can be located in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System 32. Therefore, you should keep a check of this file to see if the process is a threat or not plus we would like to recommend Security Task Manager that will automatically verify your computer’s security.

This Task manager was the top download pick for PC world and The Washington Post. 

Best Practices for Resolving 0.Dat Issues

Resolving 0.Dat Issues

The best practices for resolving 0.dat issues can be various. If you keep cleaning your computer daily that will avoid all your issues that this file will create.

The cleaning of a computer means running an anti-virus malware scan every day so if there any viruses they can be detected and removed.

You should clean your drive every day by the help of Clean Manager (cleanmgr), with the help of Scan Now (sfc/scannow) and by uninstalling the programs that you no longer use. 

You can check which programs auto start by using Microsoft Configurations (msconfig) and should update your operating system daily by enabling Windows Automatic Update. Always make sure to back up your data so it can be saved if something gets wrong.

After keeping a check on all these things something gets wrong even then and a serious problem occurs you should check the last thing you did means the last thing that you installed on your computer or to check where the problem started by checking the last thing you were doing.

The resmon command can help you identify the problem that is causing you this much trouble.

If a problem occurs instead of reinstalling the whole operating system you are advised to repair the installation or if you have Windows 8 or a bigger version of Windows you are advised to execute DISM.exe/online/clean-image/Restorehealth command.

This command will allow repairing the operating system without losing any data of yours. If you wanna analyze the 0.dat there are only to ways to do so.

First, Security Task Manager, it will show you all the running processes and programs including the hidden programs that are anonymously working into the system such as the keyboard, browser monitoring and autostart entries.

The Security task Manager will tell you the security risk rating of every program because every program has a unique security rating that will help you identify which is malware, spyware or a Trojan.

Second, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, it will instantly detect and removes all the types of viruses from your hardware such as sleepy spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, keyloggers and trackers. 

FAQ’s about 0.dat Windows Process

what to do if an antivirus flag raised with the name 0.dat?

Ans: you can do two or three things if this type of problem occurs. The first thing you can do is to block the application from your firewall as it blocks it will not interfere in your gaming stuff.

The second thing you can do is to uninstall this file as it can be a risky thing to do because many files refer to this file and it can make your computer harm in any other way which means if anything happens you can not play games unless you re-install it.

Many times the file slows down your PC immediately after you open your system as this can be managed by fixing your drivers because it could that the file is not compatible with the version of the drivers or the file itself is outdated and needs to be updated. 


As we told you a lot about this file. 0.dat can be effective for your computer if you are a gaming expert and is important for many games that this file is included in your PC. it usually updates the game components and make them even better for your PC.

as you have learned a lot from this article so let me ask you the question again which was questioned at the beginning of this article.

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  1. So I get one of these 0.dat files every time I run an update for my NVIDIA drivers. If I have 30+ 0.dat files on my system, is it warranted to delete the old ones?


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