Your American Bulldog Family Member

As a dog owner, seeing the face of that slobbering furball running towards you as you open the door of the house after a long day at work is such a joy. They seem to understand the need for a cuddle, and they do so with such enthusiasm that it melts your stresses away.

The responsibility we take on when opting to own a pet is significant, and until you embark on the adventure you might not realize how much commitment it takes. It is also a great way to help children learn to be responsible and to care for something which you can read an interesting article about here (and with your guidance of course) and teach them valuable life skills.

Integrating a pet into the home takes time, effort, and most importantly patience. Perhaps you rescued a dog from a shelter and knowing they have suffered trauma in some way only makes it that much tougher. But once they know and see that you genuinely care for them their devotion and loyalty will be yours forever.


Reasons to get a dog.

There are many reasons why people get pets, you may have grown up with pets as a child and want the same experiences for your children, or you have settled into the new house and the kids have wanted a dog for a while now and so the time feels right. Different reasons for various situations, let’s look at the topmost common reasons.

  • Mood. As mentioned before, just seeing that happy face makes everything seem ok. They take your mind off your troubles, if even only for a moment, and can lift your mood and morale when you need it the most.
  • Health. You may not believe it but having a pet around boosts recovery. If you have ever had an ill child and wondered how they had got better so quickly, it could be the fact that the dog was at their bedside day and night. All those cuddles create a bond that is unbreakable and essentially can breathe life back into an unwell body.
  • Social. A dog is a great way to interact with other pet owners, you could be shy, and striking up a conversation with another doggy mommy can help you be less nervous, and who knows, you may even make new friends. Win-win.
  • Relationships. On the subject of meeting new people, you could potentially find new love, and a puppy is a great way to break the ice. Love can blossom anywhere and having a furry companion at your side is a good way to keep your confidence.

To find out more about the positives that a dog can offer click here and on learning more it could give you the peace of mind you had been searching for on deciding whether or not to get those puppy dog eyes that were looking at you at the shelter or pet store.

20 Best Dog Breeds for Kids - Good Family Dogs

The dog for you.

It can be tricky deciding which dog breed is best, each family member has their favorite and as parents, you ideally want a dog that will be another member of the group whilst still protecting everyone and the home.

A popular breed that ticks both of these boxes is the American bulldog, it fits well with children and has the energy and strength to keep up with them and their tumbles. And while they can essentially pull and tug on him as they please, if someone else tries their luck they will be in for a surprise. They are highly protective and one of the main appeals why owners purchase them for a home with kids.

If this is a breed you believe will work within your home and family demographic then reading up on some tips and advice on the holistapet American bulldog guide will help you make the right choice both with nutrition and their personalities.

Hearing what the industry professionals have to say is always a great way to start, and as you learn by having the pup in the house and seeing their temperament and traits you can tweak your discipline and meal techniques. This way both parties are on the same page and you grow together.

Bulldog positives.

The physical stature is a bonus and often makes perps or intruders think twice about entering the premises, and with that comes a bundle of love you can always rely on. Unlike many other breeds the upkeep and ‘maintenance,’ if you could call it that of the dog is fairly simple and easy, it has an easy to groom sleek coat and only requires a mere above-average exercise regime, great for fitness fundi’s.

They are naturally good-natured, and if you don’t mind the slobbering or drooling then a bulldog is the perfect addition to your family.

A final thought.

We have friends, a couple, who despite having 4 children between them they also have 4 dogs, and it is no secret that the house is full. The one fact that they have mentioned more than once and increasingly so when asked by other visitors or friends is that even though they live in a middle-class house with a small garden, and space is limited, they wouldn’t change it for anything.

Their dogs bring them happiness in a non-judgmental way that we could all use from time to time to escape the world, and for this reason alone it would be enough to love a pet for all their days.

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