Windows 11 Release Date: Is it Really Coming?

If you are looking for the Windows 11 release date to buy or download for your computer, then here is the article for you. It has been a long time since Windows 10 was released, and techies are eagerly waiting for the story of Windows 11 now. A much-advanced version is on the cards, according to some speculations. Here you will find all news and update of upcoming Windows.

Microsoft is a global leader in devices and services, enables its customer to extend the potentiality of their business by pushing over the limitations. This industry concentrates more on the current trending technology. This helps in driving the enterprise businesses. It is more into creating cloud platforms. Microsoft Windows is dominated desktop by the operating system in the marketing world. It holds a share market of 76.56 percent last December 2020 overboard competence and it aims to develop a new version called Windows 11, it is talk that it may release in 2021.

The Windows 10 version was released on the 15th of July 2015. As the traditional method followed by Microsoft, even this time it was asked about the release of the next version is ’11’. In this post, I am going to cover concerns and a summary of upcoming windows.

What is Windows 11?

It would be the next version of Windows 10. As per the strategy plan, it has to be delivered in 2020. It will be having a completely different operating system interface just like you have seen for the previous versions of Windows OS has been. It upgrades provides an operating system based on the cons of the previous versions. It is aimed to builds up a stable one that enhances productivity.

1. Is Windows 11 Worth the Wait?

The history of Windows from 1 to 10 was inspiring and the progression it made during these years has a great impact. Their constant effort and compassion have given rise to the best of the best version are Windows 10. Windows 10 is the iconic version of operating systems launched by Microsoft.

Windows 10 has been equipped with many new upgrades like Cortana, Microsoft Edge, start menu, etc. It aims to replace desktops, smartphones, and tablets. This idea offers a similar workspace similar to other devices when compared to other previous versions. So the hype for it is no less when comparing these factors.

Will There be a Windows 11?

Making the evolution at its best Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 will be the final iconic version of the operating system. The development executive Jerry Nixon announced at Ignite Tech Conference in 2015 that there will not be a Windows 11. He also stated that this version would be the last version to be a completely unchanged interface. This approach is similar to their fellow friend Apple who follows the same strategy. Microsoft Executive Vice President, Terry Myerson also stated in a blog post. It states that they will continue Windows build upgrades but the name Windows 10 remains. Under this new strategy, Microsoft will regularly work on improvements and upgrades through software upgrades.

1. No more Versions of Windows

As mentioned by Terry Myerson, from now Windows 10 only provide updates on the same version of Windows 10. Therefore version change will longer be a part of Microsoft’s strategic plan of development. It will work full-fledged on improvising the operating system.

Windows as Service

From the beginning of the Windows 10 version, Microsoft has practiced a new technique. This is how it works people who have installed the previous version of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 can upgrade their version directly to Windows version 10.

In this way, Microsoft enabled Windows as a service plan delivering frequent updates to Windows 10. By this Windows could easily upgrade its tools and operating system without any need for new software.

1. The Next Windows

Now instead of moving to the next version of ’11’, you can update the same version of Windows 10 hassle-freely. Once the earlier versions are out of service then, Windows 10 will be termed as only Windows.

This version 10 is similar to office 365 which is also free of cost.

Expected Updates offered by Windows

As we know Microsoft urges for the progression in technology. The existing windows revamp themselves to provide an efficient approach for the concerns. This mainly focuses on pushing over the potentiality of the business approach.

  • The updates covered are functionality changes, UI enhancements, fixing bugs, and security issues.
  • Windows allows for updates of smaller standalone apps like cameras, mail, calendar, etc, without waiting for any operating system updates. Users can update this.

Windows has removed the waiting longer period for updates.

1. Ways to Upgrade the Latest Version

As mentioned in Windows as service, upgrading to higher versions made easy after the advent of Windows 10 in the year 2015. There are also new methods to download Windows. This including downloads the updates through multiple websites to get them quicker.

Users can download Windows updates through Microsoft’s servers and from local and internet-connected PCs. They already have obtained the updates. If you are confused about this part don’t worry. Here is the easy way you can simply connect to update windows in the settings. And thus from now, the upgrade is automated by Windows.

Final Words

Hope I have kept you engaged with the topic. As per my knowledge, these are the details I could fetch details. If you have suggestions or doubt please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments below. I would love to hear from you guys let’s make this interactive. Okay, we are going to end this now. Thanks for reading the post, and don’t forget to comment below. Hope you are doing great! have a good day.

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