Crypto casino: why to choose and how?

The popularity of bitcoin and altcoin casinos continues to rise as more individuals become interested in cryptocurrencies. More than 2000 cryptocurrencies are currently in use, and new ones are constantly being introduced. As a result, if a bitcoin casino wants to be profitable and competitive, it must keep up with market demands and do so by accepting altcoins as payment, as the team claims. This results in more and more coins finding their way into the gaming and betting industry for cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin casinos and their variations

However, there are currently a number of currencies that are the most widely used and have already won the public’s trust. Bitcoin is the most popular currency used by gamblers and the founder of all cryptocurrencies. Almost all reputable crypto casinos offer Bitcoin as a deposit method.

Bitcoin casino without investments with withdrawal

Even though the bitcoin network has returned to normal after severe congestion and the size of transactions within it is insignificant, transactions can take some time. Although there is a good potential that the Lightning Network may make all of Bitcoin’s flaws disappear once it is implemented, Bitcoin will still likely hold the top spot in the market and among gaming coins for a very long time to come. A long-term occupant of the #1 spot in the cryptocurrency market.

Ethereum (also known as ETH), which represents the smart contract technology on which the majority of blockchain projects are built, is as well-known in the cryptocurrency world as Bitcoin. Since Ethereum was the second cryptocurrency that online casinos started to take, it is supported by practically all bitcoin casinos. Therefore, Ethereum is now one of the finest currencies for betting and gambling due to its popularity as well as its nearly fast transactions and minimal transaction costs. One of the most well-liked and prosperous Bitcoin hard forks, promoting itself as the finest iteration. Even if it allows for speedier transactions, Bitcoin Cash has not yet succeeded in displacing the original. Still, it has found a market and is frequently among the top 5 coins in the cryptocurrency market.

The majority of bitcoin casinos also allow deposits in bitcoin currency, which is more crucial for users. A coin that was intended to be a joke representing the well-known Internet meme “Doge” but was quickly adopted and embraced by the public. Even though it was hovering around the 50th spot on the market, Dogecoin managed to gain popularity among users. As a result, the majority of crypto casinos now accept Dogecoin deposits.

Why not, given that it also provides quick and affordable transactions on its network? The top 5 cryptocurrency markets frequently include the second fork of Bitcoin. Litecoin, which is more technologically sophisticated than Bitcoin, offers extremely quick transaction times (2–3 minutes on average) and a minimal cost.

Most cryptocurrency casinos and one of the pioneers of the field accept Litecoin. Although we have included the top five coins in this article, there are many others that are actively gaining popularity in the online gaming community (including Dash, Monero, ZCash, and others).

Bitcoin games with cryptocurrency withdrawal

Cryptocurrency online casinos can offer their customers games of various types and directions, among the main ones:

  • online slots;
  • card tables;
  • sports betting;
  • lotteries;
  • spread betting.

Top best bitcoin casinos in 2020 with bonus and faucet

Online gambling has always been an attractive and convenient way to bet on the go. Now, with the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies over the past few years, there are plenty of bitcoin casinos. In a bitcoin casino, users get everything the same as in a regular or online casino; the only difference is that a bitcoin casino provides additional protection for the user’s identity and does not request bank account information.

Using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, these casinos do not need access to personal banking information, protecting users from malicious attacks and providing an additional layer of security. However, given that there are such a vast number of casinos today, it is not easy to find the safest and best options that, among other things, also bring pleasure.

Advantages of working with cryptocurrencies

Many platforms are constantly interested in the features of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, more and more people are becoming owners of such an unusual currency, which makes gambling establishments develop.

  • Those who already work with bitcoin highlight the following advantages of digital currency:
  • the fastest processing of all payments;
  • no additional commission for transfers;
  • it is possible to transfer the smallest payments;
  • ensuring the confidentiality of customers and the safety of their payments;
  • existence apart from public financial policy.

All these positive aspects significantly increase the interest of the gambling world in the digital world. Transfers in such cases are carried out almost instantly since they have certain technical features. If the network is not busy, transferring funds between accounts takes less than 10 minutes.


Not surprisingly, casino interest in digital currency is constantly growing. Given all the advantages of the currency and its popularity, each casino seeks to include it in the list of means of payment. It is possible that soon it will be possible to play for bitcoins in the Champion casino.