What is ltmsg.exe? Is it a Virus?

If you are struggling to get the information about this ltmsg.exe file then here we can help you out extensively. 

You might be wondering whether this file is a virus or not, here we have all answers for you. 

Most certainly, this file is considered as a genuine executable file. It runs in the form of a background process.

Furthermore, large numbers of malware program files are named after this ltmsg.exe file. So, what to do now?

You have to remember that if this “non-Microsoft” .exe file is located and present in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a chance and massive risk that this ltmsg.exe file is acting like a virus or worm infection in your computer.

What is ltmsg.exe?

This ltmsg.exe file is a part of this system restoration kit. Most importantly, this kit is developed and manufactured right by Gateway.

If you look and check out its Windows version, then note down that it is usually around and about 104960 bytes in size. 

Its other versions differ in size, utilization, and purpose. In some of the cases, these executable files develop the capacity to harm your computer.

Like, we have this ltmsg.exe file. It does have this tendency to put your PC at risk! You have to decide on your own that whether this is a valid file or whether it is a virus.

In other words, if you believe that it is a valid Windows operating system file, then you can keep it on your computer.

But if you doubt that this .exe file does not come and developed by the reliable application, then remove it.

For the information, this ltmsg.exe file is the software component of this Lucent technologies messaging applet.

This one is a driver file. It is used for the sake of adjusting and setting any of the modern options on your personal computer.

Moreover, this file is not the critical and important component of this Windows section. You can remove it if you think it is bringing problems on your PC.

Besides, you have the authority to terminate its process. You can disconnect its functioning and operations.

More About ltmsg.exe File:

As we have told you that this executable file is developed by Lucent technologies. Keep in mind that this is an American company.

In addition, this company used to develop and make some kind of telecommunication equipmentThis company was founded in the year 1996.

And now this ltmsg.exe file program is the part of this company. As this file is often masked as a risky virus, that is why it is recommended to remove it in the first go!

Below you can see more of the authentic details about this ltmsg.exe executable file. If you have more questions on this piece of the discussion, then do convey that to us.

ltmsg.exe File Information:


Talking about this ltmsg.exe file, the user has to determine that verify this information that whether it is safe for his computer or not.

You can verify its location and then come on the decision regarding whether it should be put in your PC or needs to be thrown out!

If you do not have an idea that what is the path information of this ltmsg.exe file, then what you can do is access the area of task manager and get the required information.

You can investigate and interrogate the nature of this file through the task manager. Or you can use Microsoft’s Process Explorer to check and explore the validity of this executable file.

If this file gets verified by your computer, then it is safe for your PC. And if this tool of Microsoft process explorer does not verify this ltmsg.exe file, then remove it from your system.

Furthermore, this file is part of this system restoration kit program. You need to know that its publisher and developer is Gateway.

Its expected location details are C:\Program Files\Gateway\System Restoration Kit\ subfolder. And its expected full path information is C:\Program Files\Gateway\System Restoration Kit\LTMSG.EXE.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

Basic Information on ltmsg.exe File:

This ltmsg.exe file can only be trustworthy and secure for your PC if it is not confronted with any minor or major virus type.

You can see and get the hint that if this file behaves suspiciously, then it is masked as a risky and damaging virus type.

In addition, if you are going to plan to enable this option of safe mode with networking, then all risky and damaging processes will get deactivated on your computer.

Same way, this ltmsg.exe file will also get deactivated and disabled. For secure usage, you can run and start a security program for your PC.

This way, you can process and initiate a system analysis and be able to make secure use of this file.

Now, you have known the basic details on this .exe file, below we have penned-down the details that how can you resolve and confront the issues that are caused because of the existence of this executable file.

See the details and share with us if you have any questions:

Best Practices for Resolving ltmsg Issues:

These ltmsg.exe file issues can be resolved in a blink of an eye. Just follow this guide and keep your computer secure.

Firstly, if it is a safe executable file, then keep it in your personal computer zone if you feel like doing so!

But as soon as you find a valid reason that this ltmsg.exe file is behaving extremely and immensely weirdly and in an uncanny manner, then look for the ways to uninstall and remove it.

You can avoid and prevent these future problems by remaining active and alter enough.

You can keep on checking your driver’s performance and hard disk capacities to see whether this ltmsg.exe file is attacked by virus types or not.

Besides, software updates can give you an idea of whether there is a functionality issue present in this respective file or not.

There is another best of all diagnoses and treatments that you can carry out to solve these issues. You can go to the start menu and access control.

Then you can look for the specific program. Like, if you want to remove this ltmsg.exe file, then search for this file and click on the option of uninstall.

In addition, if you are using this system restoration kit, then you can follow the prompts given by the system.

Common ltmsg.exe File Program Error Messages:

There is a chance that you may get these error messages if this ltmsg.exe file is masked as a heavy virus on your computer.

So, when you see these messages, you have to take and consider these messages as a big warning!

You can have these messages like “LTMSG.EXE Application Error.” Or these messages appear in the form of “LTMSG.EXE failed.”

Some users have complained that these ltmsg.exe file issues give them messages in the form of “LTMSG.EXE is not a valid Win32 application.”

Or you can have notifications and prompts in the form of “LTMSG.EXE is not running.” Or in the form of “LTMSG.EXE not found’’!

More Ways of Dealing with this ltmsg.exe File Issues:

This resmon command can be highly useful for you in this area. You can run this command and get rid of such issues and problems that are damaging your PC performance.

You can repair all modes of your installation procedure and solve these issues of executable files in one go. Furthermore, you can execute other kinds of commands as well.

Like, we have this cleanup-image command or you can run this restore health command. These commands have the tendency to detect and remove all kinds of spyware, adware.

With the use of these commands, you can solve all issues linked to the ltmsg.exe file program.

These commands instantly identify the presence of Trojans, keyloggers and malware and trackers that are hiding in your hard disk.

There is this updated solution for you that can solve this executable file issue of yours. This is a new and smart solution that you can go for.

If you have been receiving these errors and you feel that this file is attacked by a virus, then you can optimize your PC performance by running this method.

You can download any kind of repair and optimizer tool. Click on the option of start scan and repair all issues existing on your computer.


So, what’s the bottom line?

This is how you can deal with these ltmsg.exe file issues. If you have confusion upon following this guide, then ask from us. Rest all of the clear and explained details are above-mentioned for you.

If more ways will be devised regard tackling these ltmsg.exe file issues, then we will update you on this area. You can let us know what experiences you have faced with these executable files.

As these files come and arrive in wide and diverse types, but the way you tackle and handle them, it remains the same!

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