What is dslstat.exe? Is It Safe or a Virus?

You might be wondering and currently searching whether this Dslstat.exe file is safe for your computer or not! If you could not find a proper answer, then these below-mentioned details can help you,

This is an executable file and it is one of the easiest targets to get attacked and immediately pounced by virus writers.

To reduce the riskiness of this Dslstat.exe file, you should follow some suitable strategies to tackle the issues of this linked file.

Check out the details and explore all dimensions of this executable file:

What is dslstat.exe?


The presence of this Dslstat.exe file on any computer or laptop is pretty much common. As this is an executable file, that is why it is generally seen on all laptops and PC stations!

Most importantly, this file acts as a process that belongs and links itself to the ADSL connection status. This connection monitors utility and is packed with lots of internet service connections as well.

Moreover, this Dslstat.exe file arrives in the form of a non-essential process. This file is not marked much important for your Windows and you can delete it if you wish and desire to do so.

It depends on the user’s preference for how eagerly and essentially he or she is in need of this file. On the other hand, this file is classified as a non-system process file.

Besides, it originates and initiates itself from any of the software options that you have already installed on your computer. When this file starts to become distorted and fragmented, then that is a sign that it is attacked by some serious threat.

These infectious and malicious traces tell us that lots of illegitimate and virus-filled entries have become the part of this Dslstat.exe file.

So, rather than negatively affecting your PC performance, you can delete this file if it is not functioning correctly. 

You can take help from certain signs and warnings that explain to you whether this file is affected or not. Like you can go to the task manager and see whether your CPU memory is being consumed too much or not!

If CPU memory is consumed on high notes, it means there is a little probability that one of your executable files is infected.

Beyond this file is present in your PC hard drive and it is this C drive that is the genuine location and placement of this file.

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More Info on Dslstat.exe:

In this Dslstat.exe file, you are going to see traces of some machine code.

If you are going to run and operate the software operations of ADSL monitor right there on your PC, then you can see respective and specific commands get to stay in this file.

Most importantly, this executable file is usually and generally loaded completely into your PC main memory. And later on, it manages to run as ADSL monitor processing.

It is assumed that this file gets to be installed on your PC when you set up and initiate your internet connection. Though it is not spyware, still its name is used by virus writers to misguide the users.

So, avoid getting misguided by such frauds and if you suspect that this file has become contagious, then delete it immediately from your computer without thinking about anything.


Dslstat.exe File Information:


Moving to the file information stats of this Dslstat.exe file, you can keep in mind that this file is safe to use.

The only matter and point of concern are that if this file is not located in its C drive, then there is a chance that it can start to act as a Trojan for your Pc operations.

This whole process that is attached to the proceedings of this file is named as DS; status executable. On the other hand, this file software is BT Voyager.

Beyond, the essential weightage level attached to this file, it is not that much more. If you want to delete it, you can do so.

And if you decide to keep this Dslstat.exe in your computer, then make sure that it never and ever transformed itself to become a Trojan.

It is in 6 variants that you can see this and the icon of this executable file is located on the taskbar. Or you can say, it is next to the clock icon that you can locate and search for this program icon.

This respective program has got a visible window and in the same way, this is not a core file of your Windows.

For recording inputs linked to mouse and keyboard devices of yours, this file plays it’s needed and desired part. Most importantly, it is 23% dangerous for your system.

For more guidance, you can read out the user reviews and see what other users have said about the safety and riskiness scale of this file.

If you want to uninstall this file software component, then you can do so too.

This is the average use rating that we have told you. Rest, your experiences matter a lot while you handle the issues linked with the Dslstat.exe file.

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Best Practices for Resolving dslstat Issues:

Most of the users are looking for some effective methods regarding how to solve this Dslstat.exe issues, we hope that this below-written explanation can help you in a useful way and manner.

If you want to stop and remove the operations of this file, you can do so. As we have previously told you that this is a non-system process file and you can eliminate it if it is bringing any technical problem to your PC.

This non-system process does not have any concern or link with your PC operating system procedures, so deleting it will not bring any issue in your PC performance.

In addition, if you do not plan to use the proceedings and operations of this ADSL monitor in the future, then uninstall this variant and get rid of all problems linked with it.

You have to understand that this file processing is not at all CPU intensive processing. But if you keep too many executable files on your PC, then there is a chance that your CPU may experience intensive processing.

Such files only bring an overload aspect for your personal computer. It is suggested to delete these kinds of files by using the Windows task manager or you can use the Microsoft system configuration utility tool to solve this issue.

The users are given the option to either manual disable or deactivate the operations of this Dslstat.exe file or they can look for any other alternative.

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More Tips for Managing Dslstat.exe File Issues:

To instantly solve these issues, you can take a lot of help from the windows resource monitor and be able to find out which of the processes are legal and which applications are not legal.

This way, you can know whether this file is working on the right track or not. You do not have to get scared of this fact that lots of error messages are coming on your screen.

In addition, there is no need to worry that pop up messages are appearing on your PC screen. You can follow these strategies and see how these Dslstat.exe file issues are solved.

You have to remember this crucial point that it is this application that is executing this executable file, it is the main reason and causes why these issues and problems are coming up!

Once you remove and disable this application, you can seriously get rid of all .exe file issues and major problems. Rest, you can update this application as well.

If you update or repair this application, then there is a major chance that your files will not get infected. So, keep on repairing as well as updating this application and keeps your .exe files virus-free.

Lastly, you can get in touch with the official vendor site of this executable file and see what suggestions they have given to deal with and manage these issues.

You can seek expert opinion and understand what they are trying to explain and illustrate while managing these Dslstat.exe file issues.


Final Takeaway:

We again give you a reminder that upon scanning your computer, checking the condition of your hard drives, and keeping all software and applications up to date- these are the solutions that can well bring your PC in a solid and strong state to deal with these issues.

There are more solutions that you can follow but all of these strategies that we have mentioned above for you, they are user-friendly, easy to apply, and ideal for beginners.

📚 Conclusion:

There is more to come and further details are yet to arrive about this Dslstat.exe file. If right now you have any questions, then without any hesitation you can ask from us.

Furthermore, you can share with us for which purpose you use this Dslstat.exe file and what approaches you follow when it creates troubles and annoyances in your computer.

Always stay tuned and in touch with us and get all elaborated details on executable files.

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