What Are Some Common Door Replacement Questions?

Along with replacing windows, replacing doors is a very wise way to spend some cash on your house. Getting windows and doors company to install new doors on your home can:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Increase the aesthetic appearance of the home
  • Lower the costs of heating or cooling your home, depending on the climate

In addition, doors can provide an increased measure of security for your home, and everyone wants to live in a home that is safe and secure. It’s not easy to select the right door for your home, and with so many options on the market, it makes it even more difficult to do so.

There are a couple of questions that homeowners commonly have when thinking about replacing their doors:

At What Point Should I Get My Doors Replaced?

Getting a windows and doors company to inspect your doors is a good way to figure out when you need to get them replaced, but there are a couple of things you must know that can contribute to replacing doors:

  • Continuous wear and tear
  • Loss of energy efficiency
  • Worn outstripping
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Door frames and hinges are worn out
  • Increased security

Every so often, you’ll want to take a walk around your house and look at the condition of the doors in it. Many people like to do this semi-annually, but you can do it more often than that if you’d like. It’s especially beneficial to inspect your doors after the weather has changed. If you’ve just undergone a very cold winter, then doing a door inspection in the spring is recommended. If your doors are still looking in peak condition but you’re just getting tired of how they look, consider giving them a paint job with your favorite color. Sometimes this might be enough to have the look of your home feeling revitalized, again.

Energy Audit

Some people wonder if they should get an energy audit done on their homes. The simple answer is, yes. Getting an energy audit done is a good way to figure out what parts of your home can be adjusted to increase overall energy efficiency. Drafts coming in through doors are one of the largest factors that can reduce your energy efficiency and raise your energy bills. In most cases, an energy audit will say that you should get your doors replaced.

How Do I Choose The Right Door?

For most people that have never had to get their doors replaced before, looking for a new door can seem intimidating. No one wants to pick a door that doesn’t look pleasant, and with so many different types of doors out there, it can take some research to find one that works for you. Behind all of that, you’ll also have to think about the security that the door provides.

An exterior door should always be resistant to kicks. If you’re considering a metal door, ensure that there is interior reinforcement and that it has a lock block so that thieves can’t break in with a car jack. The most secure option of door to go with is a reinforced steel door. If you’re thinking about this type of door, also keep in mind that they need some additional maintenance so that rust doesn’t develop on them.

Many people also consider doors that have windows in them. These types of doors are a perfect way to allow some additional natural light into your home. The main downside to these types of doors is that they pose a bit of a security issue. If you simply must get a door with a window in it, get one that has reinforced glass or one that has decorative bars in it for some additional security measures.


You’ll always want to consider the warranty that your door comes with. Not every warranty is the same from one company to the next, and this can make or break your decision on what windows and doors company you might be going with. A warranty proves that the company stands behind its products, and the warranty should cover:

  • Installation
  • Workmanship
  • Replacement materials

Each contractor might have a different timeline on the warranty that they provide for the doors they install. Ensure that you always get your warranty in writing, as well.

What Will I Be Paying?

Some statistics show that you’ll be spending around $7,500 for your window and door replacement. When budgeting for your door, it always helps to create a checklist for yourself so that you know what to expect. You’ll want to consider things like:

  • Changes in design
  • Structure of the door
  • Components of the door
  • Hardware
  • Damage from moisture
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Permit
  • Inspection
  • Disposal of waste

Most people don’t realize how big of a job replacing a simple door is. It always helps to reach out to a professional contractor to give you a better idea of what to expect along the way. Canglow Windows & Doors is one such professional contractor that has a wealth of successful experience installing doors.

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