Training New Hires to Become Exceptional Call Center Agents

Newly hired call center agents require proper training before taking live calls alone. Letting them do the actual job without sufficient preparation could lead to disaster. Instead, you should set a certain period dedicated to training, which benefits the agents, customers, and the business.

Well-trained agents are adequately equipped with skills and knowledge, giving them confidence in their work. It will be less stressful for them, so there’s a higher chance they will stay in the company. Customers will be satisfied with the excellent service they will get from your agents. Finally, your business will benefit as you get to keep your clients and agents. Here are tips for training new hires and making them exceptional call center agents.

Teach them the processes and tools

Call centers use various tools in their operation, like CRM, helpdesk software, and softphones. Those who make many outbound calls also use predictive dialers like Convoso. These dialers automatically call the numbers of the leads and assign the connected calls to the available agents. Agents should be familiar with these tools so they know how to navigate and use them effectively. For instance, if they need to transfer a call to another department, they may take too much time, transfer the client to the wrong person, or accidentally end the call if they don’t know what to do. Every company also has its procedures, which agents should know to provide the best service to clients. Without this, they could feel lost and be ineffective in their job.

Have a knowledgebase

Although they may undergo training, they might not remember every detail you teach them. So, it’s vital that you have a knowledgebase, so they can find the information that they need. It will also help them become more efficient as there’s something they can quickly access even while on call. Moreover, you can add instructions for new procedures or answers to issues or concerns they can review anytime.

Instill proper phone etiquette

Teaching the importance of proper call handling early on can help them develop the right habit and continue doing so when they get on the floor. They must be respectful to clients and prepared to handle various situations, including dealing with angry clients. Without proper training, customers could end up displeased.

Allow them to shadow

Shadowing means letting them sit beside other agents to observe how live calls are made. They will see how these agents handle the calls and use the tools to provide exceptional customer service. The tenured agents may also give them helpful tips they can use when they start handling calls.

Practice with mock calls

This is the time to put what they have learned into practice. However, instead of taking calls from real customers, you or other trainers and higher-ups can act as clients. It will help them become more familiar and comfortable handling calls while navigating their tools, so they will be ready for the actual calls.

Provide feedback about their performance during the mock calls, so they can work on things they need to improve before taking calls from real clients.