Things to Consider When Buying Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

The use of technology and online services is on the rise. From homeowners to retailers and mega organizations, everyone is adopting the latest technology for ease and convenience. However, any cutting-edge technology or service isn’t free from flaws. Take a look at any news channel or newspaper. You should come across many incidents of hacking and intrusions. It becomes necessary to protect your activities and online transactions from possible threats. This holds especially true for businesses. Thankfully, the cloud access security broker (CASB) can relieve you from possible threats.

What to look for in the CASB?

CASB presents a slew of benefits to any business. From enhanced security to data protection, the software lives up to your expectations. For these reasons, most businesses invest in this application. However, the choice of software is the key. If you make a hasty selection, you may run into issues. No smart entrepreneur would like to find himself in a dilemma. Here’s a checklist that should help you bag the right CASB software.

Define your needs

No two businessmen have the same requirements. Depending on your needs, you may want a particular type of cloud access security broker (CASB). Basically, there are three types of CASB applications. The first type of software comes as API-ONLY. It only presents management features and provides basic safety. If you run a small venture in a local area, this type of application should suffice your needs.

Then you have the Multi-Mode First-Gen software. It encompasses security as well as the management of technologies. However, you can’t expect zero-day protection (protection from malware threats and unknown/known leakage risks). So, your business stays exposed to serious threats. If you own a mega venture and have outlets all over the world, consider buying the Multi-Mode Next-Gen software. It covers your business against all sorts of threats and provides zero-day protection and management features.

Vendor credibility

Of course, you want a supplier that can meet your needs all the time. Management and security aren’t a one-time solution. Rather, they extend until the lifespan of your venture. So, try to find a supplier with a good reputation. Inquire offline and online to complete the list of reputed vendors.

After completing the checklist, scan the background information about each supplier. Is the vendor a newbie in the field? Do the companies in your attention have a long history of better ratings? All such questions will narrow your choice. Plus, it’ll keep you from undesirable sellers.

Check support

Okay, you trimmed down your list to highly-rated vendors. What now? Should you make a random commitment? No way! Instead, you should check the support and security quality of each supplier in great detail. Find out how quickly they resolve your worries. Also, check user reviews about their software quality. That should help you make a final list.

Choose wisely

Now you have a list of well-vetted suppliers of cloud access security brokers (CASB). So, choosing the best vendor shouldn’t be a problem. Just delve deeper into the features and pricing of each supplier. Finally, choose the application that comes in a budget-friendly manner with enhanced support.

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