Any player, before going to the casino, should study at least the basics and the general rules of the game of chance that awaits him there. Learn all the nuances and Rtg casinos Australia just before the game: in different countries there are certain gambling techniques, which often differ from each other. But popular forms of gambling such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and poker are recognized classics. There can certainly be variations in them, but these are the exception to the rule rather than common practice.

The main game attributes are a gambling table, a deck of cards and chips. In the vast majority of games, the house guest plays against the croupier. But there are some types of poker, where players fight among themselves for the cash prize. The main objectives that pursue visitors to gambling houses – this desire to experience an adrenaline rush and feel the atmosphere of excitement, fun, and… the possibility to break the big prize! If the first two points everyone gets, but here to increase your chances of a solid winning, you should thoroughly understand the rules of the game. Briefly about the main – further in the material …

Blackjack rules

Blackjack is without a doubt the most popular card game in casinos. One of the main things that draws thousands of players to the blackjack tables is the game’s relative simplicity. The rules are simple: collect 21 points and you’re the winner! Any ace is an 11 or 1 (depending on the situation), cards with other pictures and tens are valued at 10 points, and the face value of a number card is equal to the number of points a player receives for that card. If the dealer initially dealt you an ace and a card with a ten in points – congratulations, you’ve made blackjack! Usually you’ll get a payout of 3 to 2.

If you’re under 21 at once, you’re free to fold. If you overshare (the sum of your points exceeds 21), you lose. Many variations of this popular card game already exist: Switch, Open Blackjack, Spanish Twenty-One, and several others.

Despite its initial simplicity, blackjack is a game where you can apply some mathematical systems that help you play to the advantage. The most popular of these are “halves” and “plus-minus”. But in order to master them, the player must develop their attentiveness and master the tactics of counting cards. Such customers are called “counters” and they are undesirable guests of gambling houses. More often than not, after another success, the “counter” will be politely asked to leave and the doors of the casino will be forever closed to him.

A selection of interesting facts about blackjack:

  • Blackjack is the most profitable casino game. In it, the house advantage over the customer is only 0.5%.
  • One of the first people to start counting cards was Edward Thorpe. In the 60’s he decided to share his skills by writing the book “Beat the Dealer”. Gambling house owners were not too happy about the news and began to change the rules of the game, after which the advantage of the establishment to the player has increased markedly.
  • A survey was published in the US and found that one in three players named blackjack as their favorite game.
  • The player has the greatest advantage for card counting at third base.
  • Rules of roulette
  • There is a well-established expression that roulette is the queen of gambling. It is hard not to agree with this, because often near roulette tables there is a real stir!
  • To play roulette, a wheel is installed on a special table, the holes in the latter are numbered from 0 to 36. The main secret of a good roulette wheel is minimal friction during rotation. After the dealer has accepted all bets, he throws the ball on the unwound wheel. The balls are often made of ivory, often encountered and Teflon copies. Then the dealer announces the number of the cell in which the ball stopped its movement – the bets on this number are winning. Qualitatively executed roulette – it is close to the ideal GSH, on which it is almost unrealistic to fake the results.
  • All roulette numbers are divided by color (black and red) and parity (even and odd). Also, there is a number that goes on the sidelines – it’s “zero”. If you guessed a color – multiply your bet by 2, the same applies to the choice of “even-odd”. The most difficult thing in roulette is to guess the number at which the ball stops. Those lucky ones who succeed, waiting for a good payout 35:1.
  • Have already come up with many varieties of “queen of gambling” (read “Unusual varieties of roulette – the rarest types of roulette in online casinos”). Progenitor – a French roulette, which, according to many reports, appeared in the distant 17th century. Now it can be found very rarely. The most popular is European roulette, and it has a lot in common with French roulette. It is considered to be a classic version where the casino has a 2.7% advantage over the player. Also in many gambling houses set the American roulette. Its main difference is the double zero (00), which almost doubles the house advantage over the player (5.26%).

A selection of interesting facts about roulette:

  • There are now more than 70,000 roulette tables set up around the world.
  • 90% of players have their own “lucky number” on which they necessarily bet during the game. The most popular are zero, 5, 17, and 32.
  • Among roulette players, 80% are men.
  • In one casino in Italy, the roulette table once gathered 27 players! This figure is a record for the number of people betting at the roulette table at the same time.
  • Once the number “7” fell 6 times in a row! This case was recorded by the Guinness Book of Records.

The rules of poker

What is the most commonly played game in casinos? Any player will tell you without a second thought – poker! This well-known card game has a huge number of varieties, many of which can now be found not only in gambling houses, but also on the Internet. The main variations of poker, which you can meet in the casinos:

  • Oasis Stud Poker.
  • Russian Poker
  • 6 Cards/3 Cards Poker
  • European Poker
  • Texas Holdem Poker
  • Omaha

Only the last two varieties are adapted for playing against each other (there are both cash games and tournaments), and the gambling establishment receives only a small percentage for services provided. In all other variations, the player tries to win against the croupier. The most popular type of club poker is Texas Holdem. Much less often, players are going to play Omaha. In either type of poker, you need to put together a combination: the stronger it is, the bigger the payout (to play with the dealer). The weakest is a pair; the strongest is a flush royal. Whatever type of poker you play, if you manage to catch a “royal combination” – you are sure to win a huge prize! But still, before you start playing, ask the dealer in detail all the nuances associated with the rules of your chosen kind.

A selection of interesting poker facts:

  • The most popular form of club poker (Texas Holdem) was originally played in the town of Robstown, Texas, early last century. A group of players from Texas, including the famous Doyle Brunson, brought the game to Vegas.
  • At this point, about 130 varieties of poker have already been invented. Among viewers, this game is the third most popular game, second only to soccer and rallying.
  • In poker, there is also a place for superstitions: playing in the same room with a dog is not good, and to sit at the table in dirty clothes, on the contrary, to good luck.
  • A standard card deck (52 cards) can make up 2,598,960 million poker combinations.
  • In the late 1940s, some card manufacturers began to produce decks in which they added a fifth suit. In different countries it was of different colors and was called differently: in America – blue Eagles, in Great Britain – blue Royals. But the idea didn’t catch on, and soon the issue of such cards stopped. Read more in the article “The most famous brands of playing cards.
  • Rules of the game on slot machines
  • “One-armed bandits” are very popular among players and that’s why they are set in casinos more often than other slots. By and large, this is a regular video game where the reels spin. Some classic slots are triggered after you pull the lever. When certain symbols fall on the scoreboard in a single row – you are waiting for some kind of win, or a bonus game. The secret of attracting players to slot machines in the bright animation, loud theme music and lighting – it is very difficult to pass by, the more the bets seem to be pennies.
  • For fans of poker were created special slots on which you can play the so-called video poker. There you will find the usual combinations and certain payments on them, the cards will not deal, and installed in the machine computer. In recent years, many gambling houses are gradually abandoning such machines, because a skilled player can create a tactic, which, as a result, will lead to a series of victories. Electronic versions of roulette, blackjack and craps have also appeared, but they are not very popular. Why not? Agree that if you come to the casino it’s much more enjoyable to play these games with a real dealer than to watch the changing images on a display machine. Yes, and in terms of drive and entertainment of these “one-armed bandits strongly inferior to the standard colorful slots.
  • Many people like to play the so-called “multi-game. These slot machines include several popular games at once. Now the customer does not have to go from one “one-armed bandit” to the other in order to get acquainted with the next exciting game, you can just select the novelty in the menu of the slot.
  • By and large the rules, as such, there is no: just choose your stake, the number of pay lines, and press the “Start”! The rest will do for you. In popular gambling houses around the world percentage return slots up to 98%. This means that a player can be happy to spend time with colorful drums at the same time without the risk of losing big. At the same time, the institutions themselves, because of the huge bandwidth, well manage to earn and these two percent. Trying to create a scheme that will help beat the slot machine is pointless. Here you need to rely solely on Lady Luck! Although the cases of “luck” were, they are associated only with a failure of the software, not the talents of the players.

A selection of interesting facts about slot machines:

  • The first “one-armed bandit” was born 131 years ago. Its creator – U.S. citizen Charles Fey.
  • In Germany there is a strange ban: a player can not lose in the slot machine more than 80 euros per hour.
  • The first “one-armed bandit” called “Liberty Bell” was stolen by thieves. Their goal was to seize the mechanism in order to then organize the production of similar machines themselves.
  • The competition among game makers grows exponentially every day.
  • The British musician Lemmy Kimster was very fond of having parties in his house. In order to cover the cost of parties, he installed slot machines in one of the rooms of the estate. As a result, he combined business with pleasure without leaving home – he made a profit, which he spent immediately.