The Growth of the Mobile Gambling Market

Mobile devices have become a go-to device for everything from gaming to online shopping and connecting with our friends and family members. Mobile apps propelled the rise of smartphone usage, and consequently, people are spending a lot of their time on their mobile devices. Actually, it is estimated that on average user spends approximately 155 minutes on their smartphone on a daily basis.

As a result, the businesses that operate online have worked to create quality mobile platforms that will cater to their audiences. The same applies to online casinos, which are always at the forefront of technological innovations, and they didn’t shy away from developing special mobile apps for mobile gambling and mobile-friendly gaming platforms. In fact, it is predicted that over 50% of members of online casinos will access the platforms from their mobile devices in 2021. In this article, we will go through the main factors that influence the rise of the gambling sector on mobile devices.

Mobile Casino Apps

Online casinos were initially developed in the late 1990s. The casino sites were accessible from the computers of the users, and there were a limited number of casino games available to them, but as the technology progressed and there was easy access to Internet-connected devices, the online casinos continued to grow and develop. This is why today there are hundreds of reputable and high-quality gambling platforms and even more casino games.

When it comes to mobile casinos, the increased usage of smartphones has been one of the main factors why new casino sites have decided to invest in mobile-optimized casino sites that are accessible from both Android and Apple mobile devices.

In other words, from your web browser, you can access a mobile version of the casino site, which has the same features and functionalities as the desktop version. The main goal was to create a seamless experience for every member that wants to play on the move and wants to access their account from their laptop, for example.

This means that the users will be able to access the full range of games of the casino, make payments with the offered payment methods and choose from the promotions and offers on the platform.

Generally, the same promotions and offers are available on both the mobile version of the casino site and on the desktop version, but there might be some slight differences between the number of games that are available on the mobile platforms.

Casino Games

One of the reasons why mobile casinos remain popular is that developers have also noticed the trend and worked on developing mobile-friendly casino games. Plus, they also created mobile versions of their popular titles like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and many other games.

Not only were the users able to play slot games, but they’ve also had the chance to access the full range of casino games, including table and live casino games. Developers like Evolution Gaming created live casino games based on popular table casino games. That being said, today, every casino game is available on mobile devices; therefore, the members can easily play their favorite games on the move.

Mobile Casino Apps

The mobile casino apps are downloadable on the smartphone or the tablet of the user. If you prefer to have convenient access to the mobile gaming platform, then downloading a mobile app is a good way to access the casino instantly, anytime you want. It’s worth mentioning that some mobile casino apps provide a range of their options offline.

Also, there are some mobile casinos that feature special promotions to mobile users. Moreover, online casinos have also created separate mobile apps for certain casino games. For example, you might find a mobile casino app specifically dedicated to live casino games.

The main difference is that you don’t have to type in the name of the casino in your web browser in order to access the mobile-friendly version of the casino site.

By downloading the app on your device, you directly access a mobile casino app designed specifically for mobile gambling. The rise of mobile casino apps as well as mobile-responsive casino sites are the primary factors why gambling on the move has become so popular.

Convenience and Accessibility

Online casinos became a superior alternative to land-based casinos over the years because they were conveniently accessible from desktop computers and laptops. Plus, they provided, in some instances even greater number of casino games than traditional casinos.

Another advantage was that members that weren’t able to play in traditional casinos or simply didn’t like the hassle could register on a casino site and play from the comfort of their own home.

Nowadays, mobile casinos represent a more convenient option to online gambling because you only need to pull out your smartphone and access a mobile casino site. So, gambling on the move represents a more convenient option for a lot of users that primarily use their smartphones, or don’t have regular access to a computer.

This is also is an important factor that promoted the growth of the mobile gambling sector as there are more smartphone users worldwide than users that have desktop computers.

In fact, according to the latest statistics, about 3.8 billion people own smartphones. This is slightly less than 50% of the global population. Needless to say, it’s expected for this sector to continue to grow in the future in the fair and to provide even better options for the casino players.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mobile gambling is one of the latest trends in the casino industry, and it is definitely important for the growth of the gambling sector because it made online casino games accessible to a worldwide audience.

So, it’s safe to say that the iGaming developers will continue to create even better mobile casino games in the future. Otherwise, online casinos continue to implement other disruptive technological innovations that are important for improving the gaming experience of the users on both desktop and mobile devices.