The Definitive Guide To Wholesale Shopping

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In this article, we will tackle all the things you must know about wholesale shopping. First, what does buying wholesale mean?

What Does It Mean To Purchase Wholesale?

Buying wholesale pertains to the process retailers utilize when buying bulk products and reselling them individually. When retailers buy in bulk, they can obtain products for a much cheaper cost per unit and then sell them separately, usually at higher prices, in order to earn profits.

Here is how buying wholesale typically fits into the bigger picture. Manufacturers will produce the products and then sell these in large quantities to wholesalers. Wholesalers will then sell these goods in smaller bulk quantities to the retailers. These retailers will sell these products individually to their customers.

To help you better understand, for instance, an apparel brand purchases products in bulk from popular brands like Adidas, Converse, and Nike, then resells the products individually to its customers.

Yet, of course, it is not all the time this straightforward. There are also instances when some retailers will purchase products directly from the manufacturers. On the other end of the line, some manufacturers and wholesalers may sell products and goods directly to the end customer.

Then, you also got brands like Apple that act as manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. It is because they manufacture their own products, sell them in bulk to other retailers, and sell them as retailers to consumers.

Various Types Of Wholesalers

To understand the whole picture of wholesale shopping, you should also know the various types of wholesalers. A bit about this has been discussed earlier, but we will dig deeper.

1. Manufacturers

Manufacturers are positioned near the beginning of the supply chain since they are in charge of creating the products they sell.

2. Retail Wholesalers 

Then, you have the retail wholesalers. They buy in bulk from manufacturers and their distributor networks. Similar to retailers, they benefit from bulk buying. These retail wholesalers will then resell the products to retailers.

3. Merchant Wholesalers

The third type of wholesaler is the merchant wholesaler. They directly buy wholesale products from manufacturers. However, instead of selling strictly to other businesses, they likewise sell to the end consumer.

Right now, after learning those, you might ask, “Which wholesaler should I buy from?” Well, here is the answer. It is best to purchase wholesale goods from manufacturers and retail wholesalers. In other words, it is usually not the best idea to purchase from merchant wholesalers that are also selling the same goods to consumers – there is no need to create competition for yourself.

Here is an example: Shein is a renowned merchant wholesaler. It sells in bulk and to consumers on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Poshmark, and its retail website. As you might visualize, this makes it virtually impossible for retailers to match or beat the prices that merchant wholesalers like Shein offer. As a result, merchant wholesalers are often a tough competitive threat to businesses, which is why you should avoid buying from them in most cases.

Choosing A Wholesaler: Everything You Need To Know

Once you have finished narrowing down your list of wholesalers you are interested in, do your homework. You can look them up on Google and read reviews from other retailers who have already worked with them in the past. This will provide you with information on whether you patronize them or not.

Then, you must ask these questions on your way to choosing a wholesaler.

What Products Do You Sell?

If you are selling a wide array of products, or if you plan to keep your store very specific, you need to choose wholesalers that carry the goods you need. You can work with various wholesalers as you need them in order to get your desired inventory. However, you still have to make sure the kind of products these wholesalers offer aligns with your store’s branding.

What Is Your Price Point?

You are selling the products you purchased from the wholesaler so you can earn a profit. When selecting a supplier, be sure you get the products at prices that allow you to reach your profit margins.

Is The Wholesaler Reliable?

Just like anything in life, avoid working with people you cannot rely on. Wholesalers who ship the products late, consistently show up with damaged products, and the like are not suitable for business.

Do They Provide Great Customer Service?

You might have questions along the way, and when this happens, the wholesaler must offer reliable customer service you can easily reach out to when needed.

How Much Do They Know About The Product?

The wholesale partner that you will choose must have a solid understanding of the items they sell. Not only because you can relay that information to your consumers, but it also offers allows you to ensure you have a partner who stands firm on the quality and performance of what they are selling. Wholesalers who cannot answer your queries about their products are red flags.

Can They Help In Dropshipping?

If your business sells products online, it may be worth asking whether your wholesalers can help in the dropshipping process. Dropshipping refers to the fulfillment method where the wholesaler keeps your inventory and takes charge of your shipping.

When a customer orders from your online store, you pass their order details to your wholesale, and they ship the product directly to your customer. Dropshipping is a great and excellent option if you want to save on storage and shipping costs, but this will give you less hands-on with your business.

If you decide to dropship, be certain that you ask your wholesaler to give you samples of all the products you sell to ensure their qualities are up to your standards.

Are You Going To Buy Wholesale Items Domestically Or Internationally?

The pandemic has seen many retailers looking for wholesalers. A domestic supply chain means there will be less disruption, not to mention that customers are looking for goods made in the United States or Canada. However, not all wholesale products are available from these domestic manufacturers or suppliers, and prices can be more expensive.

On the other hand, while you will have a broader and more affordable selection from international suppliers, you will usually never know when you will run into delays in manufacturing or shipping.

Thus, it is best that you source from a mix of domestic and international wholesalers.

Conclusion: Do Your Part

Knowing the essential tips when buying wholesale is important if you want your business to triumph. It is also important that you do your part to ensure you are buying and selling products at prices that would work best for you and your business.

In addition, you can use your point-of-sale or POS system to guide you in crunching the numbers. Work with wholesalers selling high-quality products with reliable customer support that can be with you every step. By asking the right queries and having the numbers figured out, you can make smarter decisions to lead your business to the right path.