Is Softonic Safe and Trusted? [Complete Review]

Did you ever come across apps that are free to download so that you could save money? could not rely on them in just a glance? If you are troubling with such doubts don’t worry anymore. In this post, we are going to brief about such website called Softonic and address the procs and cons. We mainly focus on the part “is Softonic safe?”.

There are many websites available on the internet which fetch the application without costing you. But how far you think are they reliable and not prone to any malware practices. So the Softonic is one among them but is Softonic safe will the main concern throughout the article.

Is Softonic Safe?

The Softonic website is a major platform for downloading applications. Softonic is a Spanish website founded in 1997 for providing content apps and games. There are as many as 100 million users and more than 4 million downloads per day.

The applications and content on the website are legitimate and completely legal. However, there are still some malware attacks persistent here and there. If the application which already has effected by malware is installed, then it has a high chance of downloading the virus along with the application and installing it.

Softonic provides applications that are available for different devices like Andriod, IOS, Mac, and also windows. The website has made sections for each genre of applications. This also provides videos and content on a topic like how to play particular games. The website is available in different languages across the globe making it easy to navigate over the website. Human factor being their strength engaging and entertaining people since 20 years.

1. Pros of Softonic

Let us list out some of the procs of Softonic to be trusted as a harmless website. We have got some of them here.

1. Authorising the Website of Trust Digits

In this test, the Softonic has not only passed with most of the checklist but it has been complicated for its privacy and security.

2. Authorised by Google Safety

Google also reported Softonic as a safe and trustworthy website to download applications. It is said that when checked in Google for the safety of Softonic the results were zero percent of unsafe content.

3. Reviews

There is a section called reviews for the websites and applications, even Softonic has one such and here users comment about Softonic and also comment on the apps and content from the website. According to the analysis of rating and review, Softonic is considered to be one of the best websites available.

2. Cons of Softonic

Let us list out some of the cons of Softonic to be affecting its trust issues among the users and projecting as a harmful website. We have got some of them here.

1. Malware Downloads

The Softonic is safe but if the downloaded app contains malware or virus then it would cause a risk to the device. We can check the log files if there is anything suspicious file has been downloaded. If there is any then it will cause the device to run improperly.

2. Outdated Downloads

Sometimes the Softonic website tends to delete the outdated or older versions of the application which certainly has a high probability of getting infected with the virus or unwanted data. So you need to check for the publishing date of the application so that you will, let be avoid such kinds of applications and thereby enable to restain from getting affected by the virus.

3. Malicious Ads

The Softonic website has ads everywhere on the website. The ads may be malware and virus-infected if anyone clicks on the ads, there is a high chance that our system will be affected by it. This not only slows down the system but also damages the internal parts and also a high chance of leaking private data to hackers.

Softonic Reviews

There are many websites which give the sophisticated review for many websites, games and other applications, is one among them. According to Trustpilot, the cumulated Review report stated that the Softonic website is bad and rated 1.4 stars.

Most of them reported having malware, spyware, adware, and other installers while downloading the application.  Also many complained about uninstalling the applications.

Web of Trust Rating

Web of trust or WOT is an extension used to test the safety measure of any website, this is directly added to the chrome. This measures the authenticity of the website. The WOT reported a positive rating related to both trustworthiness and child safety as 85 and 86 respectively. This report shows that the website holds the best ways for keeping its user’s standards.

Final Words

Therefore the Softonic website may become malicious, so it’s better to guard yourself before being the victim. To protect ourselves, we need to use antivirus software available in the market.

Softonic will be safe if there is an antivirus app that is of paid version mostly. In this way, if there are any inappropriate files get to download the app detects and stops the download process immediately.

As per my knowledge, I could able to gather the information. Hope the article helps you understand better about is Softonic safe? Hence we have reached the end of the article, I would like to thank you for being patient enough to read it. If you have any queries or concerns related to the topic is Softonic Safe kindly drop in the comment section, and let’s make the comment section interactive don’t hesitate to comment. Have a Great Day!