Rotate Video Online – 4 Best Free Rotators to Get a Right Angle

Across Windows and Mac, there are many helpful video rotators, but most require extra payment before accessing advanced features. One easier way to fix your upside-down videos and turn them back to a normal angle is to rotate the video online. If you accidentally film a video with an overturning camera, you will get a video with a strange angle. Online video rotators resolve such a problem by rotating the video to any angle you like and making it normal according to your wish. Without installation or worrying about system compatibility, here are the 4 best tools to rotate videos online for free across all browsers on Windows, Mac, and mobile.

Guide List:

Part 1: Rotate Video Online with the 4 Best Video Tools

Part 2: Desktop Software to Rotate Video with More Options

Part 1: Rotate Video Online with the 4 Best Video Tools

When choosing the tools to rotate the video online, your preferences mainly depend on their compatibility with videos, supported video file size, and advanced settings. All these together make an excellent rotator. You can find these features in the 4 online rotators below. 

1. ArkThinker Free Video Rotator Online 

ArkThinker Free Video Rotator is a feasible online rotator with great potential. There is no extra payment on this website, and you can upload a video file of up to 50MB for rotating. If you sign up, you can upload a 100MB video. To rotate a video online on this platform, you will merely go through some simple procedures and get an ideal result. Meanwhile, with strong compatibility with all kinds of videos, this online rotator allows you to upload videos in any format for rotating. After using the rotator, you can also explore the platform to find other helpful video tools. 

Step 1: On the official website of ArkThinker, click the Product menu and go to Online Products section. Find Free Rotator Online and click the Learn More button to enter it. Once on the rotator page, click the Start Rotating Video button to upload your video. The uploading speed depends on the file size. 

Step 2: After successfully uploading, click the icon near the Rotate option to rotate the video online. Click once, and your video will rotate 90 degrees. Click the gear icon to see the video setting, where you can adjust the output video format. Then, click the Rotate Video button to export it to your device.

2. Kapwing 

Kapwing is a professional online video editing platform with an extensive library of diverse resources. The editing features enable you to do more after rotating the video online, like adding texts and images or adjusting video brightness. But you will need an account to access such features, and a free account will add a watermark to your work. Besides, some beginners might find the dashboard complex since there is no direct button for rotating. But you can free upload a video of up to 250MB. 

Step 1: Go to Kapwing and find Rotate from the Tools section. Click the Upload a video button to go on.

Step 2: On the editing page, click the Add Media button to upload a video and drag it to the blank canvas. Click the video on the canvas, and the handles will show up.

Step 3: Click and press the rotating icon to change your video angle. It usually is at the bottom of your video. Then, you can rotate your video online easily.

Step 4: To save the video, click the Export Project button, and choose an output format, resolution, and compression level. Next, click the Export as MP4 button to save it finally. 

3. 123APPS 

123APPS is another web platform possessing different utilities that will help you control or adjust your video or audio files effortlessly. The website claims to offer a high-speed rotating service and professional-like output. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of this free platform across any device, including iPhone and Android. There is also a wide range of supported formats for you to rotate the video online without hassle. 

Step 1: Upload your video by clicking the Open file button on the 123APPS – Rotate Video page. It will upload the file immediately. 

Step 2: You can click the Left or Right button to rotate the video online rightward or leftward. Then, you can choose an output format by clicking the Settings button. Click the Save button to process and download the video.

4. Clideo 

Clideo is also a comprehensive online platform that offers users different tools like the converter, editor, compressor, etc. Compatible with popular video formats, Clideo helps you rotate the video online in seconds for free. The website is as easy as other online tools but adds a watermark for your work in the free version. You can upgrade your account by subscribing to its service. 

Step 1: On the Clideo website, click the Choose File button on the Rotate Video page. The uploading speed can be slow for big files.

Step 2: Go on and use the leftward or rightward buttons to rotate your video online. Next, you can choose a different format for the final video through the Format option. Then, click the Export button to save it. 

Part 2: Desktop Software to Rotate Video with More Options

After seeing so many tools to rotate the video online, some might wonder if there is a toolkit that combines all these features in just one program. The answer is positive. Supporting almost all video formats, ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one solution. Online rotators, sometimes, can be unstable and require an Internet connection. But the offline program lets you rotate the video without connection and upload as big files as possible. Additionally, you can do another editing in the same program after rotating. 

How to Rotate Video Offline with ArkThinker

Step 1: Get a free download of the program on ArkThinker’s official website. Install and launch it afterward. Go to Toolbox, open the Video Rotator tool, and click the plus icon to select a video file to import into the program. 

Step 2: You can see four buttons for Rotation presented in different directions. Choose one and rotate your video. Click the play button above to preview the video before exporting.

Step 3: Click the Output option with a gear icon. Choose a format for your output video or adjust other settings like bitrate. Then, choose a destination folder via the Save To option. Click the Export button to save the video.


In conclusion, there are four free rotators with distinctive features to help you rotate the video online for free. Some of them also offer free watermarks, while some don’t. Choose a suitable one based on your preferences and final needs. Meanwhile, you can check out the alternative offline method when the online ones are unstable.