Is MCM Client App Spyware? Everything You Should Know

Hello there, I hope you are doing well. Today, I am here to tell you about the MCM client, its use, features, and all the necessary things you should know to get started. Do read this article and don’t forget to drop your valuable feedback at the end. So let’s get started!

What is MCM client

The full form of MCM client is Mobile Content Management System which is also known as Mobile Information Management. The MCM client is a part of most of the Mobile Device Management solutions on android which is known to provide secure access to all kinds of corporate resources. The list includes all kinds of business documents and media files which can be accessed on all the android devices such as phones or tablets or laptops but only by authorized people.

The MCM client system comes in handy to keep the corporate data safe and secure and to make sure it can not be accessed by unauthorized personals. This way the company’s data is safe and can only be accessed by the company’s workers or clients. MCM strikes a good balance between productivity and end security by applying various configurations.

Popular android smartphones such as Samsung and T mobile are known to install MCM clients in their phones. An Android and Samsung agent is assigned to manage each android or Samsung smartphone with an MCM solution. The MCM client software comes in at this point. The agent’s work is solely to allow only specific people to be able to share and download the data keeping the data security at par.

Mcm client

Further, let us discuss the features of the MCM client and how it be beneficial to you.

Features of MCM client

The software offers multiple features to enhance the security of confidential documents. Let us discuss some of these features one by one.

1. Multiple File Format Support

Over 15+ file formats (such as doc,.pdf,.txt,.mp4,.pptx,.png,.jpg) are supported and admins can choose a wide range of formats to share the documents or multimedia files.

2. Documents can be Segregated

One of the best features of MCM clients is that admins can sort the documents and put a tag on them. This helps the admins to identify specific documents which are to be shared to specific smartphones only.

3. MDM Document Viewer

The MCM client comes with an in-built document viewer in the ME MDM application which supports all kinds of documents. This makes the process hassle-free as you do not need to download any third-party application to access the documents. This also keeps the documented safety intact.

4. Sharing Documents to other Devices

The MDM plus application prevents the users to share these documents with other devices. These documents can also not be copied to other applications neither can be accessed by them.

5. Regular Updates

The MDM server holds regular updates of the software so admins can now easily update their application to the latest version. The developers always try to work on the stability of the software to give users a better experience.

Need of MCM Client

Mcm client

The MCM client application allows the employees to access secure documents on the go. However, the data security is still not compromised as an agent is always assigned only allows the authorized people to access the documents. The software is seen to increase the company’s revenue by maintaining a balanced fine between productivity and security of confidential documents. The data circulated through the MCM client software can not be

  • Shared on personal applications
  • Accessed on unauthorized smartphones
  • Backed up on cloud servers

ME MDM Application as MCM Client

Mcm client

Whenever a smartphone device is registered to the Mobile Device Manager Plus, the ME MDM application is already installed in it. This application serves as an MCM client on Samsung and Android smartphones however, for windows and Ios devices users can download the ME MDM application silently and enable content sharing.

Due to the benefits of the ME MDM application as an MCM client, it is advised not to uninstall the MCM client from smartphones. Even the admins can prevent users from uninstalling the MCM client application from their devices and revoking management.

Is MCM Client Spyware?

Even with the round talks about MCM clients being spyware, the application has proved to be totally safe. Basically, for anyone who tries to break into your device the Creto Mobile software allows users to take a snap at the background. Users can identify the burglars and no matter how much they try, they will not be able to access the device. This way, the application is also useful if you want to spy on someone.

How to Uninstall the MCM Client?

Being a complicated and high-security software the installation process is a bit complicated as well. However, you can follow these simple steps one by one to uninstall the application from your device.

  • Open your device’s settings.
  • Navigate the security panel and complete the process.
  • Select “Device Administrator Settings” from the list.
  • After selection, touch the “disable” option and remove it from the list.
  • Now you can go back to the Phone Settings.
  • Select “Applications”
  • Now select “Manage Engine Mobile Device Manager Plus” and uninstall the MDM agent.


MCM client is the perfect software to keep your company’s data safe. The software only allows specific people to access the company’s confidential documents. Further, the admins can enjoy multiple features and handle these documents with care. The software is the need of every company and their employees.

I hope you were able to get an idea of the MCM client and how it works. Do drop your suggestions/feedback in the comments below. I will be writing more articles like this so please keep a regular look at our website.