IPVanish VPN Review – Best VPN To Protect Online Privacy

In this article, I am going to write an in-depth review of IPVanish VPN for Windows. How you can use it and also the pros and cons of IPVanish VPN. Nowadays, VPN is the most required thing, you should have while surfing the web.

What is VPN?

VPN is also known as a virtual private network and is a software that helps in maintaining online privacy by designing a private network through a public internet connection.

It protects the internet protocol (IP) address by preserving the actions performed online on the internet, making it practically impossible to trace. The VPN services instead aim in providing a secure and encrypted line of a network by providing greater privacy on the web.

VPN has proved to be very important recently, since performing an action on the internet or even surfing the web on an unsecured network or WIFI can invade the person’s privacy online. Exposing private and personal information online is very common, and misusing the same is a rising problem.

Therefore, installing VPN services on your device is a must to protect the online data. Another benefit of installing a VPN is that it helps in keeping the web browsing anonymous.

IPVanish VPN Review – What is it?

IPVanish is a US-based VPN service which is created to provide a secure and private online surfing. IPVanish goes through all the online information or actions by establishing a VPN connection; this online data comprises of emails, data transfers, downloads, uploads, messages, and online banking.

It’s known amongst the highly convenient and reliable VPN software, that helps in protecting customers’ information exposed on the internet, and also ensures no hacking and firewall.

It is no doubt the most secure VPN connection in the world and has appropriate pricing against its competitors as well. It is declared as the Top Tier VPN service in the world, with the capability of delivering the best VPN speeds.

IPVanish’s VPN service has over 40,000 internet protocols (IP) and offers its services to 75 countries as of now with 1,300 servers. The customers using IPVanish services have the leisure to surf the web anonymously without any restriction in any part of the world.

How is IPVanish VPN different than other VPNs?

The availability of various other VPN services in the market, such as ExpressVPN review and NordVPN Review, the IPVanish VPN is comparatively considered better than its competitors. IPVanish claims to do what it says and does not falsely rob its customers based on fake promises.

It is easy to use and has smooth, straightforward working. Unlike its competitors, IPVanish is compatible with both Windows and Mac users. It ensures encrypted route between the user’s computer and VPN service of the private information, making it difficult for the hackers to misuse the online data.

IPVanish is a genuine VPN service provider and has efficiently succeeded in safeguarding personal information on the internet. It is also subjected to no complaints regarding misuse of customer’s information that they aim to protect against such people. They have explicitly mentioned in their policy that they never store or keep a record of the customer’s personal information or the metadata of the VPN sessions.

IPVanish VPN VS Expressvpn

IPVanish and Expressvpn are the VPN service providers who have a single agenda of protecting the customer’s information exposed online. However, both of them are considered competitors since IPVanish and Express VPN provides efficient and effective services to its customers.

Express VPN claims to be the fastest VPN in the market, whereas IPVanish claims to provide the best VPN speeds amongst its competitors. Express VPN does offer commendable services such as 24/7 customer services, allows P2P and torrenting, and access to Netflix.

Furthermore, the VPN works in China and provides a secure VPN network. On the other hand, IPVanish offers reliable services that mainly include unlimited bandwidth, zero traffic logs, SOCKS5 web proxy, seven days guarantee money back, etc. It is still controversial to claim and decide which services are better and which should be recommended to use.

IPVanish VPN Features

The features of IPVanish are impressive and fascinating to the customers. They have a couple of useful features that make it worthy of its purchase. IPVanish allows unlimited and unrestricted access to websites and media such as Netflix and torrent.

It also ensures the restriction of ISPs from interfering with the internet connection and instead doesn’t make the network slow. Also, unlike other VPN service providers, it does not freezes the computer or makes web surfing slow.

The main agenda of IPVanish is to protect the online information from hacking and other techniques of misuse of private information on the internet. Hence, it prevents the information from getting hacked, especially emails and instant messages on public WiFi. It fulfils the purpose of keeping the online data and presence private to the person and not exposing to unknown people.

Check why you need to install IPVanish?

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Is IPVanish VPN useful?

It is evident that every software has its pros and cons, but definitely, the advantages of the IPVanish is more substantial than its drawbacks. IPVanish provides the best VPN speeds; approximately its download speed in the United States is 82.67 Mbps, and upload speed is 43.49 Mbps. It is pretty good against its competitors, which generally has lower download and upload speeds.

IPVanish is a smooth working application and is easier to install by following a straightforward process. By only altering a few settings on the computer, IPVanish is easily installed and ready to work. One of the significant features of IPVanish is its zero traffic logs, which is also its advantage.

The service claims that they store or record no customer logs, which is also mentioned in its policy. This makes the user relieved of any misuse of information by the VPN provider and gives IPVanish a competitive edge. The assurance of privacy and security of information helps in building customer trust.

IPVanish is good for its price since it offers numerous services to its customers and doesn’t lack in any of it. It also allows access to different protocols by providing SOCKS5 or Socket Security web proxy. Apart from this, free movies and games can be downloaded through torrent with 100% guaranteed privacy. At last, IPVanish is considered good because it allows connection up to 10 devices, which are great for any user who has multiple gadgets that they work on.

Is IPVanish VPN free?

IPVanish does not provide free services to its customers, but there are few plans based on the period.

Customers who are interested in buying the IPVanish VPN services will get all the services offered by them despite the plan they choose. On the purchase of a program, all the customers will receive equal services such as unlimited bandwidth, access to censored websites, unlimited server switching, etc.

How much is IPVanish VPN?

However, based on the time, the pricing of the plans differs. For a month service, IPVanish charges $10, for three months services IPVanish charges $35.97, and on a year services, IPVanish charges $143.88. According to the preference of the customer, the user can select one of the plans and avail IPVanish’s VPN services.

How do I use IPVanish VPN?

The internet censorship service has an easy user interface. On the purchase of the software, it requires you to install the IPVanish application on the device through a process by following a few steps as directed on the computer.

Once the software is installed on the computer, the IPVanish is installed and starts performing its service by automatically creating an encrypted VPN on the actions performed over the internet.

They also have a feature of the kill switch for both Windows and Mac users. By making a few changes in the settings of the computer, it is easy to use IPVanish since it provides all the information to its customers beforehand. However, users may find difficulty in setting up the SOCKS5 proxy feature through IPVanish from the account portal, since there are no specific instructions for the same.

How to install IPVanish on Windows?

Using IPVanish on a windows computer is a convenient and hassle-free process. By following the steps mentioned below, IPVanish can be used on Windows.

Step 1 – Purchase and install IPVanish on windows by going on the link given on the official website of IPVanish and after that following the steps as specified.

Step 2 – An app will be opened on the screen, and by clicking the option ‘next’ setup wizard has to be installed on the computer.

Step 3 – After the process is completed, set up hazard will be installed, a page will be opened specifying terms and conditions of IPVanish, after agreeing to the agreement terms, the IPVanish will have access to all online information.

Step 4 – Another window will open asking for a file location to save the IPVanish application; after selecting the desired location on the computer, the user has to click on ‘install’ followed by ‘Run IPVanish,’ and voila! The application gets installed and is ready to run on your Windows.

Step 5 – The last step requires you to create an account on the IPVanish software. After running IPVanish, a new page will open where the user is supposed to put its respective IPVanish login credentials that include username and password.