How to Fix Netflix Site Error? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

We all are fond of Netflix and its cool TV series and movies. Netflix is very famous around the globe they extend most of the programs plus they build their own programs for people entertainment as well.

But if you did not notice Netflix site has few error issues as well. We are quite sure that you all have noticed the whoops error more than you have watched Netflix.

All we know about these errors that they can erupt from network issues or there can be a problem with your hardware or with your software of it can be an issue from the Netflix side. 

We have arranged this article to tell you how to prevent these errors while you are enjoying your favourite series on Netflix. Although you can fix many of the errors of Netflix by methodical troubleshooting. 

This article is for those who want to identify the problems that Netflix indicates when something happens. 

Netflix Troubleshooting Tips

Netflix Troubleshooting Tips

  1. If you are using Netflix on another device then you should try Netflix on your computer. If you still see Netflix site error then it can be an issue from the manufacturing side and then you should wait for them to fix it
  2. Verify from your internet service provider that your network supports streaming because this is one of the reasons why Netflix won’t work. If you have whole control on your modem or router and your network supports video streaming then Netflix should not make an issue working for you
  3. You should disable your unblocker, proxy or virtual private network (VPN) because Netflix won’t allow any of these network blocker or invisible IP to watch shows. If you have access via VPN, you can enter Netflix easily but you can not watch any show while using the VPN
  4. Make sure your internet connection is fast to stream a Netflix video because most of the time the internet is not working fast and people start to blame the company for this fault
  5. Try a different internet connection or a WIFI connection to stream videos on Netflix because most of the people that complain are most probably end up with their network problem if you have a WIFI try the ethernet connection if you are far from the device try to get closer to the router.
  6. Restarting the device such as a modem, router or a streaming device. Most of the time restarting the device actually works and make your internet goes faster plus the video streaming on Netflix can be much easier then.

Netflix Site Error Solution and Common Netflix Error Codes Solution

Netflix Site Error

If you have an error code it can become way much easier to watch Netflix.

As we have arranged all the error codes for you and we have added their solutions with them so you can go and watch you favourite Netflix shows again.

Netflix Error Code NW 2-5

When you encounter this error a message will appear like this ‘ Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in a couple of seconds’. Actually, the error points to internet connectivity as your internet connection is not working or it is weak.

If you want to get rid of this error make sure your internet connectivity in intact with your device and if the connectivity is on WIFI try to improve it by connecting it with the ethernet. 

Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

This error code comes when this message appears ‘ Could not connect to Netflix. Please try again or restart your device’. The code refers to the Netflix data problem on your device.

You can fix by clearing your cache or refreshing the page.

Sometimes the data of Netflix corrupt on your device and that’s why such error occurs if you want to prevent this error follow these steps.

  1. First, restart your device
  2. Sigh out from Netflix if you are still logged in and then try to log in again
  3. Clear the Netflix app data or cache
  4. Delete and reinstall the app

Netflix Error Code UI-113

If this error comes you will see such message ‘ We are having a problem starting Netflix’. This code defines that you have to refresh your network and Netflix information from your device.

To fix this error verify that your Netflix app is directly connected with or not. If your device connection is direct and has a LAN system then you should refresh your device and try again later.

We have also arranged the general troubleshooting procedure of this error.

  1. First, verify that Netflix app is directly connected to the
  2. Then, Restart your LAN device
  3. After that. Sign out from Netflix whether you are logged in from app or the website
  4. After that, Home network should be restarted
  5. If your WIFI system is not functioning properly try connecting via ethernet

Netflix Error Code 100

Netflix Error Code 100

When this error occurs you will see a message you will always have Netflix error with -100 written at the last.

The error occurs when your Netflix data is not responding to your device or the connection through you are connecting is not appropriate to launch Netflix. If you want to fix this error you just have to refresh the data on your device.

Netflix Error Code H7361-1253-80070006

When this error code occurs the message that will show on your screen like something is wrong and you should reload or check your device or check the data that is stored on your device of Netflix.

This error code has occurred when you browse software is out of date. If you want to fix try checking if the video is loading or not. If it does not load then update your browser or try streaming on a different browser.


We hope that your Netflix site error resolve and you can watch your favourite shows again.

If you have any queries regarding this article then we are here for your assistance feel free to ask any question you want by commenting in our comment section.

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