How to change your device’s IP address with an android proxy

Most people think surfing on Incognito mode on Chrome is sufficient to keep them safe online. However, this is simply not the case. Incognito mode merely prevents your browsing history from being saved to your device, which means your IP address is still visible to every site you visit. If you’re really serious about browsing the internet safely, you need to look into proxies. Most of us spend more time on our phones than any other electronic device, so it’d be wise to start there. In this article, we’ll be explaining the steps you need to take as well as the benefits of using an android proxy on your phone.

What is a proxy and how does it work?

A proxy is an intermediary server between two devices on a network. You can think of it as the middleman between your device and the site you’re trying to access. A proxy hides your IP address when you surf the web, so the sites you visit see the proxy, not your device accessing it.

If you look for a reliable provider, try Smartproxy. This company provides you with unlimited connections, so you can access as many countries, threads, or connections as you want without getting blocked or suspended. You can even choose IPs from 8 major cities and 50 US states without breaking your budget. With an average speed of less than 3s, you won’t be experiencing any slowdowns when you browse with this android proxy.

The steps you need to take

Step 1: Open your device settings.

Step 2: Tap wi-fi.

Step 3: Tap and hold the Wi-Fi network name.

Step 4: Select modify network.

Step 5: Click advanced options.

Step 6: Tap manual.

Step 7: Change your proxy’s settings. Enter the new hostname and proxy port.

Step 8: Tap Save.

Step 9: In order to confirm your IP address has been changed, visit

What are the benefits of using a proxy?

· You can avoid geographical restrictions. If you use Netflix, you’ve probably noticed that the shows they offer vary based on the country you live in. By using a proxy, you will be able to pose as if you’re living in a different country, allowing you to access an entire library of movies and TV shows that were previously inaccessible.

· You can avoid firewalls and browsing restrictions. Have you ever been at work and realized that certain sites like Twitter or Reddit were inaccessible? This is because your workplace has banned these sites on your office computers. However, proxies offer a way around this. When you connect to the internet using a proxy, the firewall doesn’t see your office computer on the other end, it sees the proxy. This allows the proxy to bypass the firewall, gaining you access to the site you want to visit.

· You’ll be able to surf the internet more privately. When you surf the web without a proxy, your IP address is shared with each site that you visit. Your IP address is the equivalent of your digital ID card and it can be used to narrow down your location. When you surf with a proxy, your real IP address is hidden from hackers and other nefarious characters on the other side of the screen, preventing you from being identified.

· You’ll be able to run multiple social media accounts. Sites like Instagram and Google impose limits on how many accounts can be run from one IP address. By using a proxy, you avoid this problem entirely, allowing you to run as many accounts as you want.

· You’ll be able to automate various online processes. If you’re looking into web scraping or any other automation activity, having a proxy will allow you to make as many connection requests as you want, without fear of getting banned or blacklisted.

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