How Much Money Can You Win Playing Bingo?

In this guide, we look at some of the sum totals that can be won by playing online bingo, or bingo in person. If you want to start playing bingo then it is really important to understand what you’re getting into, and that includes how much money you might stand to win.

Obviously, as you will already know, bingo is a game of chance. This means that you can’t impact the outcomes, but it is good to know where you stand and what you could win if it happens to be your lucky day. There are a few different ways in which bingo sites pay out too, so it is important to understand those.

Fixed Prizes

Fixed prizes depend on how busy the bingo room is, both in person and if you are playing online. It is all about how much money is going into a prize pot which can then be used to allocate different prizes. There are games in that you can pay just a matter of pennies for a ticket and this usually means the prize will be pretty small, but it depends on how many people are playing at the same time as you.

Most types of bingo have three different ways to win, and the prizes increase for each.

  • One line is the smallest prize
  • Two lines is a medium prize
  • A full house is the biggest of the prizes

There are a lot of different bingo sites and platforms out there and this means a variety of ways bingo prizes are handled. Some structure their games slightly differently and may allow you to win in different ways.

Bingo sites are always looking at ways to be original and to try and gain new customers, and offering bigger and bigger prizes can be the way they do this.

Progressive Wins

A lot like playing online slots, progressive wins are where the prizes can get absolutely huge and become life-changing sums of money.

Progressive wins are when the money continues to build up, and build up, and we get to the point where there is a huge jackpot to be won. For example, the bingo company may keep a tiny percentage of the money generated from every card they sell, eventually using this for a mega, progressive jackpot.

That’s the kind of jackpot that Lisa Potter enjoyed when she was playing back in 2012 and won in excess of £1.3m (that’s more than $1.5m).

These kinds of wins do happen. Many of the wins that have gone into the millions are on UK sites, as bingo is absolutely huge in the UK, but it continues to grow in America too, and plenty of people from the US have won hundreds of thousands or even millions on bingo.

So, while it is not common to win these kinds of amounts, it is possible.

Some studies have shown that the average prizes for the smaller sessions are between $50 and $300, and that is for a full house. In bigger games, you may be hoping for around $1,000 and in cities like Las Vegas where the in-person gambling industry is huge, you might even be able to win tens of thousands of dollars.

Playing bingo online has a huge appeal due to the fact that there are these huge progressive wins, which can accumulate over long periods of time, it means that there is always a chance that the winner of the big jackpot could just be you.

Check Before You Play

Bingo sites will be able to tell you either how they calculate the winning prize pots, or how much you stand to win on each specific game, so you can always check before you play the game. Some also have bonus platforms like a super jackpot, which may mean that if you get the full house in a certain number of balls being called, you qualify for an extra bonus win.

Each bingo website is different and they all have their own different ways of calculating bonuses, so always be sure to check in before you play, and consider whether the potential prize is worth the price of your entry to the game.