Free YouTube to MP4 Converter for PC

There might be several reasons to use YouTube to mp4 converter, but the most common is, downloading the YT videos to access them offline when you are not connected to the internet. Also, MP4 is the universally supported video format on devices. So, using the best MP4 converter for PC, you can download unlimited YT videos while connected with the free wi-fi zone and then save them to watch later.

Let’s see the best online tool that is free to Extract Video from YouTube and save it in MP4 format without losing the video and audio quality.

Two Best Ways to save YouTube videos on PC using Free Video Converter

  • Download the setup of free or paid software on your Windows or Mac.
  • Use online YT to MP4 converter tools to save YouTube content in your local storage.

Best Online YouTube to MP4 Converter for PC

Several YouTube videos to mp4 converter and downloader tools like YTD, Save From, etc., are available on the internet. A few of them are available to access after installing the setup on your computer. Other tools are available to access online without any setup installation.

Among them, YTSave is the best YouTube to MP4 converter that allows downloading of unlimited YT videos in high quality. Also, there is no need to subscribe or registration over the site to convert YouTube videos into MP3 or MP4 format.

The ultimate reason why I like YTSave the most is due to its compatibility and advertisement-free dashboard. It supports all the major devices like Android, PC, iPhone, and others.

Step by Step process to use YTSave Free Online YouTube Videos to MP4 converter

Step 1: Play the needed YouTube video and copy the link from the address bar or by right-clicking on the video.

Step 2: Go to and paste copied YouTube link inside the given box.

Step 3: Wait for a while and then select the preferred MP4 quality from the dropdown list.

Step 4: Finally, click on the Download button given beside to save the five into your PC.


Can I legally download YouTube Movies using an Mp4 converter for PC?

According to Google’s YouTube Terms and services, no one should download or distribute the copyrighted YouTube content anywhere. But there is an exception with public domain content.

In either case, using an Mp4 YouTube converter help you to Transform videos to MP4 and save it on your PC for personal use.

Why are YouTube videos to MP4 converter needed?

By default, YouTube videos are available in FLV format that most of the devices like Windows, macOS, and others are not supported. ISO (International Standard Organization) was created in the MP4 or MPEG-4 format in 2001. It is the universal and the best video compression format that is supported on all devices.

Can I use the Online YouTube downloader tool for MP3 conversion as well?

Yes, most online YT tools like YTSave allow you to download and convert YouTube to MP3 format.