How to Get Free Apex Coins in 2021? [Working Tricks]

If you also want to kill your enemies in Apex Legends and show off your weapons, then you need to buy some apex coins. The player needs to collect some Apex coins to get all this. They can be bought by spending some money. Apart from real money purchases, there are ways to get it for free. Free Apex Coins can be used to enhance the game skills and your performance in the game.

Apex Coins for free help you out not just in your game but also help your pockets from expenses. In this article, we will talk about the various ways to get Free Apex Coins and in a hassle-free way.

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a very popular video game and is actively played by many users across the globe. You can also get different kinds of cosmetics apart from shining weapons with the help of Apex coins. Apex Legends has a set of games from different categories, all compiled in one place: Battle Royale, Titlefall Series, Class-Based Shooter, etc. All these are available exclusively on Play Station 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

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1. About Apex Coins?

The Apex Coins are those premium currencies that can be purchased through the in-game store and with only real money. Apex Legends has three in-game currencies that include, Apex Coins, Legend Tokens, and Crafting Metals. While Legend Tokens and Crafting Metals can be earned through gameplay, Apex Coins can only be purchased by using real money.

The player can buy some brand new legends and several cosmetics using the Apex Coins. Apex Packs can also be explored using some Apex Coins.

How to Get Free Apex Coins?

Although you can only get the Apex Coins by using real money, there are several ways to get Apex Coins for free, without using real money. We shall list some methods of getting your hands on some free Apex Coins. They are as follows:

1. Make Use of Reward Sites

You must have explored some reward sites. If not, then we shall tell you how it works. There are several sites, that offer Free Apex Coins for users. To get these free coins, the user must complete some simple tasks which can be viewed on the website. So, the user can choose their desired task and start earning accordingly:

1. Idle-Empire 

Idle Empire is basically a survey site that can help the user get free Apex Coins by completing the mentioned tasks. You just need to sign up for the site and do the given tasks. Which includes completing surveys, play games, or even watch some videos. The moment the tasks are completed, the user earns some credit points.

After the completion of the tasks, when the reward is earned, you can directly use these coupons to get Apex coins gift cards. Idle Empire supports all forms of social media like Instagram, etc.

2. InboxDollar

Another survey site for the users to gain or earn money is InboxDollars. This site just requires the users to give their honest opinion and viewpoints about the surveys. It is totally worth your time and it will help the users to earn the points. They will be directly redeemed to your PayPal credit. And further, those credits could be used to easily buy Apex coins.

2. Following Communities on Reddit

Reddit is a perfect place for you to look for some free Apex coins. There are many Apex Legends communities on Reddit that might directly help you to get Apex coins for your games. Also, such communities help you many times to earn more coins and in less time.

3. Participate in Touranaments

You can participate in various tournaments that are held specifically to earn Apex coins. They are the best and the most highlighted part of the Apex Legends games.

The users who excel in this must definitely give it a try. It is an option for them to earn more credits and rewards and then buy Apex coins.

4. Try Giveaways

Giveaways are surely one easy way to earn free coins. Many YouTubers and several Streamers take up occasional giveaways which help people take up rewards and tokens. But, apart from this, the user must actively take part in these otherwise the chances start decreasing of you getting more Apex coins.

5. Get Battle Passes

Apex Coins can be earned through battle passes as well. It is another method to get Apex Coins for free. Though, the limit to get a battle pass is approximately 950 Apex Coins. All those who are extraordinary at playing this might easily get more than 950 apex coins even. Though, if you are aiming to get more coins to get more battle passes, then you must always try to be on the highest-ranking list.

Is Apex Coin Generator Helpful?

Apex Coins Generators are very time investing and may or may not turn out always as expected. Since getting a hold on Apex Coins is a long procedure, so not all the players or the users have that much patience to stay for that long. So, many users opt for such coin generators, which might not turn out to be much helpful to the player. They are very time-consuming and may also sometimes misuse the personal information provided by the user.

Also, such sites ask the user to complete surveys and tasks, but there is nothing that the user gets back in return. Sometimes, the user’s system is also gets affected by some malicious software. Hence, it is sensible to opt for other methods rather than coin generators which often are of no use.


With the help of the above-mentioned methods, you can easily buy coins that will help you to destroy your enemies’ forces and emerge victoriously. The coins can be gathered for free, all you have to do is follow the simple methods. Along with these methods, also stay away from certain coin generators as they are fraud and may scam you easily. I hope the article was useful for you and helped you in some way. Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below!