Clash Royale Free Gems (2021): Tricks and Generator

With the advent of online gaming, people are playing online games more than ever before. Clash Royale is one such game that is played by a lot of people all over the globe. Now one thing which Clash Royale players know and are actually very fond of is Clash Royale gems. These are actually the currency of this game. The codes are actually bought with actual money. Now many might it difficult to buy it using their own money. The good news is that one can get those gems even for free. Yes, there are many ways to get those codes and one can get them easily. In this article, we shall see how we can get Clash Royale free gems. So let us start the article without wasting any further time.

How to Get Clash Royale Free Gems?

There are several ways to get Clash Royale gems, one can do it using survey sites, giveaway offers, etc. Below I am going to discuss some of the most legit ways how one can easily get Clash Royale gems.

1. Big Cash

This is an app in which you have to answer surveys and on completing the survey you get some reward points. Keep on completing the surveys to accumulate more reward points.

Secondly, if you manage to refer to 5 friends then you can also earn 100 points. Now when the reward points accumulate to a great amount then you can go on to redeem the money in the form of a gift card.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another site which is rewards you points when you complete a task. The tasks include taking surveys, seeing online videos, etc. When you complete the work you get reward points and then you keep accumulating them.

After you have accumulated to a certain extent. You can accumulate them in the form of gift cards later. Then you can use those gift cards to get those Clash Royale gems.

3. Quest

Quest is another great way to get Clash Royale free gems. These are a very special way to get gems from as one gets gems in great amounts.

In Quest, you have a mission to complete, when you complete that mission, you get ten gems for free. If you put in your best efforts you can also get twenty gems at once. In the seasonal quest, you get smaller chests also. If someone wants free gems in a large amount then this is an awesome way to get it for free.

4. Gemsrush

Another very great way to get Clash Royale free gems is Gemrush. So there are Gem rush events afters some interval and you can also participate in that.

You can also win gems in 1v1 and 1v2. For people who do not know what gem rush is, it is a game where you can get gems. There is a part in this game where you have to destroy towers and this is the time when you get gems.

5. Buy Rewards

Buy Rewards is another site that is updated almost every 24 hours. The site can reward you up to 5 to 10 gems and it may also reward you with more. You can take a look at this site every hour and see if there are gems available. When available you can retrieve them.

Now rewarding gems does not happen every day and do not expect to get it every day. Sometimes you may also get the chest of gems also.

6. Google Opinion Credit

Using Google’s opinion credit you can have Google play store balance. In the case of an IOS device, you can directly buy gems.

In order to get those perks you need to complete the survey and you get the credit. When you are complete, the money gets sent through Paypal or Google Play. Surveys are of various kinds like an opinion poll, hospital care, hotel reviews, etc.

7. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another beautiful way to get gems. This is a site that gives you to complete a survey, play games or watch a video. When you complete a task you get rewarded in terms of reward points.

Now once you reach a certain limit after accumulating a lot of reward points, you get to withdraw it in the form of a gift card. You can use this gift card to get your gems. This is a great way to get Clash Royale Free Gems.

8. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another great site that gives you surveys to complete and in return it gives you reward points. When you accumulate a certain amount of reward points, you can redeem that in the form of gift cards. Now you can use that money in the gift card to get Clash Royale free gems.

9. Life Points

Life Points is also a survey site but it is a bit different from other sites. You will find that scoring reward points are much easier than on other sites. Though the redeeming facility is very similar to other sites.

On this site when you complete the task successfully you get the reward points. Now you can redeem the reward points and get the Clash Royale free gems.


I hope you enjoyed going through all the ways of getting your Clash Royale free Gems. So you see you need not spend your own money to buy the gems you can get them for free. You just have to put in that little extra effort to earn your own money. I request you to also give your valuable suggestions in the comments below.