BL3 Save Editor Tool with Guide 2021

Borderlands 3 is one of the most played games worldwide. If you play Borderlands 3, then this article is for you. Today, we will discuss the Borderlands 3 game, its gameplay and some Bl3 save editor tools for you. This article contains everything you need to know about the Borderlands 3 game to get your game journey started and enhance your game. Make sure you stick to the end of this article and share this article with your friends and family as well.

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What is Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is a fun, first-person shooter video game you can play to get rid of your boredom. The game was developed by gearbox software and published by 2K Games. It is the fourth game of the Borderlands series and was released after the Borderlands 2 in the series, on 13 September 2019.

Though it was first launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One it was later introduced for Mac OS and after some time, for Xbox Series X and Series S and PlayStation 5 as well. In today’s game is available for all gaming platforms so no matter what you choose, you will have access to Borderlands 3 in your hands.

Moving on, let us further discuss the gameplay of Borderlands 3.

1. Gameplay

Borderlands 3 is a first-person loot shooter which can be played individually or in a team of up to 4 people. The players get an option of making their character from the four classes available and complete missions that are given by non-playable characters. Players can win monetary rewards and reward items on completing the missions as well as by defeating enemies in the game.

As the players gain new levels, they can gain skill points to allocate across a skill tree. The game has introduced four new playable characters namely Amara, Moze, Zane, and FL4K with three unique skill sets after the last game of the Borderlands series. The game involves completing missions, collecting loot from special chests/fallen foes, and defeating enemies. It is a fun game to play alone and as well as with your friends.

What is a Save Editor

A Save file editor can be used to level up your game. These save files can shape up your game character’s skills, appearance, and weapons. Save editor files can also level up your game and quest progress. Save file editors are used in other games as well and they work the same for all games.

A save a file editor is a tool that parses protect file information to allow you to modify the save file’s parameters and create a new save file with the altered parameters. This gives you the option to customize your character whatever way you want to, with gears, to choose their class and get Sims 4 Cheats.

With the Borderlands 3 save file editors, you can;

  • Alter your Guardian Rank Data
  • Unlock character’s cosmetics
  • Swap SDU levels
  • Make changes to your in-game currency values
  • Customize your character by changing its Name, Class, Appearance and it’s Level.

Some other changes you can make with the save file editors are:

  • Create new items or change any part of items
  • Import new items from the Borderlands 3 item codes
  • Filter legit items

BL3 Save Editors 2021

Presently, there are only two Borderlands 3 Save Editors available. Unfortunately, these Save Editors will only work for PC users and not for console users. These two Save Editors are:

You just have to click on the link and you will get the Borderlands 3 Save Editors in your hands.

1. How to Use the Bl3 Save Editors?

Follow these simple instructions to use these Bl3 save editor files:

  1. Open the BL3 Editor page.
  2. You will find a textbox on the editor page.
  3. Upload your Character file OR Profile file in the textbox and press Enter.
  4. Character file: A new page will now show up with your save info and three tabs, namely, General, Character, and Inventory. You can modify your settings in each tab.
  5. Profile file: Your profile page will show up on which you Modify your character’s aspects and traits in the game. These changes will include the Guardian stats and the Bank.

2. How to use the Borderlands 3 Save Editor?

Follow these steps to use the Borderlands 3 Save Editor:

  1. Download the .zip file from the above-mentioned link.
  2. Open and extract the folders to your desktop.
  3. Open the file and you will find the complete game editor.

3. Where to Find the Save Files?

For Windows, you can find the save file in this location:

  • C:Users <Username> Documents > My GamesBorderlands 3 > Saved > SaveGames <UUID>

For Mac Os, you can find the saved files in this location:

  • Library/Application Support/GearboxSoftware/OakGame/Saved/

Are Save Editors Safe?

Using a save editor tool, be it in any game is illegal. It gives you access you the content you have not purchased and it is a violation of the TOS. In Japan, save editors along with console modding is illegal.

Talking about safety, only popular editors can be trusted and safe. I will recommend you to only go for trusted save editors only and not with the ones which look shady. However, always make sure you backup your save files before using a save editor to avoid losing your game progress.


I have provided you with the Bl3 save editors in this article. Not only that, we discussed the Borderlands 3 game and its gameplay as well. I hope this article helps. Do share this article with your knowns and help them too. You can leave your comments/queries on this article in the comments section below.

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