Best WiFi Cards for PC: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In this article, we will help you understand what are Wi-Fi cards and what type of Wi-Fi card is best for what purpose.

When you own a computer, you often get an in-built Wi-Fi card which is fitted inside the motherboard of the computer, which might end up providing you a slower internet connection.

There are tons of different Wi-Fi cards available in the market which are demanded their advancement in technology that not only boost up your internet connectivity brings an exciting experience to your

computer life.

In this article, we will tell you about the best Wi-Fi card for PC that would boost up your internet experience.

There are two types of Wi-Fi cards available in the market for their well-known speed and connectivity.

  • USB Wi-Fi Cards
  • PCIe Wi-Fi Cards

These, best Wifi card for pc comes in different sizes and shapes, For improving your internet connectivity to the best,

The easiest way includes getting one of the best Wi-Fi cards for pc installed on your computer which will ensure you with improved speed, better connectivity, coverage, and range for which they recommended it.

As most of the in-built Wi-Fi cards end up providing you slower internet and low coverage.

The most recommended by the experts are the PCIe Wi-Fi cards, which are considered as the best Wifi card for pc because of their faster speed and efficiency towards internet connectivity, as they come with 2 or 3

an antenna that helps to provide a vast range of connectivity.

The best Wi-Fi card for pc helps you to have a wonderful time while surfing through the internet or watching your favorite shows on the internet in 4K video quality.

The best Wi-Fi card for pc often ends up providing you the most efficient internet connectivity required while you are doing your intensive gaming sessions with your friends online. 

Best WiFi Cards Reviewed:

1. TP-Link AC1200

TP-Link AC120011

When you require a top-notch professional level PCI-E networking Wi-Fi card for your daily tasking purposes, you need the best of the best Wi-Fi card for PC,

Here have a look at the TP-Link AC1200 which never lays down its back in performance even for long-lasting gaming sessions or streaming content in the 4K video quality this device won’t let you get the


The key feature of this device is that it does not heat, rather than this the device comes with beam foaming technology which enhances its network coverage to 2x compatibility with stable networking proportion

moreover, has an advanced WPA/WPA2 encryption security system.

As it comes with easy to install steps, this device can work with most of the latest operating systems.


  • Better Coverage capability with Beam Foaming Technology.
  • Heat Sink Technology.  
  • Comes with Ultimate Stability in internet connectivity.
  • Has Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2 compatibility.  
  • Dual Super Fast Speed of (5Hz and 2.4Hz). 
  • Dual External Antennas For better coverage.


  • None

2. TP-Link AC1900 WiFi PCI-Express Wireless Network Card

TP-Link AC1900 WiFi PCI-Express Wireless Network Card

For the ultimately best internet connectivity give the TP-Link AC1900 a sight providing you a 1300 Mbps speed for your long-term gaming sessions.

They equip this device with an adapter that uses 802.11 AC side by side with the latest Beam Foaming technology to provide their consumers with the best stable, reliable, and convenient internet connectivity

through the internet.

With advanced security systems, WPA/WPA2 encryption Even you are doing intense gaming or 4K video streaming this device is capable of giving you the always desired satisfactory result.

With its high-speed internet connection and lag-free gaming experience, nothing can be deemed more.

Another interesting fact of this fantastic PCI device is that it does not cost much like the other premium PCI Wi-Fi cards and yet delivers a satisfying result, making its name in our list of best Wi-Fi adapters for PC.

The TP-Link 1900AC comes compacted with a 3 antenna-based system that allows it to be one of the powerful Wi-Fi cards in the market at a reasonable price rate.


  • Coverage capability with Beam Foaming Technology.
  • 3 antennas technology.
  • Lag-free and hassle-free Internet connectivity
  • Advanced Security System WPA/WPA2 encryption.
  • Dual speed of (5Hz + 2.4Hz).


  • Requires steps of instruction for downloading in Windows 10 
  • Not Compatible with Linux OS.

3. ASUS 4×4 802.11AC Wireless AC3100 PCIe Adapter

ASUS 4×4 802.11AC Wireless AC3100 PCIe Adapter

When you want more than average Wi-Fi speed we would like you to meet ASUS AC31004x4, the best Wi-Fi card for PC.

Which is recommended for its best speed it gives you dual-band connectivity which offers 2100Mpbs speed, with other features such as safety and security options.

This device does not let you face any lagging issues whatever purpose you use it for as extreme gaming or 4K video streaming.


  • Strong and stable internet connectivity.
  • 4 antennas technology.
  • Lag-free Internet connectivity
  • Advanced Security System 
  • Dual speed of (5Hz + 2.4Hz) up to 2100Mpbs speed.


  • Only Compatible with Windows 7 and 10.

4. TP-Link AC1300 (Archer T6E)

TP-Link AC1300 (Archer T6E)

One of the best Wi-Fi card for PC which comes at a reasonable price.

The Tp-Link AC1300 is equipped with dual antennas that are foursome powerful for higher connectivity with the internet providing speed up to

1300Mpbs which is genuinely enough for intense gameplay and video streaming up to 4K quality.

It features some fantastic features such as a heat sink technology, and a bandwidth quality of 5Hz to 2.4Hz frequently.


  • Strong and stable internet connectivity.
  • 2 antennas technology.
  • Lag-free Internet connectivity
  • Advanced Security System 
  • Dual speed of (5Hz + 2.4Hz).


  • Drivers may be difficult to install.

5. Rosewill WiFi Adapter

Rosewill WiFi Adapter

Another one of the amazingly fast working Wi-Fi card which comes next in our list of best Wifi card for pc which provides its users an efficiently fast and stable internet connection.

It provides its users with dual bandwidth offering 2.4Hz + 5Hz connectivity with internet speed up to 876Mpbs other features include, heatsinking technology, Hassle-free gaming, with beam foaming technology.


  • Strong and stable internet connectivity.
  • 2 antennas technology.
  • Lag-free Internet connectivity
  • Beam foaming technology
  • Heatsink technology 
  • Dual speed of (5Hz + 2.4Hz).


  • None

6. ASUS PCE-AC51 AC750


The Asus PCE-AC51 wireless adapter comes at an affordable price and still offers a dual bandwidth internet compatibility of 2.4+5Hz of connectivity speed.

This device is capable of providing its customers a satisfying outcome for internet-based work even if it’s gaming or video streaming; this device is capable of doing all,  compatible with Windows 7 and 10


It is one of the best Wi-Fi routers for PC, this device also supports safety and security, such as WEP,  WPA, and WPA2 encryption.


  • Stable internet connectivity.
  • 2 antennas technology.
  • Lag-free Internet connectivity.
  • Dual speed of (5Hz + 2.4Hz).


  • Drivers may take some time to install.

7. TP-LINK TL-WN881ND Wireless N300 PCI Express Adapter

TP-LINK TL-WN881ND Wireless N300 PCI Express Adapter

One of the best Wi-Fi card for pc that comes at a reasonably cheap rate and yet offers a great internet experience with lag-free connectivity.

Unlike, other Wi-Fi routers, it offers simple installation procedures with ease. It offers internet speed up to 300Mpbs which is enough for a daily base working station.


  • Stable internet connectivity.
  • 2 antennas technology.
  • Lag-free Internet connectivity


  • Average Speed

8. ASUS PCE-AC68 Dual-Band 3×3 AC1900 WiFi PCIe Adapter

ASUS PCE-AC68 Dual-Band 3x3 AC1900 WiFi PCIe Adapter

The Asus PCE-AC68 is one of Amazon’s recommended choice for best connectivity through the internet where the Asus PCE-AC68 is one of the best Wifi cards for pc that comes in the best line-up by Asus.

It has more than one worth telling features, such as comes with heatsink technology and offers you a dual bandwidth internet connectivity from 5Hz to 2.4 Hz speed.

Your intense gaming sessions are going to be more enjoyable or whereas you are a fan of 4K video streaming content, this device is capable of doing multi-tasking with a lag-free experience.


  • stable internet connectivity.
  • 3 antennas technology.
  • Dual-band 5Hz to 2.4 Hz connectivity respectively.
  • Amazing 4K Content streaming
  • Lag-free Internet connectivity.


  • Adaptation may be challenging for some users.

💸 How to Choose The Best Wi-Fi Card for PC? – Buyer’s Guide:

Best Wi-Fi Card for PC

Before purchasing any Wi-Fi card for your PC some things should be kept in mind before doing any purchase, there are different Wi-Fi cards which offer a different kind of advantages.

For purchasing the best Wi-Fi card for PC that would fulfill all your desired needs, you should give a sight at our buyer’s guide for the best result for your internet connectivity through the best Wi-Fi card for pc.

Before making a purchase on any Wi-Fi cards you are required to do your homework properly on it,

Many companies make you believe their expensive Wi-Fi cards are the most suitable ones for your PC, while that’s not the case here are the things that should be kept in notice before purchasing any Wi-Fi card for

your PC.

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Before purchasing any PCI Wi-Fi card for your computer make sure that the PCI Wi-Fi card properly fits in the PCI Slot of your system or else it may put you in a tease for adapting it on your PCI slot or it may also

damage your Wi-Fi card or the PCI Slot of your computer.

It should be such easy to install on the motherboard of your computer that you don’t get yourself in a frustrating situation when everything is fitted properly, the external antennas will work suitably.

Installation With Ease:

As it would be a wireless adapter, there would be some simple steps of installation. These steps should not include any complicated installation steps which could be frustrating at some points.

These steps should be so easy that it could be achieved without being an expert. Upon purchasing a wireless adapter, however, you would be acquired with an installation CD to carefully watch and learn the steps of

installation of the Wi-Fi card.

Or else you can take help from the internet that how to install the (name of the device) on your computer.

Driver Compatibility With OS:

Before purchasing any PCI Wi-Fi card make sure your operating system is capable of running it on your system there are many Wi-Fi cards that do not work perfectly on some operating system,

So for safety precautions before purchasing any Wi-Fi card make sure that it would work perfectly with your system.

Rather than this, there might be some drivers issues that can bring unsatisfied results from the Wi-Fi card it is better to check that the drivers of the Wi-Fi card are available with the Wi-Fi card at the time or

purchasing, or rather than this are the drivers of the device are available on the internet for easy downloading.

High Compatibility

 For your Wi-Fi card to work perfectly, it should be kept in notice that your Wi-Fi card is compatible with your internet connection.

As for an example, if you have a very intensive speed internet connection, we suggest you not to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter with a lesser speed which may affect your internet stability while surfing through the

internet or doing tasks that are based on internet connectivity.

Dual-Band Over Single:

Let us put a full stop to this debate for once and forever that which band speed adapter is better, we will always suggest to you that a Dual-band adapter is always gonna be better than the single band adapter,

As it would always have a plus point to shift between 5Hz to 2Hz band speed, As the former one would always allow you to enjoy the best experience over the high-end gaming sessions which is most required while

doing intensive gaming, and the latter one can come in handy for downloading purposes or steaming HD videos on the internet.

Signal Strength Or Coverage:

Before finally deciding which Wi-Fi card is better for your system, we suggest you always keep in notice that signal strength or coverage is most important before making your final thought for your Wi-Fi card.

Your Wi-Fi card or the adapter always receives its main signal from the router Which requires good signal strength that would be covered by the Wi-Fi card, Purchasing a Wi-Fi card with high strength and

powerful antenna adds the extra ability to it for acquiring good signal strength from the router.


How Can You Install The PCI-E Wi-Fi Card For Best Performance?

PCI-E Wi-Fi Card

Installing the PCIe card or the Wi-Fi card may look a little demoralizing or difficult task to some users, which are offered by some companies as they look difficult to understand, Installing the Wi-Fi card on the

the operating system is simple with the help of a basic network base.

In the computer world, it is reliable and fast for performing well than any other adapter, terms in favor of providing satisfying and super-fast connectivity when installed properly on the operating system.

These are some simple steps that can be very helpful when being followed correctly for installing the PCIe card on your system.

First Step:

Switch of your computer taking the electricity out completely is best suggested. Trying to install the PCIe on the running computer might affect the PCIe Wi-Fi card and can damage the system.

Second Step:

Open the computer case, which exactly means that opening the hood of your computer and removing the case to see the internal parts of the system which are covered with it, we suggest manually check the system

for not damaging any other internal component of the computer while opening the case for installing the Wi-Fi card.

Third Step:

Identify the PCIe slot for and locate where you will locate your PCIe card in the right place for knowing the actual place of the PCIe card you can go through the manual of your computer or you may take a sight on the internet.

Four Step:

Now what you have to do is take off the protective plate from the PCIe card or the plastic casing in which they wrap it.

Before fixing the Wi-Fi card (PCIe card) in the slot, make sure the slot is neat and tight, free from any dust.

Make sure that the chip of the card is facing bottom to the PCIe slot present in your system, by pushing the card a little inside the slot will make it function properly, then comes the fitting part, you have to fix the

Wi-Fi card in the slot with the screws, as it does not move from its place. Then set up the antennas that come with the Wireless card.

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PCI-E Wi-Fi Card vs. USB – What’s the Difference?

PCI-E Wi-Fi Card vs. USB

There are two options that the consumers can do to optimize their computer with more powerful and strong internet connectivity to do their multi-purpose internet-based works with ease.

They can either rely on the USB wireless adapter or a PCIe Wi-Fi card as a solution.

In order to know which one of them is suitable for you, you need to know them, respectively, as there has been a long debate on which Wi-Fi technology is better in this scenario.

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PCI-E Wi-Fi:

A PCIe is a wireless adapter that is plugged inside of your PCI express port situated in the removable casing of the computer.

After removing the removable part of your computer, it should be very easy for you to locate the PCI slot on your motherboard of the computer.

Without proper instruction, some people find it hard for setting up a PCIe connection, but it can be all easy to do so with proper instructions.

At once when it is installed it gives you a never-ending experience of amazing internet connectivity with cooperatively premier networking power, which is also concluded as its biggest feature.

As it comes with a least of 2 or 3 antennas, which respectively boost your Wi-Fi signal connections to your PC, which is why it is considered as the best Wi-Fi card for pc.

Whereas the higher number of the cards shows the higher capability of the Wi-Fi card with the signal strength and its potential for extremely high-speed connectivity.

USB Wireless Network:

The USB Wireless Network is one of the most convenient devices you can find in the market at this time, as they are an amazing piece of technology that can be used on multiple occasions without any complex working,

All you have to do to install a USB Wireless network is to plug it in the USB port of the computer which will automatically download its built-in software on the computer.

Yes, that’s all you have to do in a USB wireless adapter to avail internet connection on the computer it is as simple as it sounds. 

Moreover, these USB Wireless adapters are portable and small in size that makes them an easy choice to carry.

You can carry them anywhere you desire and can use it on different stations where you require internet connectivity on it, as they do not limit your options as the PCIe Wi-Fi card you can plug and enjoy its features on different computers.

But with all these pros there are some cons as well the USB wireless adapter gives you limited speed internet connectivity as it is not packed with 2,3 antennas on it which makes it a relatively slow internet connection provider than the PCIe Wi-Fi card.


Motherboard vs. Wi-Fi Card – What You Need to Know:

Motherboard vs. Wi-Fi Card

If you have ever used a computer, it would acquire you with the basic knowledge about the motherboard and the Wi-Fi card.

These are the basic and most crucial hardware essential for a PC to work with its optimum speed. Without a motherboard present in your computer you can now start it all in the very first place.

For understanding it easily and with better clarity, we will furthermore explain these two components with their functionality and roles they have in your computer system.


A motherboard is the main primarily instrument, the printed circuit board in a computer which allows and holds all the communication between many of the crucial electronic components of the computer such as

the central processing unit, memory unit, hard drives, and different types of the card such as graphic cards, video cards.

There are a great variety of motherboards present in the market, which come in different sizes and have their features.

We have another important thing that we want you to keep in notice as regards a motherboard that these amazing devices are designed specifically for a specific type of processor and are not compatible with

every processor of a computer if you use a motherboard with a different type of processor you are likely to face tons of issues regarding it.

Most of these motherboards come with pre-installed Wi-Fi adapters, which are convenient in the first place, but not suitable for many users who have their whole day duty depending on the Wi-Fi-based operations.

WI-FI Card:

As we have discussed the Wi-Fi cards as detailed above, you would be pretty much filled with what they are, in short,

Wi-Fi cards are just comprehensive cards with worked on internet-based technology that gets attached to your PCIe slot of the computer, to facilitate your device with the internet connections which are much

strong and convenient than the ones that come in with built-in Wi-Fi on the motherboards present in the computer.

These are one of the most considerable choices from users who require a strong and powerful internet connection on their daily base work stations, 

They allow you to have a steady Wi-Fi connection on your desktop computers.

The Wi-Fi card not only frees you from using ethernet cables and losing signals from time to time they provide you with a wireless connection which is extremely powerful than the others.

Other than this, these Wi-Fi cards come with detachable antennas that can be equipped and detached on the users choice, which comes in handy for having a strong interaction with your Wi-Fi router if it is placed

at a faraway place, the more the Wi-Fi antennas the stronger connection your computer will have with the Wi-Fi Routers.

Companies are offering even up to 3, 4 antennas with the Wi-Fi card for the best experience with internet connectivity.

PCI vs. PCI-E – Comparison and General Overview:


In comparison PCI and PCI-E we would like to enlighten you with what they are and what are their purposes, PCI is also known as a parallel interconnection bus, through the motherboard on any device attached to

it, on the other hand, the PCI-E card promise to deliver it on express high-speed connectivity.

But thinking that’s all for PCI and PCI-E, you’re wrong. We will further accommodate you with their functionality. But before that, let us fill you up with the basic knowledge,

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What Does PCI Stands For?

PCI which stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect is a local bus contented as a standard developed by the INTEL. They have done this development on more than every basic motherboard provided by Intel,

In addition to having more in general ISA expansion Bus. These PCI’s are also used on most of the MAC-based operating systems for equipping different cards for easy access.

What Does PCI-e Stand For?

PCI-E which stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express. Which is a standard-based interface that is used for providing higher potential interfaces connectivity of the components to your PC.

More than every motherboard in the market is equipped with more than one at least PCI-E slots nowadays.

Which can be used to attach different types of cards such as graphic cards, video cards, rather than this they also offer the active connectivity of inserting Wi-Fi cards on them.

What Is PCI-express?

A PCI-Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) is an interface connectivity slot available in most of the motherboards to equip different types of cards on the operating system through it.

It was first introduced in 2002 by INTEL.


AGP vs PCI – General Guide:

In this section, we will help you differentiate between both the AGP and PCI ports, many of the users who acquire a computer system do not know about the AGP port for what purpose it is available inside your


We will further enlighten you with both of these in detail for you to understand it with clarity between both. Accelerated Graphic Port, which is also known in a short form as AGP

Which are designed to facilitate the consumers’ computer with the point-to-point acceleration of 3D rendering and graphics of the computer.

AGP capable of pipelining most requests which let it easily and effectively execute multiple instructions at the same time, whereas the PCI cards are not pipelined at all, which means they need to finish one set of instructions before moving to the next one.

The AGP also does not share its bandwidth with other devices, whereas the PCI shares its bandwidth with other devices easily and effectively,  

With these said things, you might consider the AGP is a better choice for your computer rather than the PCI, but the reality is different with a concluded search on both the ports works efficiently at the same speed and provides similar results.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Are PCIe wireless cards suitable for gaming?

YES, The PCIe wireless cards are suitable for gaming and are considered better than the USB Wireless adapters, because they are in demand for their better reliability, connectivity, high-speed, better coverage, and network security.

Comparing these two devices you will always get a better result from the PCIe Wi-Fi card than the USB adapter

Being a gamer you are always required high-end internet connectivity with the internet or else you will not get the pleasure of enjoying the high-end gaming sessions on your devices because of slower connectivity. 

Adapting your computer with a PCI-e wireless Wi-Fi card would be a better investment. You can select your desired Wi-Fi card from our list of best Wifi card for pc to get a powerful outcome.

What Wi-Fi card speed should you opt for?

We recommend you try a Wi-Fi card that matches your Wi-Fi router speed for the best result. This would let your Wi-Fi card not to restrict your router speed for getting a limited result.

To enjoy a lag-free gaming experience and a reasonable 4K quality video streaming, you need to get a Wi-Fi card with a similar speed to your Wi-Fi router for the best internet experience.

What is the difference between PCIe versus PCI Network Cards?

In this era of advancement, we can consider PCIe network cards superior to PCI network cards, most of the wireless Wi-Fi cards come in the form of PCI-E cards. For its installation purpose, your motherboard.

should be equipped with a PCI slot rather than it, if the PCI-e card can not be fitted in the PCI slot you would be required to have a PCI-e slot available in your computer (whereas, modern computers come with the

availability of more than one PCI-e slot for different purposes). 

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📚 Conclusion!

After reading this article, and going through the different products that are being offered, it is a certain necessity for anyone with a daily work-age with internet-based operations required one of the best Wifi cards

for pc to do their daily tasks with a fairly amazing experience with the internet through it.

With all the information told in detail from you can easily choose which option to go with for choosing the best Wi-Fi card for PC that might be a PCIe Wi-Fi card or a USB Wireless Connection, we are mainly

focused on the PCIe Wi-Fi cards because they are the overall best Wi-Fi card for pc and a recommended choice.

In this article, we have concluded a buyer’s guide for your viewers that they have all the essential knowledge that is required for making a perfect decision in choosing the right Wi-Fi card for their system.

We hope that you like it.