5 Most Reliable Custom T Shirt Makers

Custom t-shirts are one of best means to show how much you care for someone, whether they’re friends, family, or customers. They’re also great for projecting anything from your thoughts to your hobbies, lines from favorite movies and songs, your brand message, event themes, etc.

Part of the reason behind the meteoric rise of custom t-shirts is the proliferation of custom t-shirt makers. While this is a blessing for those experienced with custom t-shirts and looking for more options for creating them, it could be a total bane for beginners.

To help silence the noise in the space, we’ve dug in a deep analysis to find out the best custom t-shirt designer out there. We’ve spent copious hours reading up on reviews and testing different vendors.

Most of the leading vendors have marked themselves apart by giving users an edge in certain aspects of custom shirt. Some cater to low-budget and low-volume printing, while others are big on design tools and a custom-t-shirts marketplace.

Let’s find out who leads in what regards.


If you’re just dabbling into custom t-shirts for the first time, Designhill is the best place to start out. Designhill has everything, but without the overwhelm of most other sites. There are tons of design tools and graphics libraries to quickly whip up a cool t-shirt design. You can design anything from logos to edited photos, portraits, and stylish texts.

You can also tee up with design pros to get help for various aspects of your project. The platform currently boasts over 70,000 designers. The community-based atmosphere on the platform reassures design success. You have access to the tools and talents needed to pull off an excellent rare custom t-shirt project. You can hire pros directly, or post a request for the community members to help out with.

One of the things that drew us to Designhill is their remarkable customer ratings. At reputable review sites like Trust Pilot and Google Reviews, Designhill has polled 4.9 out of a possible 5 star ratings from tens of thousands of reviews. Very few custom t-shirt makers could ever dream of such ratings.

Plus, they offer some of the most competitive pricing. You can create a high-quality custom t-shirt from start to finish and have it shipped at a highly competitive rate.


Printful is also geared towards beginners, especially for those who really want to learn custom t-shirt design. It provides tons of free tools for creating custom t-shirt mock-ups, allowing you to cultivate your design skills to your heart’s fill.

You’ll have access to a vast range of design choices, from t shirt style to color, artwork, logos, and illustrations. The intuitive drag and drop interface enables you to design like a pro even if you’ve never drawn a cup or a spoon in your life.

And unlike most other custom t-shirt makers, Printful gives you total freedom of design placement. You can place your design anywhere on the front, back, or even sleeves of your custom shirt.

After creating your custom shirt design, you can send it over for production and have it ready to ship within hours or days, depending on the specifics.

If you’re planning on running a custom shirt business, you can produce your custom shirts and sell it right there on the platform.


DesignAShirt also lets you get down to the business of creating custom t-shirts without a hassle. It has a neat, intuitive design interface and a seamless order fulfillment process. So far, the company has helped create and ship millions of shirts for customers across the globe.

You can marsh up stunning t-shirt designs at a moment’s notice thanks to the intuitive drag and drop interface and massive collection of design elements, from shirt style, color and features to graphics, artwork and stylish text fonts. There are also tons of tutorials and learning resources to draw inspiration from.

If you don’t trust your design skills, you can opt for the platform’s concierge service at an affordable price, though rushed orders tend to cost a bit more.

What’s more, DesignAShirt offers a free 10-day shipping to all customers. So if you’re looking to ship out to multiple addresses, the platform can totally slash off your shipping cost.


The place is renowned for its high-quality custom t-shirts. It has tons of lively templates to choose from, and you can create and download many different mockups of your idea. Unlike other similar platforms with free graphics, Placeit doesn’t just heap all their graphics into one or two rough categories. It curates them in several well-defined categories. You can easily search for the types of artwork you need, rather than needlessly scrolling through tons of graphics every time. In a snap, you can find the perfect background, clip art, color, and fonts for your t-shirt idea.

If you have existing designs, you can easily upload on your shirt.

Rush Order Tees

Rush Order Tees do live up to their titular claims. They’re the go-to platform for urgent orders. You can quickly drag and drop elements from tons of customization options to bring your design ideas to life. There are over 50,000 graphics to choose from, and you can also upload your own designs. After designing, you can opt for your printed shirts to be prepared for shipping the next day.

Newbies can quickly learn the hoops with the platform’s easy-to-follow tutorials. You can also outsource to the platform’s in-house team of designers. And even if you design on your own, the in-house team will still review your design to give recommendations on how to improve it.

What’s more, you can also access live support via phone and live chat to get more guidance for your project.

Custom T-Shirt Makers You Can Count On

Whether you’re planning to expand your wardrobe with custom tees or to promote your event or branding, these custom t makers are your go-to partners. They’ll help you whip up cool custom shirt ideas and have them printed and shipped within days.

On these platforms, you can take on the design on your own, probably with the help of design pros, or you can leave it all to the pros, all at a very affordable cost.