5 Back Patio Additions that Will Make Your Patios Cozy

When remodeling your home, the cozier you can get, the better. It’s easy to remodel the inside of your home, but have you considered sprucing up your patios?

If you’re in the mood to remodel, here are some ideas that are sure to make your front and back patios feel a bit cozier, especially when it’s cold.

1. An outdoor fireplace

You’ve seen them in movies and perhaps at a friend’s house – outdoor fireplaces. They look just like a normal fireplace, but they’re specifically built to be used outdoors.

Despite their aesthetic appeal, outdoor fireplaces aren’t just for decoration; they’re actually a great way to make your patio cozier when it’s cold outside. Who wouldn’t want to sit by the fire and chat, have some coffee, or eat dinner out on the porch?

Outdoor fireplaces come in a variety of styles, so there’s going to be something that matches your preference for décor. However, make sure you only buy an approved outdoor fireplace deemed safe for outdoor use. Never try to install an indoor fireplace on your patio.

If you don’t already have the right foundation, you’ll need to do a little work, but you should be able to find a general contractor to do a complete installation. Please note that self-installation is not recommended.

2. Radiant patio heaters

You’ve probably been to a restaurant that had gas-powered patio heaters spaced around the outside dining area. These heaters are incredibly good at maintaining a warm space outside in cold weather. You’ll need a jacket or sweatshirt to combat an occasional breeze, but you’ll stay warm for the most part.

Having this type of heater on your patio will make a huge difference when you want to sit outside and watch the stars, grill, or hang out in the evening time. You can get freestanding propane heaters that stand tall, or you can get radiant heaters that mount to the walls of your gazebo.

Just be sure to get the infrared heaters for your outdoor patio. Infrared heat is better than convection, and it’s the only heat that will keep you warm outdoors. Convection heaters only heat the air, while infrared sticks to your clothes and penetrates your skin.

3. Flowers

Never underestimate the power of flowers to turn your patio into a cozy hangout space. Flowers brighten moods and make people feel good inside.

You can go several routes with this idea. Most people start planting flowers in beautiful pots and place them all over the porch. Having a bunch of flowers all over your patio makes your whole porch look brighter and warmer.

You can even turn part of your porch railing into a flower bed by nailing down troughs and planting bright, colorful flowers.

Another way to add flowers is to hang them from the roof and the sides of your porch. You’ll be able to see hanging flowers from a distance, even from inside. If your front patio faces the road, other people will enjoy seeing your patio as they drive by.

4. Oversized rocking chairs

Nothing looks better on a patio than oversized rocking chairs. It makes it look like people enjoy themselves on the patio, and it creates a warm, inviting feeling. Even if it’s only you and your partner, if you have a big porch, spread out some rocking chairs for your guests to enjoy.

Rocking chairs come in a variety of styles, some more comfortable than others. You can buy giant wooden rocking chairs and put pads on them, or you can buy some really well-made chairs if you have a larger budget. 

If you have a grill on your patio, consider getting some small side tables to place next to your rocking chairs. This way, you and your guests can enjoy meals on the patio in comfort.

5. Surround sound system

Music is the key to happiness. At least, that’s how it is for most people. Why not install some speakers on your patio so you can enjoy your favorite music anytime?

Having speakers mounted around your patio makes it easy to blast your favorite playlist at your next barbecue. You can also host a movie night outside with a projector and not have to worry about the sound.

Make your patio adventures more enjoyable

Whether you host meetings, potlucks, family gatherings, or movie nights, you need a cozy patio. When people feel good in their surroundings, their memories will become sweeter, and they’ll remember the experience more fondly.