What Is Superfetch on Windows 10? And How to Disable It?

A large number of users do not know what is Superfetch and they do not have a proper understanding of how to disable it!

Here we have collected all the desired details for you that tell you about this concept.

It is generally seen that Superfetch brings a lot of high and massive disk usage space right there in your Windows 10. For the reason that individuals prefer disabling it!

The presence of this component slows down your Windows 10 and thus makes its performance a lot more sluggish.

Moreover, you fail to configure your Windows properly because of Superfetch.

So, let us have a look at the details that explain to you what is Superfetch and the method of deactivating it:

What Is Superfetch?

What Is Superfetch

This Superfetch is a commonly used feature that was launched in Windows Vista.

To get an idea of what is Superfetch, we like to tell you that this feature manages to maintain as well as improve your system performance.

However, according to the experts, this is a vague description. This feature comes in the form of Service Host and remains the part of your Windows task manager.

Even more, it runs in the background and analyzes your RAM usage and storage patterns. This feature tells you which apps you have frequently used and which of the apps you have least used.

It is seen that this feature takes and consumes a lot of your RAM space but it deals and handles the tasks of unused memory.

If you have heard about the feature of Prefetch, then keep in mind that both of these terms are different. This Superfetch is officially the successor of this Prefetch feature.

Now you know what is Superfetch!

Is Superfetch Really Necessary?

Is Superfetch Really Necessary

You might be wondering if this feature important and necessary for you, here you can know about that!

If you have got a modern personal computer at your end, then this feature will be useful for it. In such modern PC systems, this feature manages to run smoothly and flawlessly,

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There is this possibility that this feature is already running and working in your PC and you do not have a single idea about its presence.

Once you have got the details on what is Superfetch, now you should know what kind of problems and issues occur because of it!

Superfetch might consume and use your CPU space because this feature is constantly running and operating in the background.

This feature keeps on loading apps right there into your RAM and because of this your system experience slow performance and slugging operations.

Your system startup phase many turn out to be somewhat slower because this Superfetch feature keeps on preloading and uploading a large amount of data from HDD to RAM.

In addition, it is speculated that this feature causes a few of the performance issues while you are gaming. It is still not clear why this happens! 

If your system has got a 4GB RAM or less than that, then this is a possibility that this issue may occur.

Thus, this is all about what is Superfetch and it is super safe and sound to disable this feature.


How to Disable Superfetch on Windows 10?

Disable Superfetch on Windows 10

Below is a simple guide for you that elaborates and explains to you what is Superfetch and the procedure of disabling this feature on Windows 10:

You should only follow this guide if your PC system is causing any of the potential issues and errors.

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Disable Superfetch by using this Service App:

The first method that you can utilize to disable this feature, it can be done with the help of the Services app.

Firstly, you have to launch and initiate the Services app. Open up the start menu and start looking for the services.

Furthermore, the alternative method for you is to open up the Run prompt by pressing and hitting the Windows key + R.

After that, you have to type services.MSc and simply click on the OK button.

The next step is to disable and completely deactivate the Superfetch service. Click on the stop button.

If you want to prevent this feature from running on your system automatically, then choose properties and hit on the disable button.

Thus, this detailing must have comprehensively told you what is Superfetch and how to disable it.


Disable Superfetch by Making Use of the Registry Editor:

If this service app method does not work for you, then you can utilize this second method for your ease and convenience.

It is by editing the registry key that you can disable this specific feature. Most importantly, you should make a backup of your registry before you proceed with this task.

The first step is to open up the registry editor. Simply go to the start menu and start to search for regedit.

Or you can open up the run prompt section. You can do that by just pressing Windows key + R and start typing the phrase of regedit.

Once you type this, click on the button of OK. Look for the Superfetch key in this registry editor zone. You can go for this navigation by utilizing the left sidebar.

The last step to disable Superfetch! There is this key that is present on the right panel, go to modify and bring up the registry key editor in front of you.

For disabling Superfetch, you have to change and modify the value date to 0. And then click on OK.

There are lots of other features as well that you can easily disable on Windows 10.

If you have questions on what is Superfetch and its guide on disabling, then ask from us.


You can stay tuned with us as more step-by-step guides on disabling features present in Windows 10 are coming up.

If you want to give your feedback on what is Superfetch, then freely do so.

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