What Can Shopify Development Partners Do for My Ecommerce Business?

An online store’s appearance is equally, if not more important than the appearance of a real-life store. Given the millions of people shopping online each day, it’s more important to make sure that your online storefront is beautiful and easy to use. There’s far more opportunity for sales online than there are in the real world. 

Using a Shopify development partner will ensure that your storefront is the best it can be; a beautiful website, with seamless integrations from third-party apps, an unparalleled user experience and provision of reporting and data so you can monitor progress. 

What is a Shopify development partner?

Shopify development partners are experts in the Shopify platform and use this expertise to provide websites for their clients. They know the platform intimately, how to get the best out of its tools and features and help businesses build websites, manage them and make more sales online. 

An extension of a Shopify development partner is the Shopify Plus program, which is a selected group of agencies and organizations who Shopify has partnered with because they’ve demonstrated they have the following:

  • High-quality products 
  • Dedication to protecting their customers’ privacy 
  • A high-level customer service experience 

The Shopify Plus program delivers world-class services to help their partners grow their businesses online. When you work with a Shopify Plus agency or a Shopify development partner you can feel confident in the service, platform and results you’ll get for your customers. 

Shopify development partners create a beautiful online store

Shopify has a suite of customizable and adaptable templates for you to use to create your online storefront. They have a range of features that can be implemented along with your brand’s unique look and feel.

A powerful, successful eCommerce website needs specific features, and these can be time-consuming to create and manage. Shopify takes the complication out of these features so you can get your store up and running quickly and seamlessly. 

Shopify development partners support your website’s migration 

After the design phase comes the migration phase of your new website, and your Shopify development partner will be an expert in ensuring this process goes well. If done incorrectly, website migration can result in detrimental SEO results, even for websites that used to rank highly. 

Shopify is known for its seamless migration process, and your Shopify development partner will be versed in how to follow the correct process for a swift and simple migration to your beautiful new online store. 

Shopify development partners will provide insights and data 

It’s essential to have systems and processes in place to track and manage the performance of an online store. Once you’ve designed and migrated your website and it’s all up and running, your Shopify development partner will provide you with data updates to help track and manage stock levels. You’ll also receive real-time reporting data, which can inform decisions about changes you may want to make to your eCommerce site to maximize profits. 

Blurn is a top-performing agency that is a Shopify development partner and a member of the Shopify Plus program. This means that when you work with them to build your eCommerce site, you’ll get a fully customized beautiful site that delivers results. Contact them to get started today.