SwifDoo PDF In Depth Review: Why You Should Try It?

PDF is a common and universal format in which primarily text files, official forms, and scans of documents are made available. Sometimes, it would be convenient to be able to edit such a document to change or correct something in it.

Unfortunately, it is not that simple because the owner and creator of this format, Adobe, still charges for many technologies related to this format. Some software producers try to somehow circumvent these limitations, so the end result is not always perfect. However, if you do not want to pay for a minor change in the document, it is worth making an effort and looking for a reliable PDF editing application such as SwifDoo PDF.

SwifDoo PDF Review

Currently, a PDF editor is one of the basic programs that we install because it allows us to read most documents, e-books, newsletters, and brochures downloaded from the Internet. Therefore, it is worth making sure that viewing these materials is as comfortable as possible. For this purpose, we will take a look at the latest version of the SwifDoo PDF, which introduces a certain revolution.

Just like before, now we will test SwifDoo PDF, which will make your PDF work on the computer easier and more enjoyable. We hope that you will like this program and that it will continue to be a prior option in your PDF plans.

The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative

In today’s episode, we took a closer look at SwifDoo PDF, which most of you are probably familiar with. This program was hailed by the user as the best alternative to the Adobe Acrobat. The creator expanded its program for better efficiency and functionality. As a result, SwifDoo PDF was like a competitive Adobe product, and its interface looked intuitive.

The new edition introduces a number of changes and revolutionary solutions that are definitely worth paying attention to. If you are curious about what these innovations are, please continue reading the article.

All-In-One PDF Tools

SwifDoo PDF has many useful and often necessary functions for working with PDF files, including:


  • Available modes – Multi-tab display, full screen, page fit, landscape or portrait orientation
  • Create, edit, and search outlines, making it easier to navigate through the entire file
  • Add bookmarks to specific pages or sections of PDF files


  • Classic tools – annotate and mark up PDF files with highlight, underline, strikethrough, handwritten marks, text box, anchored notes, shapes, etc.
  • Signing – The program allows you to add multiple signatures in any situation using a keyboard or images.
  • Stamps – PDF files can also be customized with custom graphical stamps.
  • Link – Adding hyperlinks to redirect the reader to other destinations.


  • Edit PDF files, including adding, deleting, moving, or modifying text. Changing font attributes.
  • Redacting PDF files – removing or obfuscating private or confidential information.


  • Export from PDF to Microsoft Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx), Excel (.xlsx), RTF or as text, HTML, and image
  • Conversion to PDF from images imported from the scanner and TXT files
  • Extract images in PDF documents with a few clicks
  • Online Free PDF converters


  • Merge and Split – Split documents into multiple documents or combine multiple pages into a new single, searchable PDF file
  • Extract – The program allows you to extract desired pages to create a new PDF file
  • Appending – Inserting additional pages into an existing file,
  • Rotate, delete, replace, and crop pages


  • Watermark – Thanks to the program, you can add fantastic watermarks to make your documents safe and professional,
  • Header and Footer – Mark each page of a PDF document with fully customized page numbers
  • Background – Change the background of PDF files to improve the reading experience
  • Flattening – Transform the content of a PDF file to make the content static
  • Split – Splits large PDF pages into multiple smaller pages
  • Multiple Print – You can print more than one page of a PDF file on one sheet of paper


Convert scanned PDF form files or images into editable and searchable PDF or TXT files.


  • You can also password-protect confidential documents and authorize the editing, copying, modifying, or printing of PDF files.


  • Reduce PDF file size to make selected documents much lighter

Lightweight Yet Powerful

There are actually many more lightweight PDF editors than the mentioned SwifDoo. However, there is no point in listing them here because the idea behind these alternatives is identical – a light version with fewer functionalities. These types of editors will certainly work well on older computers.

However, installing them on new computers with good specifications does not make much sense because using them usually means that we will be deprived of access to many different functions that SwifDoo PDF simply has.

SwifDoo PDF Pricing

SwifDoo PDF currently has two main versions: Free Trial and Pro versions. Both allow you to work with PDF documents and offer many useful functions that go far beyond the basic capabilities of the free SwifDoo PDF Reader. There are also versions of which are based on perpetual licenses.

To learn about the pricing of all the versions, kindly visit the official store page at https://www.swifdoo.com/pricing.


Has the king returned to the throne? The new SwifDoo PDF looks amazing both visually and functionally. The competition is a tough nut to crack because the programmers from SwifDoo did a great job. The use of the OCR deserves the greatest recognition, as it works very well in this case and makes viewing PDFs easier. It was also a good idea to implement more and less extensive versions of the interface. We can limit ourselves to displaying files only to the first one, thus obtaining much more space on the screen.

The new SwifDoo PDF gets a rating of 85 out of 100 from us as an example of a great PDF reader and editor.