Is Your Mac Running Slow? 10 Simple Tips to Speed It Up

It is the universal fact, that all the computer including the Mac gets slow with time.

You may have experienced it by your own self that there is a situation when the computer speed slows down and the person can’t able to use it.

Many times we have heard that windows computer get heated and because of it there speed slow down to a great extent.

Unlike these computers, Mac doesn’t have this problem as it doesn’t get heated so those like the one which has windows in it and other company laptops and computers.

But still, sometimes people observe that mac is running very slowing then they have to make some changes or update the Mac so that their mac gets workable.

There are very simple strategies to follow when your Mac is running slow. Yes, you heard me right!

Many of you are aware of it but few don’t as sometimes people use different kinds of ways to cool down their mac and after few minutes their mac works fine and the speed is also on its own.

Here in this very article, we will be discussing some simple tips that you have to be when you’re Mac is running slow.

As there are few changes which you have to make in order to pace-up your mac speed and make it workable accordingly.

Now the question that arises is “When the speed of Mac gets slow?”

well, there is some common mistake which people make most of the time and they don’t have any idea about it that why their mac isn’t working fine.

Because of these common mistakes, the mac gets slow and you people don’t get an idea about it. Like

  • Using the antivirus in the mac is the very first common mistake that people do and because of this, the Mac run’s slowly. People are aware that Mac is officially being protected from viruses and you don’t have to install and kind software or to buy it for your mac in order to make Mac run’s fast.
  • The very second mistake that people do is not maintaining the hard disk. Yes, people most for the time keeps unusual stuff with them that they don’t need it but still these files are present in their disk which mostly makes the Mac running slow.
  • The other one is using too much background process. This mistake often happens in another company computer as well which makes the speed of the computer very much slow.

These are a few common mistakes that people make and then experiencing slow computer usage.

Now back to the topic i.e. simples ways to make mac speed-up. Here are they below:

Tip No 1:

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Numerous individuals despite everything accept the fantasy that doing updates in every case slow down your machine.

And keeping in mind that they can some of the time have execution issues on extremely old PCs, these updates, for the most part, accomplish more great than hurt.

They incorporate bug fixes, patches, and enhancements that regularly speed up your Mac.

These OS update documents can be really enormous, however. So in case you’re coming up short on hard drive space, you’ll likely need to let loose that first.

To refresh your OS, ensure your PC is associated with an electrical plug, and back up your Mac first on the off chance that anything turns out badly.

Snap the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your screen and go to About This Mac > Software Updates.

Like, if a software update is accessible, you’ll see an Upgrade Now button. Snap that and the download will begin.

Tip No 2:

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As your hard disk drive arrives at its ability, execution drops off quickly.

Enormous documents have been appeared to have all the more a negative impact on your Mac’s speed than little records.

It’s consequently consistently savvy to keep at any rate 25% of your plate space free if possible.

To check how much free space you have on your hard drive, go to the Apple menu > About This Mac > Storage.

Now if you’re running on space then you can make free space by using such steps.

  • You have to empty the trash.
  • Uninstall the app you don’t use.
  • Permanent delete all the large and unusual stuff.
  • Delete the iTunes file and Backups as well.
  • Store your important files in the I Cloud backup.

Tip No 3:

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The third tip that you have to do is when you power-on the mac you have to shut down the extra background process which will help your computer to boost-up.

You have to remove the start-up item which mainly makes the Mac slow and you observe the bad experience of Mac.

This is how you will minimize or remove the start-up app that you no longer want to see.

  • Go to system preference>Users and then you have to select the account on the left sidebar.
  • Then click on the login item.
  • Select all the start-up that you don’t want to see it.
  • Click on the minimize option or remove option.

Tip No 4:

You have to delete all the unnecessary widgets. Yes like most of the time people used a different kind of gadgets that they mostly don’t know about it and make the interface of the mac very much annoying.

If you want to make your mac work faster than you have to remove all the widgets.

  • Open the notification bar by clicking on the right top corner.
  • Click on the today tab.
  • Now click on the edit option and remove all the unnecessary widgets.

Tip No 5:

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You have to rebuild the Spotlight index that will really help you out in making the speed of mac very fast.

  • Go to system preference>spotlight>privacy.
  • Click the add-in option and add which folder or drive you to want to reindex.

Tip No 6:

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Visualization also makes the entire mac very slow.

It literally makes the entire performance of Mac very much slow. You have to turn off the visual effect.

  • Go to system preference.
  • Untick the animation visual effects.
  • Set the minimize window using the option to scale effect.
  • Then again go to system preference and reduce the transparency.

Tip No 7:

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In case you’re doing to sync huge folders to the cloud utilizing administrations, for example, iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox, this will probably slow everything down.

Make certain to routinely survey which records and envelopes are transferring to the cloud to guarantee you’re not sending a lot without a moment’s delay.

You can survey and change which information backs up to iCloud by going to System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud.

To oversee which folders sync with other distributed storage suppliers, you’ll, for the most part, need to go to the Preferences board of the particular

application that you use (like Dropbox or Google Drive). Make sure to avoid the syncing folder that changes frequently.

Tip No 8:

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Each time you open Finder, it needs to stack the folder set as its default. If this is a huge folder, that can take additional time than you’d like, (for example, if you have huge amounts of things on your work area). Rather, you should change this to a littler, a less requesting folder with the goal that

Finder can stack quicker.

  • Open finder.
  • Then click on finder and to go preference.
  • Go to New finder window show and select a new default folder.
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Tip No 9:

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Since such an extensive amount most individuals’ PC work nowadays is done inside a program, it very well may be anything but difficult to confuse a slow program with a slow Mac.

The most straightforward fix here is to evacuate unneeded and massive additional items/expansions from whichever program you use.

Tip No 10:

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Obsolete applications that haven’t been advanced for the most recent macOS update can make your Mac feel slower than it truly is.

It’s in this way consistently advantageous to keep the software on your PC.

To do this, go to App Store > Updates. In the event that any application updates are accessible, you’ll see them recorded.

Either snap to refresh each application exclusively, or choose to Update All in the upper right corner to introduce every single accessible update on the double.


With these simple tips, you can make your mac work faster.

These all tips are very simple to follow as they are very much important for the performance of your Mac and you won’t experience slow speed and the performance would be better.

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