Key Tips to Keep Your Crypto Wallets Safe and What to Do to Recover Your Blockchain Wallet

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized assets, which can lead some people, particularly newcomers to the market, into a false feeling of security. However, because there is no centralized body managing the asset, crypto holders must assume complete responsibility for securing and protecting their wallets. So, how do you keep your cryptocurrency wallets safe, and what should you do to recover your blockchain wallet if you lose access to it? 

Overview of Crypto Wallets and How They Work

The first step in receiving, storing, or sending cryptos is obtaining a crypto wallet compatible with your operating system or device. Because crypto is a network with lists of immutable transactions, no actual cryptos are saved in a wallet. A wallet instead holds a private key, a secure digital code that the owner only knows.

A public key (or a collection of public keys) and you, the owner, are connected via this private key (numeric codes associated with a certain amount of cryptos). Below, we’ll take a closer look at various strategies for keeping your cryptocurrency wallets secure. Next, we’ll discuss how to retrieve your blockchain wallet in the event that you lose access.

How to Keep Your Crypto Wallets Safe

1. Store your private key in a secure place.

To secure your money, keep your private key offline and away from the internet. Write down your private key on paper rather than storing it on any technological device. To prevent deterioration, keep it in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

2. Always connect to the internet over a secure connection.

The majority of public networks are insecure and fragile. It’s preferable to stick to home or well-known networks, where you can ensure your connections aren’t vulnerable to security issues. If you have a crypto wallet on your laptop, try using the hotspot on your phone instead, and avoid connecting to public networks at all costs.

3. Make sure your antivirus software is up-to-date.

While Windows users are more likely to be exposed to a greater range of viruses, malicious programs exist on all operating systems. As a result, ensure your computer has up-to-date and trustworthy antivirus software installed. Because most cyber-attacks employ viruses and malware to get access to and alter your device, performing a thorough device scan before installing your wallet is essential. Remember to keep your software up to date to be safe from the latest malware packages.

4. Do not click on any links that are unfamiliar or questionable.

Observe your online behavior, and, if something doesn’t feel right, check the website’s link. Complete websites can be copied by scammers, who then use URLs that are remarkably similar to the original ones. If you use an online wallet or any other service that asks you to enter your private key, make sure the URL address is valid. Watch out for email scams involving cryptocurrency. These are gaining popularity and frequently require you to visit a certain website or submit personal data.

5. Protect your wallets with a strong password.

Choose your password wisely if you use an online wallet. Avoid giving out your phone number, date of birth, name, or favorite movie. Instead, pick an alphanumeric combination that only you are familiar with. 52 percent of users use the same password across multiple accounts, according to studies. Make sure the password for your wallet is unique.

6. Never give out your private key to anyone.

The private keys are only accessible to you. Do not share them with anyone, and do not ask someone else to carry out your transactions on your behalf. Any offers or solicitations that ask you to divulge your private key to a person or third party should be ignored.

7. Use two-factor authentication.

Most online wallets include two-factor verification, which you should always use. It’s a low-cost security measure with a big impact.

What to Do to Recover Your Blockchain Wallet if You Lose Access to It?

Losing access to your crypto wallet can spark panic in you. However, you can easily recover your blockchain wallets with Brute Brothers blockchain recovery services. However, there are still some tricks that could help you recover your blockchain wallet. If these tricks fail, you must consider using blockchain recovery services like Brute Brothers to recover your blockchain wallet.

  1. Try logging in with every password combination you can recall.
  2. Create a new wallet with all your former wallet’s Crypto addresses and balances using the 12-word Wallet Recovery Phrase. 
  3. Use a password cracker to hack your crypto wallet.