The QUICKEST Way to Install Windows Software!

This problem is mainly seen in the windows laptops or computer.

Like they have to go several steps in order to install the specific software that he/she needs accordingly and they have to go many different combinations to install the software in a window.

As many of you should be thinking that “Is there any other way to install the software?

” Well, yes there are many different strategies to follow if you really want to install software on your laptop or computer.

If we talk about the manual procedure of installing the software then I will be time-consuming and you have to go through a certain process and at the end, you will experience some unusual ads that will ruin all your efforts.

This process is a whole lot quicker than doing things the manual way visiting each application’s site, downloading and running its arrangement program, and lounging around while that chugs along however now we can improve.

That is all because of a simple package manager that supports considerably more programming than Ninite or Macintosh

In this very article, we will be discussing the quickest way to install windows software as through the command prompt.

One can get easy access to the software installer after getting or go through this content. I

’m sure you guys will get this one and make sure that you apply each and every step that is being included in it.

Let’s go



A package manager is an assortment of tools to energize the whole process of installing, arranging, and updating apps.

The package comprises of programming parallels, arrangement records, and metadata.

The metadata, thus, has all the subtleties of an application (name, depiction, form number, and then some) and the rundown of conditions to make it work appropriately.

Despite the fact that there are many package managers for Windows, none of them has the effortlessness and security of Chocolatey.

With not many bits of code, you can send the application in each framework and furthermore follow or oversee updates of that product after some time.

It has the biggest online database of Windows packages. Starting now, there are 11,166 networks looked after packages.

You can even introduce packages from NuGet and MyGet.

Package entries experience a thorough control survey process, including package approval, check, infection examining with Virus Total, and that’s just the beginning. For an association, the utilization of the network package storehouse is discretionary.

Chocolatey works with over 20+ installer advance for Windows.

It realizes how to set up an application, library, oversee documents and arrangement, or any combination.

Chocolatey can even work with introduced apps.

It can take over existing application documents in the Programs registry and furthermore handle uninstalls. Be that as it may, it relies upon the bundling and software installer utilized.

Installing Chocolatey in Windows 10:

You don’t need any rocket science knowledge of installing the chocolatey in windows 10.

You get to have to fulfil the system requirement that will need to be established while making the chocolatey live in your windows 10.

Here are the system requirements that you will need in order to install it.

  • Windows 7+ and window server 2003+ and above.
  • PowerShell v2+ and from its above.
  • Net framework 4+.
  • You must have some free space for installing the chocolatey.

Command Prompt Method:

If you want to use the command method then you have to press Win + X and after that choose the command prompt.

Then you have to copy and paste the command prompt and press Enter.

Chocolatey will install on your laptop in a few seconds. If you want to see the list of command then you have to restart the prompt type Choco (Short Form) to see the list of commands.


Chocolatey Software | Chocolatey - The package manager for Windows

Chocolatey packages are adjusted .nupkg records. It is an incorporated compress document conveying the package metadata (counting adaptation data, conditions, and circulation rights). If you erase the metadata explicit to chocolatey, the package document is like NuGet.

The fascinating piece of Chocolatey is the network vault of packages known as the network package store.

Each package submitted to the database experiences a thorough control process before it goes live.

On the left side, you’ll see the connections to the package maintainer, approval check button in green colour, red, and yellow, and directions to introduce the application.

Under the Install area, you’ll see the order directions to introduce Google Chrome.

In a similar area, there are directions to redesign and uninstall the application.

The Version History menu records all the renditions, including their changelog. What’s more, there is an area on Virus Scan Results, if you’re not sure of installing a specific application.

How to Install Software Using Command Prompt?

There are several app lists that you have generated for yourself to be installed on your system.

For this, you have to visit websites and do all the process for this. But if you use the command prompt then activate the PowerShell and write the syntax in it.

Choco install (Specific name)

This is to way to install the app that you desire.

Choco is the short form of chocolatey and whenever you want to install or uninstall the app according to then you have to use the prefix Choco in it.

For the updating purpose, you have to use this command.

Choco update (App name)

If you don’t want anything useful that are being installed on your system then you have to do the process through the command and prompt i.e.

Choco uninstall (App name)

And if you want to check the list of the outdated app then you have to use this command i.e.

Choco outdated


Numerous individuals despite everything think that it’s an issue to refresh their apps.

Chocolatey lets you introduce at least twelve apps with only a couple of keystrokes.

You can undoubtedly deal with your apps with no security concerns or bundleware.

Current OS’es gives you mechanized installer packages and orders that introduce numerous bits of programming on the double.

I hope that you will get the idea about installing windows software through the command prompt method which I think is very much useful than doing the traditional process.

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